Snowball vs Yeti: Battle of the Budget Blues

Blue Snowball:
Blue Yeti:
Rogue Amoeba Loopback:

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Elijah Talley says:

There’s a high pitched buzz in the Yeti.

Small Caliber Disaster says:

MXL Tempo is 1000% better than both of these garbage mics

K. H. says:

Is there a way to synchronize a recorded video with the recorded voice on yeti if you have a regular yeti?

J M says:

Razer Seiren Pro all day long over this two

Mititelu Radu says:

OMFG… all I need is a USB mic, to talk on TS, I want it to sound good, and by good I mean not to have any additional sounds, and I need to use it from 50 cm away. I was looking at yeti pro but I see I had to use it form 10-15 cm… damn

CringeTroll says:

He looks like old luke skywalker

Joshua Hamby says:

Got a snowball ice with stand but without cable from Goodwill for 16 bucks and I was not disappointed lol

TankerD18 says:

Learned what cardioid means. That’s an easy upvote there.

Cole Heideman says:

My yeti has no buzzing or whining that i see people talking about here. Lower the gain a bit and it’s fine.

Brent Morrissette says:

you do actually look like a cleaner Mark Hamill

Common_ Moss says:

If this was a true “Battle Of The Budget” It would be between The Neewer NW-700 And The Blue SnowBall.

BB Gaming says:

Snowball is better

Zyraon says:

here’s a statement that ends this argument PERIOD XXXTencation made his first songs on the snowball

JackPlayss says:

I looking into getting the Blue Snowball cause my birthday is soon

ItzTylerrr says:

The snowball sounds better in my opinion and its half the price, definitely going with that one when I come up with the money.

Michael Simpson says:

So Like the videos and all but it always seems like you smoked ALOT of weed before you decide to do one of these lol.

LucasBMSCaira says:

No wonder he left being a jedi, these reviews are AWESomE

SamySam says:

why does the snowball sound better than the yeti?

Washboard Pants says:

There just seems to be a deeper frequency range for the yeti as a opposed to the snowball. I don’t know much about the technical terms, but the resolution (or sound quality put in the most generic way possible) sounds almost equivalent for both otherwise.

Natureza says:

so what microphone do you usually use?

Buy Movie Posters Inc says:

that yeti has bad whine it’s almost like a group loop sound.

OisinAnimates says:

the title shouldve been battle of the blues brothers

Kasperi Luhasto says:

My god your voice is so relaxing/soothing, could listen to you all day, also you sound kinda like robert downey jr

Crypto Ozzy says:

Yeh I want his voice, you could pull mad bitches with that voice, wow, and looks like Luke Skywalker damn straight. I think I’ll but buy the snowball. Great video btw Luke.

seaking4ever says:

I noticed the yeti has a very feint ringing noise, the snowball doesnt have any baclground noise to my ears

Good Boy says:

When he gets close to the mic he sounds like markiplier

Kasperi Luhasto says:

Luke? Is that you?

Mohammad Aatif says:

you look like Zach Galifianakis

The Koppite says:

the snowball actually sounds way better than the yeti which is surprising for me

luigiboard says:

i dont know dude, look grey to me, definitely not blue

Screech says:

loved the video thanks for the info
Im a small streamer and the blue yeti looks really good to start off with

o Columbus says:

swagger souls?

Lewis Manners says:

I came here for a mic review, but instead, I fell in love…

norm guy says:

Your beard suits you man you look very good in beard..

Daisy says:

This dude likes himself too much

Tallica m/ says:

You look like the dude from the hangover

Jaxa says:

I suggest getting the snowball even if you have 2K+ subs and you’re wanting to upgrade because the yeti has a hissing sign
I’m buying it at Christmas so

Team Eazyy says:

funny how the blue snowball doesnt have the buzzing sound but the yeti does

Liamsz says:

Thank you for your honest opinion on them!

ONE SULU says:

To be honest they’re both pretty good especially the snowball which is way cheaper

angela g says:

The beginning gave me asmr lmaooo your voice is so nice!

II United Edits II says:

You could talk into a 1 dollar Xbox 360 mic and it would sound good. Your voice is good on everything

Celestria says:

So does the Yeti have to be that close to you when you use it, or can you turn the gain up and have it farther away so that you can’t see it in the video you’re recording??

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