Tonor Stereo Shotgun Microphone Review / Test

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HomeHood Films says:

I got the same mic but I’m getting a Hissssssss..Hisss..his in background, What to do with it

Théo Blatz says:

Thanks for this review quite extensive. This mike looks exactly like the neewer 14.17″ which seems to be a decent microphone too (especially for its price) but with a 6.35 mono jack instead of a 3.5 stereo in the box.

Eric Geerders says:

I was about to ask about the Neewer NW-81 shotgun mic and this seems to be very similar. do you think you can add that mic to the list to vote for? I can’t find any good info on it and would love to hear it in use.

Zen Legiendly says:

mono audio ? not stereo 🙁 ?

Julian Velazquez says:

is there another link to this on amazon? thanks.

RekAllTheThings says:

the moment ash hit the screen when talking about “boom sticks” is the moment this video got a like

Flibustier says:

How did you do to have this sound?
I buyed one and I have not a good sound.
What usb sound card do you use?

Un utilisateur Google de qualité says:

What is the sound card used?

Giorgio Paoletti says:

Hello, a question please: I bought it yesterday and tried it with my DR 40 digital recorder but at the beginning I did not hear anything (connecting the cable with the mono jack adapter supplied) thenchecking on the internet, I added one splitter between the cable and the adapter, and now I can hear but little and bad (low volume and background noise). On the Internet I read that if you connect to devices with mono jack entry I should buy a cable that is XLR-mono jack, is that true? Or I need just a pure XLR cable? Do you have other tips for me? Thank you

Dark Castle says:

Why isnt it picking any hiss or noise? What preamp are you using?

CaptainMikeyWikey says:

Hey Bandrew, what do you think is the best way to use this mic portably (like you mentioned with the boom poles) without spending so much? I was thinking about using it with my phone but I don’t know if it works.

sergio garcia says:

are you going to be reviewing the razer mic at anytime?

Benet Andrei says:

Can i Use phantom power on this?

Arcade Productions says:

I bought this microphone after watching your review. Best 31 bucks I ever spent! Thank you man!

MLnewspaperDMV MLnewspaperDMV says:

thank you ! i have this mic….im looking for other options!

James says:

Hey could you possibly do a review of the Lyxpro condenser shotgun mic?

SteF says:

Hey! I know it’s an old video but i got this mic powered with a AA battery connected to my windows 10 pc using the Sabrent USB soundcard. I have turn the mic up to 100% to get a decent sound at maybe 1 foot of the mic. Do you think the mic is broken or it is the soundcard that doesnt provide enough power idk?

TheRegentGamer says:

Anyone know if this would work on the ps4?

TheRandomAsian says:


Un utilisateur Google de qualité says:

hi,I bought this microphone and a sabrent but I can have a sound great like you (sorry for my bad english i am french)

Electro says:

Can I use the mic with a USb audio adapter from a neewer set??

Tonio Vay says:

What is the type of batterie for this microphone (sorry for my english because im french) ?

Productionz says:

Hi podcastage,
I bought the microphone, sounds good but it broke after 1 minute :(. Just soldered it and it is geat. You should tell everyone that the glue is crappy

David Sánchez Coloma says:

Can’t work with a phantom power? only with the AA?

Player Game says:

The sound is Good quality ?

sergio garcia says:

are you going to be reviewing the razer mic at anytime?

bruno palazzolo says:

thanks for your video. I try to use the shotgun microphone with my iphone, it did’nt work, bas sound… how could I do? 🙂

alberto lo piccolo says:

hey, i buy this microphone but i don’t understand how to install it on my pc.. because when i put the jack on the pc the microphone looks off

BeigeBoy says:

wud there be anypoint to using this mic with a interface or wud the sound card be ok,
i know u dont recommend sound cards anymore i was just wondering,
u think theres any point to me getting this mic than over my Behringer XM8500
i have my setup in my kitchen and its a big open space so i need a mic like a shotgun mic to only be picking up my voice

Rivius says:

I have a couple of these (L/R) plugged into my Tascam DR60 II and must say that I’m more than impressed. For the price what you get is AWESOME.

BeigeBoy says:

ok so got this mic and it picks up alot of background noise
48v and the sound sounds better but i get a buzzing noise
u think its cause im running it thro a interface?

Björn Fischer says:

got mine today. sounds great with some compression and eq. thanks for the review 🙂

Mamoun Kabbaj says:

please this mic work in a smartphone sorry for my english

Loose Screw Productions says:

hey bandrew how do you either eliminate or reduce the handling noise of the microphone?

原井まりお says:

Is it just me or does it sound more cardioid than super cardioid

Varun Iyer says:

Would you prefer this or the Takstar Shotgun Microphone?


Thanks. Zero floor noise, just what i need!!! says:

Thanks for this useful video. I subscribed your channel.

Un utilisateur Google de qualité says:

you edit the sound with audacity?

John Gabriel says:

Spent £60 on a shotgun mic from Rode and it was horrendously hissy. Always do your research, kids…

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