TEST/REVIEW – Best Budget Vlog Mic

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Vlog 134 – I’ve wanted to do a test vid on mics for a while now. All mics are rode mics, we have the Video Micro, Video Mic-Go, & Video Mic-Pro. Hope you find this review/test helpful!

People in this vlog:
Fluges: https://www.instagram.com/michaelflugstad/
Mason: https://www.instagram.com/masonstrehl/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andrewtkearns/
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Vlogging Gear
Canon 80d (Vlog Camera): http://tinyurl.com/grm6ern
Canon 10-22 Lens: http://tinyurl.com/zmynf8g
Joby Tri-Pod: http://tinyurl.com/jnd7tyb
Main Mic: http://tinyurl.com/h7rph73
Backup Mic: http://tinyurl.com/hr58wfv

Photo Gear
Canon 5d Mk iii: http://tinyurl.com/hubsyb5
Canon 24-70ii Lens: http://tinyurl.com/hu997vw
Canon 16-35ii Lens: http://tinyurl.com/hpke7tn
Knock-Off Batteries: http://tinyurl.com/j2ps93h


James Carlo Nadua says:

Great great video man!! I didn’t know that the Video MICRO would be the most ideal mic to buy if I hadn’t found this video of yours! Great video man! Thanks a bunch! 🙂

James Hardy says:

It’s called shotgun mic with slugs, not birdshot ;D

Farith Jamli says:

maybe u should use dead cat to the videomic go

Vintage Vinny DIY says:

i keep looking at these videos trying to find a reason to upgrade from my videmicro $60 when i got mine..so far video after video i see no real difference in these mics other than some lower level aka kinda bassy level that the go and pro seem to have but just by a bit… ill keep this little mic that can all my stuff is home movie and vacation type anyway

Ketsia Desmangles says:

Will the micro fit/work on an canon 80d camera?

Erzähl mal says:

Thanks for your work. You helped me a lot to find the right mic for me. Greetings from Germany

Ivxn says:

Does anyone know how to eliminate white noise on the videomicro?

SirCheeseKnight says:

Mate, the shotgun does fire a burst, but it only fires it in one direction. I mean you can’t make s shotgun fire in your face or on the sides. Only to the front. As the shotgun only (theoretically) picks up sound from its front, but that doesn’t mean it only picks it up from one straight line. It’s more like a circular sector (the mic being the center of the circle) than just the radius

Sigma Tech says:

Why does the micro sound so much better than the mic go?

Navie says:

checking recording levels inside a car where sound bounces (even with half the window down) is kinda stupid.

Food AF says:

I have the micro, and it is a brilliant mic for its’ price. Highly recommend it ✌

Fbalon says:

I was a bit surprised when you said Mukilteo beach cause I live so close from there.

Kailash G says:

this video was amazing! not just the review the way you talk is super interesting and sometimes funny I don’t understand why you dont have more subs well you got one right now tho!

Keoki johnson says:

It depends on the type of shotgun and the load. If you load a shotgun from the factory (no mods) it’ll go straight ahead. That’s what I used to use when I shot skeet as a kid. Now, what you’re actually describing is a scattergun. A scattergun or a Riot Rifle is a modified shotgun where the barrel has been cut off at the front hand grip making it very short. This mod has been made so the shotgun intentionally sprays its load over a significantly wider area.

The Talking Donkey says:

Each of these Mics will sound vastly different depending on recording device/gain/isolation. Try the cheap one on a 5D and listen to it hummmmmmmmmmm


I just want the result and theres a 20 minute vlog around, no thanks!

Zhanna says:

Very impressed by the $50 one the quality seems to bee pretty good. I’ll try it. Was looking for something smaller than shotgun, thanks for sharing the info 🙂

Julian Kostiuk says:

With the first mic, I noticed that I could hear little kind of high pitched kind of squeaks and I’m not sure if that good but I’m relying on this review.

Zuck That says:

Great Review! Really helpful for figuring out which Mic I’ll be buying today! 🙂

MirkWoot says:

In the car, the sound will bounce all around in the small space.
I also think after seeing serveral reviews that something is forgotten, some WANT a more neutral flat sound.. just like there are studio monitors and headphones with a very flat sound, not boomy like Beats headphones and etc, same for mics somewhat.
Alot of times the pro can sound more flat and dull, but it what some will want.
But yeah, directional or not, I can also get why some love everything can be heard.. and why some love it is a little more isolated.
I still dunno which one really, maybe micro.

Corben Lashley says:

I am starting to vlog and don’t have a mic…can you give me the cheapest m ic you have, so I can start vlogging easier

P-O Andersson says:

I think Pro sounded even more muffled then Go??

BlackKaida says:

WHY ARE YOU SO COOL. Thanks for playing the guitar in this video, that’s why I’m subscribing! Also I’m going to buy that $60 mic now! Thank you 😀

Azz says:

Best comparison video I’ve seen, most other reviews just do it from one location. Really helped me decide what one to get! thanks a bunch! <3

English Learner says:

Why do most vloggers try and copy Casey Neistat?

Jothobrotho says:

great tests! thanks

Preston James says:

Excellent video bro! I think I’m gonna buy the videomicro

Paul Ting says:

$50 mic is pretty good, made a good purchase lol

agung septian says:

recomen 50$, 100$ or 200$ ??

Scrotie McDick'N Ass says:

Am I insane for thinking the Micro sounds better than both the go and pro? It just sounds more crisp and clean and picks up sound better.

Boh films says:

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Kelly Mahon says:

Personally, I liked the cheap mic the best. Oh, and that wind screen, works great. Thanks for the demo.

Codycole80 says:

I can’t tell much of a difference between any of them.
I ordered the $50 mic from Amazon right before I store purchased my Rebel T6i and realized it came with the $100 mic. Therefore, I’m sending my $50 mic back and using the one that came with the camera since they all sound pretty much the same. {shrugs}

coolnanel says:

Thank you for this video. It really help me on my decision.

Aiden Glendenning says:

can i have notification shout out

perla ennovi says:

thank you, this video helped me a lot i think i will be getting the $50 mic it’s great

Netjak says:

The Micro would be my choice for a on the run mic. I like the sound of the Pro much better though and i could post process with it a lot better, plus we never got to here the Pro using it’s db switches which make it super versatile. That +20db switch on a Canon would be incredible. Don’t waste your money on a Go though.

Nariman Gurbanov says:

thanks dude! really helped me to see the real difference between all three!

James DeCastro says:

Great audio test man, thanks for making this. You seem really chill

Honami Cox says:

am I the only one who thinks the $50-$60 is the best

Theron Bacev says:

um no, its called a shotgun mic, it’s correctly named. the first shotgun lug was a slug which did not disperse.


What do you call those mics? may I know? Thank you 🙂

BasementShopGuy says:

Ugh, Super “Cardio”. Cardiod, my friend 🙂

The Lifestyle Marketer says:

Impressed with the $50 mic, I have a video Mic Go and was going to upgrade to the pro.. not anymore. I have found that if you isolate the microphone from the camera with an extension lead it boom or tripod it sounds much better.

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