Sony ECMCS3 Clip Style Microphone Review / Test

Today I review the Sony ECMCS3 Clip style Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone. A cheap option for those who are looking for a budget lavalier / lapel microphone to record vlogs for youtube.

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Techno Land says:

so will it work only with sound card and phantom power not required?

Anthony Himself says:

can you test out the road broadcaster in the market for a mic that I can use fro both vocals and video podcast work.

Austin Putnam says:

Bought this mic after watching review. This is better than my rode video mic! Thanks for the vid and you got a new subscriber!

Hardware BBQ says:

I imported this from US which was imported from Japan. So…From Japan via US to India….yeah… my sony ECMCS3 traveled more than I did.

But I noticed the shirt clip feels a bit weak. I might be wrong but the other clip mics are stronger.

Donut Tech says:

Can you do a review of the mod mic

SenoreQueso says:

They’re $10 on eBay now, open box. For the money, I think this beats the crap out of something like the Zalman lav and is a no-brainer, even if you’re only using it for the occasional interview or skype call. says:

An idea to have a wind protection for this mike ?

deadendkid1968 says:

Why treat every room you walk into…while using a HPF on your recorder gets rid of a significant amount of that room noise…I use mine with a small yamaha field recorder…

Jason Rice says:

Did something change since January 2016 when you did a do not buy video on the Sabrent USB Soundcard?

itZ EKEN says:

Any good for dirtbiking

SE77H says:

Sponsored by Scarce Flannnels?

Volixes Plays - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale says:

Hey man thx for helping choose the blue ICE snowball, You video helped out 🙂

spyro910 says:

Would I need a TRRS splitter to use this microphone on my PC?

TallClubHarry says:

Question, this is a stereo mic and all the usb sound cards I can find are mono mic inputs. In your review I could not tell if it was a stereo sound track on one of the mic elements on both channels.. Can you help?

TheGamingSkull_ says:

is this OK for gaming voiceovers on ps4

325Radio says:

It’s amazingly surprising how that little piece of plastic sounds very good if you compare it for, let’s say, a Rode Smartlav+ which costs four times its price!

Lolik says:

when is zoom u24/44 review?

Giorgi Maghlakelidze says:

Very nice review!
It sounds good for speech. However, isn’t frequency response a little too narrow 50Hz…15kHz doesn’t really cover the audible spectrum. Are there mics of similar price that would cover wider range? E.g. for amateur music recording or smth like that.

Angie Galak says:

i have that mic !

noshow says:

Not a fab of the sound of this thing. Thanks for the review.

Fikri Ilham says:

what’s your glasses there?

DerMichi500 says:

Hey Bandrew,
congrats for 18.000 subs. 🙂
I was wondering if you could do a review on the Asus Xonar DGX with a mic as the Neewer NW 800, and specifically measuring the output voltage. I would really like to see how a “real” soundcard performes in comparison to all the USB ones.

NuclearHazmat says:

You should do USB vs XLR microphones

camerontheDJ says:

Do a review on the MXL Studio 24!!!

Vuzerk says:

Do you think this would work for 2 people talking in one video? or should I get 2 of these microphones and a splitter of some sort or would that just echo? any tips help thanks!

TheRoshan89 says:

so far all the mics i have seen on your channel are omni directional! what would you recommend for a cheap mic for gaming?

AWESOMEGUY 1221 says:

awesome vid

Bi Xiang says:

Thanks, i decide to buy this one.

UltimateKicks says:

Hi does this microphone work for iPhones?

DSquared says:

What adapter do I need to use this mic with my iphone

Sgt Gaming says:

Hey, which pop filter is better? A ball/Cap windscreen/popfilter that goes over a microphone, or a circle bendable one? Would it help if I had both?

Lukasko Mraz says:

Why you didn’t do a reveiw of your SHURE SM7B. Why you changed it?

RyanGamer1317-Minecraft y otros juegos! says:

What boom arm do you recomend for the Blue Yeti(plz that is “cheap” and attachable to a desk)

Gerard Dresch says:

Thanks — First 65 or Older

nzbeeker says:

Nice video thanks. I am using this mic also as shown here: Problem is, I am still having wind noise issues with the mic mounted in my helmet…
Can you recommend a good mic for a helmet that will eliminate wind noise? I have another lapel mic coming and have a dead cat to put on it…

Art Silva says:

What a piece of junk, huh?

TheFifaMonstah says:

Do you need a splitter if you have the sabrent USB thing

niSch says:

How have you got rid of the noise? I have this and there is a very noticeable static that seems to be missing on your video.

AndyTheKingOfYou says:

Is the Sony ECMCS3 better than the Rode smartLav+ in your opinion?

Master Chief58 says:

Is there any kind of 3.5mm extension cable you would recommend for this lav mic?

Budiono Sukses says:

what for is the lav mic if it has a very short cable? internal microphone more than enough, i think

Zeklington says:

Do you think this will work well in a situation where a camera is facing the person with the lav on their chest and they are walking around and talking? Also do you know of any way to cover up shirt noise with this microphone? I know there is the invisiLav but I don’t believe this will fit.

Alexandru Ionescu says:

Can this be clipped on a headphone cable?

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