TONOR Microphone DOUBLE REVIEW! (3.5mm & USB Versions)

Checking out the Tonor Mic’s… 😀
✦ ASTRO “Pure Audio” Portable Speaker:

Tonor 3.5mm MIC:

Tonor USB MIC:


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TONOR Microphone DOUBLE REVIEW! (3.5mm & USB Versions) // Video uploaded by TheLGPDJ.


Rusty Blade says:

I got one but after a few days it is not even being detected by anything

ultabs says:

work for ps4?

2BigDamHeroes says:

hi has this mic got a fuzzy background noise or did you edit it out

The Shadow boy says:

Long and Nice 1:55

Khiumi ACNL says:

You doesn’t test ? 0.0

MrBrokenSmiles says:

i bought 3.5mm one and the sound is SO LOW… can someone help me?

mason jar says:

it’s 13 dollers us

Kid Gaming Gaming says:

I have 3.5 connection and I lost it….

Stryder Plays says:

Which is better usb or 3.5mm jack

A. K. Brand says:

so which one u prefer for a youtube channel? usb or 3.5mm

FarOutGaming Bro says:

the usb version didnt make a sqeekt ear hurt sound each time you pronouce the words with “s” at the end tho

ITZSlime says:

I know I’m late but this helps is going to help me with my gaming channel

MobXIII says:

Does it work with ps4? I record my videos on my ps4

rob corden says:

how does the 3.5mm jack version get the power for the internal pream(thus making it a true condensor)?

it's WARPIG says:

i have the usb one. i tried using it with my ps4 and right from the start it sounded choppy and just terrible. i believe its broken. any tips to fix it?

humanyoda says:

Can you recommend a good INEXPENSIVE unidirectional microphone that works with a PC and not requiring an additional equipment?

JonnaBeenz says:

Dang, only 2 dislikes for like11,000 views…. Impressive.

GardzYT says:

would the USB one work on consoles or something besides a computer

TLoadingz says:

Just ordered the USB version. Thanks for the review!

jagdish raj exam cracker says:

does not working in my android tell how i can use

PotatoTheFishYT says:

Hi I’m a small YouTuber anyone know if the 3.5 mil can fit a iPad mini 2 ????

PeeKay says:

Thanks 🙂

Jon Parkes says:

just got the usb one verry gd ty for putting this up

Vince says:

can this mic be put on a mic arm?

Cuentos de la Cripta says:

have you reviewed
the “pyle pdmic58” ?

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