Sennheiser E609 Silver Microphone Review / Test

Today I review Sennheiser E609. This is an alternative to the SM57 as an instrument mic for home studio or live audio situations. I have to say this microphone blew me away on the electric guitar, it has tight lows and a nice open high end that provides an accurate representation of your amp.

Buy the Sennheiser E609

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00:00 – Intro / Price
00:27 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:45 – What’s in the Box
01:00 – Build Quality
01:31 – Specifications
01:45 – Polar Pattern Test
01:55 – Background Noise Test
02:03 – Distance Test
02:16 – Music Test
02:50 – Pros & Cons
04:09 – Recommendation / Conclusion
04:40 – Outro

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Open Minded Hassan-OMH says:

first bro

Mickxal says:

Can you add the Electro Voice ND76 to the poll please ?

Michel Vrancken says:

Hey! First day visiting your channel… But what about receivers and amps? I see the real profs having a Focusrite audiointerface, but what does the difference make?

Daniel Fořt says:

Not first, noob

Danny H says:

e609 or sm57 for clean/ slight overdriven guitar?

Rhice says:

What’s up podcastage!

Matthias Krause says:

I haven’t tried this mic personally, but this seems to be a great PODCASTING mic. It sounds smoother than the SM57 (which I think is a good podcasting mic for the price), plus it is a side address mic – which comes in very handy if you are sitting in front of a computer screen and don’t have the space to put a front address mic with an attached cable between you and the screen. I was surprised to not notice any annoying pops. Also, the supercardioid pattern can be an advantage for podcasters.

Emil says:

WOW! Another Microphone Again…? Bandrew! 🙂

Mickxal says:

I have a Behringer XM8500 what mic should I upgrade to below 120$?

GoodeisSXE says:


Jermaine Long says:

It’s a go to guitar (etc.) tracking mic for a reason – it does the job very well!

chris rice says:

What would be the best mic to record trumpet instrumental work

Sl0ba Zl0ba says:

WHAT? No sticker? shame on you Sennheiser.

Mic Mule says:

can you do a bit of a tutorial on peaking because i feel like my mic peeks over things that it shouldnt is it the mic or the interface or am i just being loud

Paul Aulridge Jr says:

I use the e609 every weekend, and have done so for two years or so. Your concern about the build quality can be laid to rest. They hold up. They also sound rather fantastic for their intended application: guitars and bass cabs.

Rybi Jenkins says:


Sorry about being loud in your panel I was so excited.

Larry Russell says:

Your songs are great, dont fret!

spam says:

ᕼEY ᑕᗩᑎ YOᑌ ᖇEᐯIEᗯ TᕼE ᗩOKEO ᗩK-70

La novedad Al momento says:

sounds pretty weird on voice, like the mic trying to catch all the sound in the room even your voice.

Caleb Foster says:

Phenomenal review.

G-ray-V says:

666 views and the video was posted 6 hours ago


You called me a dope, Demonetized! No soup for you! (Seinfeld)

David Ploss says:

I’m amazed it took you this long to try this one lol

Usama Alshughry says:

How about a versus? SM57 and E609?

Voldaren says:

I’ve used these quite a lot in a live situation and I’ve always found the 609 to be almost aggressively clean, which is great for clean guitar playing but just dreadful for any kind of distortion or overdrive. That being said, if you can afford to, it’s well worth going to an e906 which is the step up from this one. Much better sound and a bit more durable.

USS Forbes says:

Doobilydoo is better.

solihinX says:

May I know why does this mic isn’t suggested for vox? The vocal seems okay

Sapele Steve says:

You never mentioned how you thought it worked with the Acoustic guitar? Since that’s all that I would use it for, I feel that your review was incomplete…..

Danny H says:

Which one should i get? I am thinking of either sm57 or e609. I currently have behringer xm8500 and umc22. I am going to use it for clean/slight overdriven guitar tube amp. Which one do you guys think?

Петр Звучевский says:

Can you will do rewie about AKG D5C very need please thank you

The Story Continues says:

over used mic.

Zachary Kelley says:

I got this for micing my guitar, have had it for years, and I love it. It sounds great and I don’t need a stand. So useful

gabguitar says:

awesome review man! I have a question is there any way to hook up the mic to a smart phone and record a video using it?

Snibelsnarf says:

Thanks for the great review, was just about to ask for you to do this!

Christoffer Nelson says:

The SM57 is beyond the most overrated and over used mic.
The E609 is great, despite its need for high SPLs.
I used my E609s everyday for two years, from studio to stage, and they were ROCK SOLID. And yes – they are incredibly light.
Not good for vocals, but excellent on guitar cabs and horns, and even strings. Probably even good for tight miking toms and snares, but I don’t tight mic drums. It’s a fave of mine and I highly recommend it as a ‘budget’ instrument mic.
I personally think the 57 and 58 are best used as butt plugs. Cheers 🙂

Shriya Anupam says:

Hey! Love your reviews.. Too good.. I have a question.. Please help if you can.. I record my songs on an app named Smule.. My voice has a thin texture and sounds quite kiddish.. Can you suggest a dynamic microphone that can make me sound better? What do you suggest Behringer Xm8500 or AKG D5? Or any other microphone? And will these mics work with my Tascam IXZ interface? Please suggest if you can.. Thanks! Waiting for a response!

Simone Barbella says:

Hey man what”s the best beetween a t.bone SC 450 and Behringer C1? My audio interface is a Behringer UMC22

Andrew M. Sheppard says:

So, here’s a only tangentially related thought re: SM57. Does the SM57+A2WS+A55M provide enough weight on the Rode PSA1 to keep its positioning? I’m shopping for a condenser but I’m still _really_ looking to replace my ART D7… which is strapped to the mic arm. Do you think that SM57 setup will work out?

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