Top 5 Mics Under $50 – 2018

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Blue Snowball ICE – $49.99 on Amazon:

Fifine USB Mic – $27.99 on Amazon:

Samson Meteorite – $39.99 on Amazon: (lol no)

XLR setup 1 (XM8500) – $63.55
Behringer UM2 – $29.99 on Amazon:
Stand – $8.58 on Amazon:
XLR Cable – $5 on Amazon:
XM8500 – $19.98 on Amazon:

XLR setup 2 (PGA48) – $77.57
Behringer UM2 – $29.99 on Amazon:
Stand – $8.58 on Amazon:
PGA48 (w/ XLR cable) – $39 on Amazon:

XLR setup 3 (SM48) – $86.51
Behringer UM2 – $29.99 on Amazon:
Stand – $8.58 on Amazon:
XLR Cable – $5 on Amazon:
SM48 – $42.94 on Amazon:

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scarecrow tw says:

im watching this video with the first headset

DK Ryan says:

literally just buy a blue snowball from amazon for 50$

Dan Odden says:

It’s too bad any mic I use is gonna pick up my insanely loud jelly comb mechanical keyboard.

snip3st3r says:

I got the UM2 and the xm8500.. but it records so quiet compared to you.. even with the gain maxed (or my mouth directly on the mic). So i switched to the UMC202hd and still the same. Is the xm8500 not sensitive enough? or is all your audio fixed before put on here so we dont get to see what it ACTUALLY sounds like before fixing it up?

Rosebush gaming says:

Posted on my birthday!!

Gemini Boy says:

is it bad that I have the blue microphone

TGD Marrz says:

I have one of those headsets that you slapped off the table at the start, not sure if its the same model tho

Tdot. says:

I randomly came across this video checking out mics to invest in. and you’ve definelty got a new subscriber. Keep up the great, exciting content. 🙂

Awesome Videos says:

K669 despite of its nice name 🙂

Ilya Davydov says:

1:27 noise-cOncelling

SoColdOutside - Fortnite says:

I bought a blue snowball for 5 euros:) beat it

YouCheated says:

lool im wearing that exact headset while watching this video

Dank Casey says:

What would be the best Xbox one mic

Donut_Hog says:

I love noise-concelling headsets. Not noise cancelling, those are bad.

phsykofuk says:

May i recommend the razer seiren x (while on sale)

Tanner Beronja says:


Jesse Ω says:

Sennheiser One (something) has a mic that is incredible, the audio is like 7/10 weak bass (my opinion)

Winner_Killer966 says:

1:09 have the excact same headset

Calvin Laudrensio says:

And what’s interesting is that I got the $2 clip-on mic and it sounds just as good as good, if not better than most mics I’ve ever used.

hi machine review says:

Bruh no one commented?

JuniorsJoking says:

I have the mic he’s using

Yeoss :3 says:

Check out the SiRcony, I heard those are cheap as fuck.

ArcticFlyer says:

1:02 Linus’s intro goes earrape

ImStudent says:

Hey guys I need some advice.
Which should I get :
• Fifine K670
• Behringer xm8500
• Fifine K669
I’m on a budget.

E B says:

I bought a blue snowball and I broke in a week

EminentlySquishableMindreaderExtraordinaire says:

You need to get closer to the Blue Snowball to get the better quality.

Fishshimize kuma says:

silver! u disgusted me linus im master…

James Hewitt says:

Just the um2 mixer is 49 canadian pesos right now 🙁

Mercury Zam says:

i have a good mic, but its impossible for it not to pick up my keyboard clicks

Sean Tiu says:

The XLR setup sounded so good

Jorge Siles says:

Shit, he is eating dorito, disgusting food!!

Agent Venm says:

Check out the samson go protable mic sounds like its 100 dollars

Rustic says:

Why does the fine one say $150 for me?

SHAZEpoopy_doggo says:

I’m deaf

Järven says:

I think the beheringer setup sounds as good as the blue yeti
But plz get a mic arm for it
Becose it sound much better when it’s close to your mouth.

EZW BEY0ND says:

I might need to get that last one or the fifine

Alice Mendez says:

the headset sounds better than the meteorite mic

Yaboi Lil'Otaku says:

Was surprised you didn’t include the BM800 microphone,thing is cheap as hell but the sound quality is decent

Sheepanose Channel says:

I use a blue snowball

Disko42 !! says:

Or just turn on push to talk

Dawnfall says:

daaaang, the fifine is fine!

durtySumthing says:

hey i just checked out the price on amazon this thing is £39.99 in uk sterling!!! like wtf? its $25.00 us? where can i buy the US one?

lesslighter says:

cries withan old gen Zoom H2N

TheOneIsMemeMe says:

I don’t do a lot of online gaming, so I don’t need a mic for that, but I teach online classes. I’ve had a Snowball for around a year now and am very happy with it. Sure I could use an XLR setup for about the same price, but USB is more versatile than 3.5mm. I can use it with my desktop, surface pro 4, and phone with little trouble.

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