Shure SM7B Microphone Review And Setup

Shure SM7B Microphone Review And Setup

The Shure SM7B is a broadcast industry standard microphone. It’s the microphone used by Joe Rogan in the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show, and Michael Jackson, who famously recorded “Thriller” with it. I’ve had my ears set on this microphone for a while and finally pulled the trigger in an attempt to improve my production quality and reduce my video work flow cycle-time. My goal is to capture clear, professional quality sound in a less than ideal environment, that I don’t have to post process later.

I am very pleased with the result which you can hear for yourself in this video that features unprocessed audio.

Update 9/21/2016
I am now using the dbx286s ( instead of the Cloudlifter. It’s comparably priced and provides 60db of gain, which is all the gain you need to power the Shure SM7B, plus a variety of signal processing controls.

See the dbx286s in action here:

I have included links to the audio components I used to create this video below for your reference:

My Shure SM7B Setup

Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone

Cloudlifter CL-1 (I no longer use this. Replaced with dbx286s)

dbx286s (This is what I use instead of the Cloudlifter)

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB Audio Interface

The Cables I Use To Connect The Above Hardware
Mogami Gold Studio 03 XLR to XLR Quad Conductor Patch Cable 3 feet

GLS Audio 6ft Patch Cable Cord – XLR Male To XLR Female Black Mic Cable – 6′ Balanced

If you need something longer you can use:
GLS Audio 25 foot Mic Cable Patch Cords – XLR Male to XLR Female

Mic Stand
RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

My Previous Mic & Good Starter Mic
Audio Technica AT2020 USB

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Cringer says:

Awesome review! I’m thinking of buying this mic, but i’m not quite sure. Maybe you can help, I’ve a Behringer Xenyx X1204USB mixer, do you think that I can get a good sound of that mixer with the shure sm7b without a cloudlifter?

RedEyeJedi says:

I have autistic foam and my shure mic still picks up background noise in Adobe Audition cc when I am silence the wave still shows not showing a flat line.

Jami Kinton says:

Thanks for the awesome video! I wanted to purchase the mic stand as I just bought this microphone but what are you using to connect the mic stand to the microphone? Which mount?

RedEyeJedi says:

I have a question why go one input on Scarlett 2i2 how can I do a stereo because I want to here sound in both speakers.

Black Mask says:

I use the dbx286s as well. For $50 more, it’s so much better than the Cloudlifter. My only issue is the low hum from my neighbors’ air conditioning.

Stastro says:

This is probably the best review of the Shure SM7B on YouTube. You deserve far more likes than this brother! This video helped me set mine up. Both the rear settings and the Cloudlifter helped me clean up my audio big time! Thank you.

scatsy says:

great video!

Daniel McClure says:

I want this mic so bad. I can’t convince myself that I’m anywhere near experienced enough to buy a $400 mic.

OG_Yez says:


Ever Diamond Bro says:

such a good mic. I’ve used it before but for the entire setup (not including the PSA1 Boom Arm) it would be $685

Benjamin Ocean says:

I have been looking around for a video like this for awhile and haven’t found anything that was really that helpful.

This video was extremely informative and helpful and left me with no questions unanswered. He explains everything about the microphone and tells you why you need certain things, as well as telling you what he uses, which pretty much everyone fails to address.

Liked and subscribed (:

LukeZgaming says:

So are you now using the 2i4 the 286s and the sm7b together? What do you plug into what? Im new to this 😉

Nick Demoura says:

i purchased the mic but i don’t sound as clear as and professional as i want, but i did not purchase the cloud lifter with it, could that be the problem?

Matt Nicolae says:

What adapter are you using to attach to the Rode? My SM7B isn’t flush like yours with the included adapter.

Morten O.T. says:

Is the cloud lifter necessary if my preamp interface (usb) has plenty of gain?

Anthomnia says:

Great review. Buying this mic now based off it. Appreciate it man

Mury says:

Does he have a USB(i think ists have?!)….

