THIS IS IT CHIEF. HyperX Quadcast Microphone Review

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So the HyperX Quadcast microphone is a crazy good value with 4 vocal patterns and outstanding quality.
Buy it here:

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Music: Esbe –


Rey Max says:

Who else couldn’t tell between edited and unedited in the audio?

Viile says:

You can dismount it and put it on a Mic arm, correct?

Melvin Jonsson says:

HOW DO i Edit it?

Yellow Peaches says:

Had to give it a dislike for reading sicko mode lyrics… too cringe

iHankJr says:

This mic looks exactly like a re-skinned slightly updated Blue Yeti so I’m very confused why it wasn’t used for comparison.

BenBroC says:

Similar to the siren X

randomfrankp says:

Buy the HyperX Quadcast here:

Imi says:

Hey Frank, what keyboard is that? Great video by the way!

its_just _aidan says:

I have been waiting so long for this to come out

Arixy. says:

These b-rolls and edits were insane Frank! Good job!

Winter’s Favorite says:

Jesus at 6:15 it scared the hell out of me, was organizing laundry and wasn’t expecting it

Alex Green says:

Thanks for this video Frank, u just sold me

eSmart TRENDING says:

Yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

Inappropriate Bar Talk says:

Nice @randomfrankp I see you’re stepping up your special effects game. Looks Good! I like the directional graphic!

Tony Dorr says:

So how does this compare to something like the Yeti?


this or blue yeti ?

Jerown says:

Dead meme lol

just a person says:


BRU -WINS21 says:

this review is going to turn into a meme

Melvin Jonsson says:

Can u use this With a mic-arm?

Timothy Eastman says:

I think that this mic seems like a decent option if you want a gamer option. The frequency response already sounds like a V (added bass and treble) which is much like the Blue Ember, both of which are marketed towards live-streamers. But dude, the gate on your edited audio is FAR too aggressive. The open/close levels are probably fine, but the hold and release are far too short, it cuts off unnaturally soon and is painful to listen to.

L1nky says:

that sicko mode made me cackle.

Ovulm says:

Had to give the video a like for that amazing lyric reading lol

IceRaven says:

I’m such a hyperX junkie lol

TrollyTran says:

11:21 That’s gonna wrap it up!!


Wow this mic really looks cool, if i needed one I would most def’ get this.

Jack Hadley says:

Can you do a complete sicko mode cover lol

Danny says:

Ez cop

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