It’s time to stop blocking your face with a microphone during live streams. The Audio Technica BPHS1 review takes a look at Audio Technica’s broadcast professional headset and how it compares to similar setups.

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“Product Highlights

Closed Back Dynamic Headphone
Cardioid Boom Microphone
Wide Frequency Response
1/4″ Phone and XLR Connectors”

The Audio Technica BPHS1 headset gives you a substantially larger and higher-quality cardioid microphone compared to normal gaming headsets, while working with XLR and professional audio gear – and doing a better job of rejecting background noise and not blocking your entire face!

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Fennek_Kaipii says:

Since I got Audio Technica open headphones (ATH-TAD400, used with the fabric pads) for a while now, I can confirm the quality of the brand in general
but my Superlux E205U mic (USB) gets the job pretty well done at around 40cm/15,7in distance at the moment.

I didn´t want to go for E205 (XLR, both with cardioid characteristic btw) cause I lack the necessary tidiness on my desk space to operate an audio interface properly/safely…
VoiceMeeter Banana does a great job optimizing the input before it gets to Teamspeak/Discord/OBS

My setup is only a good way if you already have decent headphones and don´t want a combo.
Going for your this headset is a better price point than eperimenting with various setups, like I did before xD

A good set of headphones + mic + audiointerface can quickly go higher than 200$/€
That the Headphones themself are more directed to communication/broadcasting, than to audiophiles, is an obvious point I guess.

Thanks for the headsup to this headset. Always nice to see some more stuff, people normally do not consider by themselfs and are legit options.

Cry of the Prophet says:

If you want the best in ear broadcast quality and nearly invisible headset for a premium, check out DPA, they are the industry standard for headset broadcast mics and the sound has no rival.. (don’t get the directional mic, you want omnidirectional for the best sound, and even though they are condensers, they cut out background noise as good as good, if not better than my re27)

msanto says:

Reivew the PC37X Massdrop version. It’s literally amazing. And the sound is amazing for gaming too. It’s basically the perfect headset around $100 😀

Siana Gearz says:

This vs. your favourite headphones + ModMic. Go!

Movie Jimmy 777 says:

Great video and review. I also loved the kitty, who came in and said “oh, you’re doing that…I’lllll come back.” 🙂

Andy Kashu says:

My sentiments exactly since these unbearable radio broadcaster mics became popular in video streams… what a nonsense. Ever seen TV broadcasting companies using these mics and blocking the *VIEW* at their broadcasters? They use mics as unobtrusive as possible, at all costs. They don’t take cover behind elephant penis sized mics with pop filters attached larger than a tennis racket.

Joseph Zins says:

Nice! I’m guessing this was in your old apartment again? I’m guessing your finally getting back to your old videos like you mentioned in your AskEpos episode?

Alexander Wagner says:

If you want to pick up one of the expensive Sennheiser broadcast headsets, be advised: These tend to come with unterminated cables, meaning you are expected to attach your own plugs.

Jason Arnold says:

I had bought a pair of these before I really knew what I was doing audio-wise, and really didn’t like how they sounded at all, so I returned them. At the time the price was pretty steep for me as well. Good review, though I gotta say, I preferred the unprocessed audio over the 286s processed audio (and I know you said the 286s was setup for your RE20) – just made you sound more hollow. Thanks for doing the review, though; I think if I ever have a need for a gaming headset, I’d definitely reconsider these or the Sennheisers as you mentioned – little bit $$$ though. 🙂 Ah, one question for you – the audio during your narrative portion of the video (where it wasn’t visible at all) – was that an under-the-shirt lav mic or something else? Did you have to do much post on it? Just sounded really great, nice and clear, and very natural looking not seeing any hardware at all (no cans or mic). Thanks!

Samuel Murray says:

Uh oh, you’ve been kicking your cans all over the place…

Zarko says:

Yeet. EposVox is a cool guy

Shawn Park says:

The BPHS2 is coming out any day now. 🙂

Easelgames says:

Couldn’t you use an 2.5 or xlr extension? Granted that would add noise issues possibly…

Alejandro Novoa says:


Mark S says:

Can you do a video with the updated ndi for obs? Idk if i need a switch with my router for it to work properly.. i have 400 download and 20 upload and both pcs are connected with cat 7 ethernet

Nisco Racing says:

I got myself the Beyerdynamic MMX 300(v2), still looking for a proper preamp.
Mayflower ARC Gaming Amplifier & DAC is a good one, but i am wondering if anything better came out.

Ranger79Productions says:

I’ve used these for streaming and gaming for over a year love them. Great review.

Christian Nönken says:

I think these kinds of headsets have a place but I would be really interested how they stack up against a pair of normal cans, like Fostex T50RP MK3, paired with a modmic.

S1 CalebLegend says:

wow wish I can get one T.T but id rather get an elgato with that headphones aren’t a must for me

Hussein Naji says:


Dave's Physical Media says:

I can’t wait for the BPHS2 to come out soon 🙂

austriangamerstech says:

I also use a broadcast headset from time to time and most people can’t even tell the difference between my main microphone and the headset. Mine is a Beyerdynamic dt797 PV.

Favio says:

I looked at these 2 years ago wondering if i should just get the all in one package headset, good to know the pros and cons now tho. I wonder how this stacks up to the gaming audio technica line up?

CarcinogenSDA says:

Can you link to the earpads you used? I would like some new ones for my BPHS-1 because I agree, they suck.

HorseTaco says:

stop blocking your microphone with a face

Z1yaad says:

Stop facing your microphone with a block

Elvfam says:

I knew you was my dad. Always telling me what to do.

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