Sennheiser E835 Dynamic XLR Microphone Review / Test

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Victor Bart - RETRO Machines says:

I just bought 2 for 40 euro each 😀

Fairsplit Divorce & Separation Financial Solutions says:

Thank you for the video. I got the set with this mic in lieu of clip-on mic with transmitter hoping I can record two people talking if I put it 2 feet away between the two. Can it at all do that? If so, what settings should I use to pick up the sound from one or two feet away?

Ephruz says:

What are your volume settings on your computer? With my volume at 85% and gain at ~55-60%, I’m hearing some hissing. Also tried 60% with gain at around 70-75%, same thing. I’m not sure if it’s my mixer. (Pyle PAD20MXU)


Is there no such thing as a decent Omni directional or bi-directional microphone that picks up good audio from 24 inches away under $200?

Michael Chmiel says:

I’ve been using a pair of these in live settings for years. I appreciate the tight pattern when it comes to rooms with terrible acoustics or loud stages. I always warn singers that they can’t get too far off axis. Great mics.

BCB says:

would this work really well with xenyx 302usb? btw great work man
i hope u will make a video with Sennheiser E835 Dynamic XLR Microphone and behringer 302usb if possible even with Alesis MultiMix 4 USB Four-Channel USB Mixer 🙂

News Update 4U says:

irig mic studio

Oliver Hoffmann says:

Yes, the mic requires close proximity and plenty of gain (I use the Scarlett 2i2), but it’s great for vocal recording in a non-studio environment, whether or not there are other audio sources in the room. Biggest challenge is pop/sybillance— I get best results with the mic slightly off-axis and no pop filter

hadoenoughful says:

Pops bad…eeew

Wassilis says:

Best E835 Review!

Tasty Loot Gaming says:

I actually got a couple of these after watching this video, so thanks! I use two of these for my weekly podcast and they sound great, especially for the price. The cut off for background sound is great! Love what you do on this channel.

California DreamCast says:

Our mics of choice.

IZylusI says:

Was there any post processing or was the vocals raw audio? Interested in replacing my USB AT2020 cause it picks up way too much and I don’t like it

Pointless Channel says:

Will this work plugged straight into the motherboard of a Windows 10 pc. If it doesn’t what cheap power supplies would you recommend?

Stuart Black says:

Nice review!

Dom Brown says:

This or the Beta 58a… Decisions decisions… I like them both!

Skin Splash says:

Love the blink 182

12799MaDeuce says:

wow, the off-axis rejection is great! very helpful, I’m debating this vs sm58.

Michael Alvillar says:

Greatest and most helpful/efficient review I’ve ever seen. THANK YOU.

Kazim Raza says:

This or Shure Sm58 ? for a live performance I’m a pop singer

Jacqueline Waters says:

Sennheiser E835 or AT2035?

conkerbunker says:

Bought this mic yesterday at B&H Electronics and its worth the money. Thanks for the review.

a b says:

tbone sc400

Ivan Lopez says:

Awesome video!

I am a Podcastage subscriber from the Philippines.

Ufortunately, genuine microphones are hard to come by in my country(Original ones cost ATLEAST twice as much as in the U.S.)

Please review the Samson CS mic aswell as the Sennheiser e845 S.

Thanks and More Power!!

BeigeBoy says:

gotta love the blink cover, aliens do exist
great mic

DarkPa1adin says:

Is this gain hungry?

Alice Lee says:

Hi, can I just plug this straight into my PA? I’m not up to date on equipment etc…what was that you plugged the mic into and why…is it necessary? Thanks so much!

Vinh Trinh says:

Mình muốn mua alo cho mình 0963227202

Matthew Knight says:

Video sold me this microphone why pay $300 for a Heil PR-40 when this microphone is just as good. I sold my old audio equipment just placed an order for this microphone and a Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX Mixer I already have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 but the Mixer has a built in audio interface. Curious what camera your using looks really clear.


good illustration about microfonvergleich Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid.
thanks a lot PODCASTAGE

Sarat Bhattacharya says:

Can I use it for song recording purpose in my home studio?

Tordolon says:

Hello Podcastage, i want to buy the Sennheiser E835. But I need to buy an audio interface too. Which one do u think is the better one for gaming, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen or the Zoom U-22?

Jordan Bitz says:

I’ve been slowly phasing out my EV RE27N/Ds in favor of these mics for my on-air studios. It’s got a nice depth, natural top end and a warm, encouraging bottom end that gives me just the sound I’m looking for at a very reasonable price point.

Debargha Biswas says:

can anyone plz tell plz its urgent.. I need an instrumental mic so have to buy a dynamic mic and thinking of this one so will it be damage if I connect it to a phantom power plz respond

Fobical says:

Samson go mic

Glass Wizzard says:

What’s this like compared to an AT2020?

Epic One says:

Hey im so confused, ive bought about 300$ worth of sound equipment JUST to get a decent streaming mic and cannot get this mic to work without me screaming into it, less than 0.5inch away. Ive read sites told me to buy phantom power for this specific mic now you say not to- What the actual crap do i need to get this pain in the ass working?

Chasing Dreams Studio says:

can you do the SENNHEISER E945 AND how can you tell if its fake or not

Manoj Chhabra says:

Hello Bro,
First of all great work ur doing. I need one help , i want a mic for vocal (singing) purpose in home but confused in 2 mics sennheiser e 835 s and samson c01 or c03 mic. personally i like c01 but one of my friend told me that it will record all background noise . plz suggest me a gud mic for crisp quality vocal with less background noise.


Larry Hinze says:

Pop Pop Pop Pop

DAXER. BREH. says:

this video is almost a year old… damn…

Joarder Anik says:

Hello. Actually, I don’t have enough money to buy audio interface. But want to buy E835. Then what can I do..?.. Can I directly use this dynamic microfone to my laptop or mobile. Is there any difference in sound quality..?…

Rahul N says:

how is the performance outdoors while doing interviews on street?

DarkPa1adin says:

plosive too sensitive already.

Hiten KAFI says:

i should by this or sm58 ? which one is better?

voice check says:

It’s built for live stage vocals

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