Commit says:

How do you find the sound compares with the AT2020 that you had?

Luke Angel Music says:

do you use phantom power with this mic?

Tiwa Babayemi says:

This was really well made. Great job.

Jesse Dodd says:

“All up inside that grill”. lol .. Good review. Carry On.!.

videoholicreturns says:

I use one of these at a college radio station and just love the quality – it’s a very “clean”, totally noiseless sound, which I like!

Huy Lam says:

Mic into Cloudlifter into Focusrite into PC. Focus gain 75%. Flat EQ. I am picking up a lot of outside noise, even outside my house.. anything I am doing wrong?

Tina Motway says:

Hi, I don’t know if there’s a better way for me to get in touch with you? At our company we do voice overs for videos. Our current set up is SHURE SM7B, xlr to Cloudlifter CL-1, xlr to Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, USB to Mac Pro. I have our gain set to about where yours is in the video (03:49). So I anticipated getting the same sound quality as you, however, I am picking up an ungodly amount of background noise. Just the static/hum of background noise that I don’t hear present in your audio. Any ideas what the problem is, or where we’ve gone wrong? Can XLR cables cause this problem?

Billy Von says:

I have that mic plus cloud lifter and focusrite . Make sure the Phantom is on as the cloudlifter bounces it back

Ramon Villafranca says:

Do you need a cloud lifter?

Bill Randle says:

Nice review. Thank you.

Ralph Grizzle says:

Nice review. Would the Shure X2u provide enough gain? If not how about the Focusrite Scarlett Solo combined with the Cloudlifter CL-1?

Dear Gamer says:

How would you compare this to the Rode-NT USB? I’m looking for a new mic for my setup without post editing on audio. Thanks for the video man.

joe says:

Fairly new to microphones. So I can’t just use this with a Scarlet 2i2 right? I will need the cloud lifter or some sort of preamp?

Thomas Ballatore says:

Awesome video and absolutely stellar sound…just what I was looking for. Gotta try to emulate this sound!

Howard Roark says:

Is there a big difference in quality between the Cloudlifter and the new dbx286s? Thank you! 🙂

Aldrice Chincuanco says:

Hello there. Just a quick question, is it okay to use the SM7B for micing a guitar or bass amp? Thanks!

ZeDdY says:

Can you link the headphones holder for the mic arm? Thank you alot in advance! 🙂

NW says:

Great video!
I came here from your amazon review and pic. I’ll be getting the sm7b very soon, but what really stood out for me is your headphone hook on your psa-1 (amazing mic stand; I love mine). Can you link that in the description? Looks like just the thing I need.

Williams Bereng says:

Bruce Swedien a legendary recording engineer, had used the SM7 for Michael Jackson’s vocals on the Thriller LP.  The SM7B is the upgrade of SM7.

PROTOMAN247 says:

really good review fam

Jerry 'Comics' Baran says:

Is this kind of a plug it in and go mic? or am i going to have to play with it alittle.
-would be used for youtube gaming

Francesco Romagnoli says:

So if it’s -59.0 dB… The phantom power (48V) of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB audio interface isn’t enough and that’s why you’re using the Cloud Lifter CL-1 too, right?

Joshua Tienda says:

What xlr cables are best for the shure sm7b ?

mangreat71 says:

Do this mic gives you better clarity then the sennheirser e835 mic and why is the sm7b mic better then the sennheirser ????????

Aaron Baggett says:

Nice review. Thanks for your insights!

How much of a difference does the DBX 286s make compared to the Cloudlifter? I’m a professor and primarily record screencasts/tutorial videos for my statistics class. I typically record these in my office so I don’t have a lot of extra space for larger equipment. I like the space-saving size of the Cloudlifter, but also don’t want to sacrifice audio quality. What are your thoughts?

Dave Trachtenberg says:

Curious what boom arm you’re using in this video?

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