Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic Review / Test

Today I review the microphone used in the white house and on stages around the world, the Shure SM57. This thing sounds great on electric guitar, and sounds great for spoken word once you add a pop filter. It also does an excellent job at background noise rejection.

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:21 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:32 – What’s in the Box
00:50 – Build Quality
01:16 – Specifications
01:30 – Handling Noise
01:39 – Polar Pattern Test
01:47 – Background Noise Test
01:59 – Distance Test
02:11 – Mic Activator Test
02:24 – SM57 vs SM58 vs SM7b
02:50 – Windscreen Tests
03:22 – Music Test
03:55 – Pros & Cons
04:34 – Overall Sound
04:52 – Recommendation
05:15 – Outro

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HandsOnCam says:

I like the “I want to believe” poster in the back..

Henry says:

sounds a bit muffled.

Mr Photorooster says:

I have one of these that was given to me by a friend, It’s old as the hills but still works great. I cheaped out and bought 5 of the pyle look-alikes to use for live-instrument mics and honestly they are not too bad but still not as good as the Shure but when they get misplaced or stolen I don’t cry so much. I think a few of these are great for home studios. Great Review, Thank you.

Genji Takiya says:

is this good for recording some music. e.i. rap mostly

Chachan Chav says:

Can I use the sm57 for gaming and voiceover?

Derek Ostlund says:

Great review! funny and informative with no unnecessary filler. And great sound quality. Very helpful!

GemGaming says:

God Bless!

Talmadge Fisher says:

Hello, I am planning on buying the Shure Sm57 mic but I want to use a Rode PSA1 mic stand. Any recommendations for a really sturdy mic thread adapter for the 5/8inch to 3/8inch thread change?

Sean Edwards says:

You won yourself a subscriber for mind-reading what I want the mic compared to

Casual Preppers UK says:

i am newbie to mics, what do you plug the sm57 into ???

xB Marley says:

Great review!

Flesh Mechanic says:

God damn.
Thanks for this review.

NewbArchitect says:

@podcastage for spoken word, do you think the setup as you reviewed combo 57 and 2i2, is decent enough for good audio quality? you didn’t do a noise floor test on gain knob so im not sure how much noise was introduced when you had it at 75% gain. please let me know so i can either chunk the 2i2 and get something better or invest in fethead… thanks

Lorenzo Leonardini says:

Hi I have a Scarlett 2i2 (1st gen) and I’ve just bought the SM 57. Problem is that I have to set the gain to 100% to be able to catch any sound and it isn’t really the best option since it is too loud and it catches every single little sound in the house. I don’t understand how is that possible that with the gain set to 95% the LED ring on the interface does not turn on and with the gain set to 100% I can’t record anything because my breath is recorded, too.

Also, I see that you have the green ring with a gain set to ~75% and I was wondering how

I’m panicking for my purchase :

JusteJet says:

Hey Bandrew ! Thanks for your review, I’ll definitely buy it asap. I have a question: Is an isolation Shield useful with this kind of mic from your point of view or a windscreen/antitpop is just fine ?

Rubber Band says:

I covered all of Dani California with this mic but the solo sounds like shit! It’s cutting out and clipping but idk why since it’s not even close to the red bar?

hayden daly says:

your videos are always helpful, you should have more subscribers

M4 Justice says:

I bought mine in 1991 and have used it for singing (lead vocals) through two bands. I have had no issues with it and like it for vocals. I think it is an all around [great] uni-directional singing mic. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Juri Ewel says:

you said you need a good preamp to drive but i just have a cheap behringer interface so i schoudnt buy it?

František Vtelenský says:

Found your channel today, subscribed! 🙂 Great and simple review of this amazing and cheap classic! I love mine SM57. 🙂 Cheers from Czech republic.

Wish Media says:

can I connect this mic with shure motive audio interface to iPhone thanks

Eric F says:

this was thorough as fuck says:

Do you know if the artesia a22xt is good enough to power this mic?

Marco Giampa says:

does this need an interface if recording electric guitar amp?

NW says:

It does come with a thread adapter. And a sticker. ;-p

The sm57, a55m and a2ws is my mic setup now. I’d only change it for an sm7b. I tried the a81ws, but it muffled my voice too much. The 57 and 58 are my favorite mics.

Thanks for reviewing!

Geek Therapy Radio Podcast says:

Desert island mic. For sure. If I could only have one mic forever, it’s the 57. Not a U87. Not an RE20. Not a $50,000 vintage tube condenser. Just the 57.

You can make the 57 work on absolutely everything, give or take some post processing.

While it is industry standard for snares, guitar cabs, etc, you can mic the entire session exclusively with 57s and mix an amazing sounding album. Vocals, string instruments, acoustic guitars, everything.

It’s not the BEST at any one thing, but it’s great on everything.

Nathan Lewis says:

I think you’ve convinced me to go full Whitehouse for my podcast recording. Would you recommend any other dynamic mics to check out for under $130 (since the wind screen is another $30)? Thanks for all the review videos! I’ve loved them and payed close attention as I gear up to launch.

Peter Shih says:

but lets be clear youre not recording with the shure sm57 directly to youtube.. you are connecting shure sm57 xlr to 1/8 input mic on a camera right? and record audio and video from there and then after that you transport it to focusrite to edit , am I right?

tec says:

Ya dope

Keith Smith says:

Finally….good man….good demo !!!

Random Videos says:

Hi in White House, two mics were used together. Question is how did they connect both mics, series or parallel. These mics are good when used at some distance to avoid proximity effect so at that distance two mics can be easily used for vocal recordings. What happens if mics are connected in series, would it increase gain?

Luccas Schmigel says:

I have a SM57 and a uphoria UM2; I record with 100% gain and the volume recorded is just so, so , so low that barely can hear my voice with headphones!
Anyone please now what I need to do? I just want a setup for voice record with minimun noise and background.
Should I use another preamp? Or the problem is the mic?


I wish Guitar reviews were this thorough, concise, and quick. Holy cow, you earned a sub.

RoyalMobb says:

I just ordered this mic, thank god I did

Alysa Fajard says:

isn’t shure sm57 a condenser mic?

Weston Simmons says:

Great video man

Antonio de Jesús López Alarcón says:

I can’t manage the guitar sounds cool through the SM57 and a UMD404HD Behringer, am I missing something? I record on Audacity.

SM&B Productions says:

This mic was used to make complete full albums… and those albums are priceless recordings.

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