TONOR BM-700 XLR Condenser Microphone Review / Test

In today’s video, I review the Tonor BM-700 condenser microphone. This is a great low budget option if you are a beginning youtuber, or want to create a podcast for super cheap.

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Wheaty HD says:

hey man My bm700 is plugged into my scarlet solo audio interface, and is making a somewhat large amount of static. Do you think this is due to the xlr cable that came with the microphone, or something else. Im using the usb to micro usb to power it rather than line outputs. Thanks in advance

Yousef Ahmed says:

Please tell me if the mic need phantom power

natetheslugger04 says:

Does this mic work on iPhone?

Kert137 says:

Sounds pretty good with that USB Soundcard in my opinion 🙂

krustykrabz2 says:

has anyone else had static when recording??? I keep hearing an annoying buzz/hum

Jason Builder says:

Can I use this on a xbox

francesco giglio says:

For you is best the nw 800 or tonor microphone ?

vikings nation says:

big bag of dicks

xBrukee says:

can you just plug it into your laptop

HueHueHue says:

Is that your moms basement

LHK says:

haha you are funny 🙂 subscribed

Possum Rocker. says:

So when you suck on the dicks in the bag do you half to make them all come? Lol

ElDinko says:

will the table mounting clamp fit on 3 inch thick table?

mr shadow says:

What is the program you use to record mic sound

LambentBlaze says:

Fun fact, apparently they say these microphones are designed in California. Right.

Epic_Cuber says:

So with the sound card that it comes with I can use it with a windows 10 PC?

Alex Carlin says:

Cant seem to use mine without the usb port device thing, i plug the jack right into my computer but it does nothing, any advice?

Viki Ťhe Ģamęr says:

Yo it’s work on ps4 too

CloudQuake says:

That or NW-700
I got an NW-700 kit, a phantom power supply, and a $10 sound card. $57-$59 total.

Chad Breedlove says:

I just recently found your videos. Very enjoyable, informative, and simple to understand. Good job. I am on a budget so I was debating to get this BM-700 or the Blue Snowball. Which do you recommend ?

RR II says:

Can you help me with something, I used this thing for more than a month now and it was okay before it keeps making static noises for recording, can you help? I tried many recording softwares but it keeps making static noises.

jet lee says:

Do I need a new sound card if my motherboard has a dedicated sound card built in?

Edgar Rivas says:

thanks for the review. I just ordered this for my first microphone, looking forward to using it.

Manassa La Coa says:

Fun, interesting & helpful!

Steriteo says:

I bought one with a aux cord so I can use it on my phone to record with a stand im a mobile Youtuber so it’s usefull

SilverioBaby says:

nice job men thanks for the review

Tanner Spangler says:

When I use this I get a really annoying amount of background noise. Have u removed it or does your condenser do that for you

Tokyo/Rin says:

Will the UMC22 audio interface greatly improve the audio?

Daon says:

Will it sound good with the phantom power supply and the gino usb soundcard?

Weddy123 says:

do i need a phantom power for this or can i just plug it in mty mac

Top Drop - Fortnite says:

i want to use this for ps4 chatting in party is that possible

João Avelino says:

would you recomend this one over the NW800?

Anjan Shomodder says:

Does this need phantom power?

顧鹿毅 says:

where do i buy it now?

Ic3ng says:

Tonor bm 700 with syba stereo or Nw 7000 usb kit?

Young Introvert says:

Is the “ffffffffffffffffffffffff” noise it leaves in the backround normal?

George Ou says:

What’s the voltage on the SYBA? My USB dongle seems to only do 2.41V and I can hardly hear anything on my BM-700

InVΔ Tech says:

can i use it for audio dubbing for short film ?

Gymuscle says:

Best Fucking Mic I LOVE IT

Camelle Pontigon says:

Hi, Can I use the microphone through laptop only? Thanks a lot!

Scotty Earnest says:

Nice metal riff

Samina Naeem says:

Tell me can we use it with laptop without phantom power???

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