Shure SM7B Mic Review / Test

Today I review my daily driver, one of the best broadcast dynamic microphones on the market, the Shure SM7b. It’s hands down my favorite mic and has been used on H3H3 Productions Podcast, WTF! With Marc Maron, The Joe Rogan Experience, and many more.

CORRECTION: SM57/SM58 Frequency Response is 50Hz – 15kHz, as opposed to SM7b’s 50Hz -20kHz

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:24 – Setup
00:39 – What’s in the Box
01:05 – Build Quality / Features
01:49 – Specifications
02:05 – Tone Switch Audio Tests
02:35 – Large Wind Screen Audio Test
02:46 – Polar Pattern Test
03:00 – Background Noise Test
03:11 – Distance Test
03:25 – Mic Activator Test
03:49 – Music Test
04:29 – Pros & Cons
05:20 – Why Pick SM7B over Other Broadcast Dynamic Mics?
06:10 – Recommendation
06:46 – Outro

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CitizenZ says:

50k views right on the money I am.

Kidee Doo says:


sees says:

To be honest: For 400 Dollars i think this mic sucks because I would expect a better frequency range. I think for 400 Dollars I would rather pick up some nice condenser mics like the e100s or the lct 440 Pure

zeba tommy says:

how have u gotten the out? through a speaker? if so which one?

Brandon Sickles says:

Liked this cause you called me a stupid *****, good review sir.

brodiebuchal says:

Hi mate , whats the recommended Interface for it ( around 500-1k mark ) apparently it requires about 60db of gain and majority of the focusrite fall short of that i think…

TiBoy says:

Братишкину отдай его

Sofronio says:

Love your singing!

OnePlus Manager says:

OMG, Thanks!

Rephael Catap says:

1:00 the best part LOL

Elastico345 says:

Hey Bandrew, since the goal about your previous video probably didn’t reach around 250 likes or more… let’s do it again! 300 likes on this video and you have to change ur Twitter or Facebook banner to that Shure sticker for a whole day 🙂

Klaus Welch says:

“Obviously it comes with the a microphone you stupid *****”

I laughed to hard at that. Subscribed.

Sgt. Hippie Cat says:

stop with the shure jokes
e.g, *would i recommend this?, shure!*

mprater86 says:

I sure have been enjoying singing into my SM7B that I just picked up over the weekend!

nick jones says:

Can I use it to record music tho ?

Centroism says:

upvoted for the cherry mx blues test. exactly what i was wondering. thank you!

deadlift says:

I’ve watched almost ALL videos on YouTube about the SM7b and I think Mike @Booth Junkie is the only person that isn’t distorting his signal. Does this mic just constantly output distortion? Or is everyone clipping their signal?

Vanu says:

Don’t call me a bitch. Fuck you.

Kokym8 says:

Is this mic recommended for music recording?

Fuiape says:

What is this head tha he talks about as an option besides the cloud filter?

The Peeps says:

Does it come with a mic stand or am I just paying for a sticker and a box?

Romeo Mariano says:

With the pre-amp set at 90%, this microphone needs a higher power Pre-amp.

Trung Le says:

In windows 10, did u put 100% on Windows?

mprater86 says:

I just picked up this mic yesterday after wanting it for awhile. I own the Sm57 and The Super 55. I prefer the SM57 on my vocals over the Super 55. I was worried about spending that much on the Sm7B because what if it wasn’t worth the money, but man! The Sm7B is AMAZING 😀 It really sounds like a pro version of the Sm57. I would totally recommend this mic! As a singer, I was blown away with how much better I sounded sing in the Sm7B

Aaryn Osborne says:

OMG! Thank you for using the time stamps!

ZAKtalksTECH says:

I’m just discovering this mic now…in 2019. Has there been any changes to the mic since this review? If so, could you do a revisit?

Titi F says:

hello what is your preampli please ?

DarkPa1adin says:

Will it work great in an untreated room?

Bradley Smith says:

The SM7B is a very popular broadcast.. Along with the RE20, it is the industry standard..

Citizen Strife says:


Phillip Montosa says:

Will a Mg12xu and cloutlifter be enough for this mic and have a good sound?

Bomby 151 says:

I whant one but to expensive

Cult 45 The Movie Podcast says:

Thanks for not being boring.

Jeskid says:

Love this lol

LilJayden says:

0:41 that’s not nice to say lmfao

OnePlus Manager says:

Fedhead what is it? Please)

The Protagonist says:

I have the exact same equipment but the mic just doesn’t sound nearly as good as in this video. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I’ve tried a lot.

Marcos Pintor says:

Michael Jackson used one I think

MeFilms says:

Ethan and hila use this

MJDYTツ says:

but what if the microphone box doesn’t have the microphone inside

xSoduz YT says:

This is the SypherPK mic

Zane Roote says:


Derk Hedemann says:

this is a good microphone for voice-over and radio broadcasts. greetings from the Netherlands


I use it with a vintage LA 610 and it’s great !

Zeldagigafan says:

I paid $400 for the god damned sticker… But here, I got a free mic out of it.

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