Tonor Pro Vocal Dynamic Microphone Review / Test

Today I review the Tonor Pro Vocal Dynamic Microphone. This is a very cheap, budget microphone that comes in under $20.00. This thing doesn’t have the best build quality, and it lacks in the lower frequencies and tends to be a bit overly bright. But it does have excellent off axis rejection, and does a decent job at handling noise.

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:26 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:43 – Why Am I Handholding It?
00:52 – What’s in the Box
01:14 – Build Quality
01:37 – Specifications
02:13 – Polar Pattern Test
02:36 – Background Noise Test
02:43 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
02:52 – Handling Noise Test
03:03 – Plosive Test
03:07 – Windscreen Comparioson
03:21 – Music Test
04:16 – Pros & Cons
05:12 – Overall Thoughts
06:01 – Recommendation
06:54 – Outro

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Dan Boud says:

I actually lost it at the 16ft cable. “Very cool!”

OisinAnimates says:


QuickQuips says:

I’d still go for a xm8500. Better build quality, mic clip, and switches generally add an annoying complication.

João Victor says:

Holy peperoni, this sounds AWESOME for the price

Hamit Campos says:

Wow sounds real nice for a mike that only hears up to 12 KHZ.

CRHIST beatbox says:

thank you for doing a budget mic do more budget stuff

Andrew M. Sheppard says:

(4:09) .. not as much as I do you. Now go to your room & think about what you’ve done or you’ll get no desert after super.

Guy Serle says:

Thank goodness it says microphone on the side or otherwise I might have mistaken it for a cheese sandwich.

Youfunnymelz TV says:


Anthony C says:

Head bunt test Ftw

Podcastage says:

Furst again! BANDREW Plz Reply Me!

Rivius says:

It looks like a mic Batman would take on Karaoke missions.

LuckyMe says:

Oh come on what is the probability that someone is going to have a $100+ for a audio interface, 90% of the time they would use a USB interface or just plug it in the headphone jack (that for anyone reading please buy an usb sound card, it is really worth the money)

S1 CalebLegend says:

First!!!! I have a suggestion can u review the fifine k670!

Kyle Lebron says:

All I cared about was that MKH416 in the background it looked like. Lol.

SpaceOrbison says:

Have you tried the Behringer XM8500 yet?

Kragatar says:

1:47 Supper Cardiod pattern. xD

NewbArchitect says:

Supper? Cardioid

Picky Arendry says:

Plz review alctron ur66

Alex Hydron says:

Wacky Bandrew is the best Bandrew :p

Coma Odinsson says:

I’m only here for the singing so… Either way this is the worst mic you’ve ever reviewed audibly

czdaniel1 says:

*_Supper-Cardioid_* — as says the product description on Amazon

Rain Gaming says:


obvious_humor says:

Compare this to the Behringer XM8500? That’d be my choice for “twenty dollar budget XLR cardioid dynamic mic”.

Kai Shin says:

Does anything beat the Pyle Pro PDMIC58 at 12$ tho?

Chucky Gold says:

Bandrew you live in the northeast? I got 2 Neve Shelford channels in and would love for you to review them:) I tried but i failed:( This mic looks like the toy you would get in a McDonalds Happy Meal!

Jagadish Kumar M R says:

We love a little more every time you write new lyrics to sing with guitar!!! I think it was “Supper”!!!

Alessandro O. says:

Damn dude I literally just saw this microphone on Amazon and thought “let’s see if Bandrew has reviewed it” and boom you upload this. Are you a damn magician?

FilFee // Kjůrovec says:

*S U P P E R – C A R D I O I D*

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