Samson R10S Dynamic Vocal Microphone Review / Test

Today I review a budget dynamic microphone that was designed for Karaoke, the Samson R10s. This thing costs under $20, and terminates into a 3.5mm jack. Unfortunately it is extremely quiet, has a very high self noise, and suffers from excessive handling noise and cable noise.

Buy the Samson R10s

Buy the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:25 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:40 – What’s in the Box
00:55 – Build Quality
01:23 – Specifications
01:38 – Handling Noise Test
01:46 – Polar Pattern Test
01:56 – Background Noise Test
02:04 – Pop Filter Test
02:10 – Distance Test
02:16 – Windows 10 3.5mm Mic Input Test
02:31 – Music Test
02:51 – Pros & Cons
03:23 – Recommendation
04:15 – Outro

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geegee says:

Hi Podcastage! I am so splittet between the Shure SM58 and SM57 with a windscreen. Price here is irrelevant. I understand that they both have the same capsule, but which blocks out unwanted noise the best, for example keyboard typing? And which one have the loudest self-noise or noise floor? I am intending to use the microphone for gaming, twitch and skype in a room with no soundproofing. Hope you can help a distressed soul out

JustinCage says:


TheEditorByAndro says:

Canta horrible

obvious_humor says:

I was about to recommend the Behringer XM8500 before you pulled it out yourself 😛 That thing is the quintessential $20 mic.

Desi Guy says:

And also the pylepdmic58 is 13-16 dollars. So you can get better audio for a cheaper price.

Adonis Taxi says:

Can you try the T.bone GM 55 USB ?

Electronics For Fun says:


shivam singh says:

Sir Suggest me an usb output interface which work for both xlr and 3.5mm input.

Pavle Jankovic says:

Is rode podcast a good microphone?

Vishal Adhikary says:

Can you please review LEWITT LCT 240pro and LEWITT LCT 440pure ?

MDisCrazY says:

Just a question bro… I m a streamer. should I buy condenser or dynamic?

David Ploss says:

Don’t worry, I got you Bandrew. FUCK THIS MIC!

Rayne CoZZo says:

Hey man 🙂 I love your work and I would like to see a review or at least your opinion on somic m12 or senic sm091 🙂 the

Desi Guy says:

At least it didn’t come with a sticker

Andrew M. Sheppard says:

(3:32) … & ze slow descent into madness hastens. I caught your last BSP ep, BTW. #KeepUpTheInsaneWerk
(00:30) It’s really that bad it needs the full pre, huh? No wonder the first words out of yer mouth were drowned out by _hhhiiiiisssssss._ #NotEvenTrolling


YouTubers don’t deserve this high-quality mic. They need something worth half the price like the ARCHEER Podcast Recording Microphone with Stand Professional Condenser Studio Broadcasting Microphone which comes with a stand and if you have a coupon code can get it for about $5. Oh wait, that $4 more than a typical YouTuber has. You have to work about a year on YouTube for that kind of AdSense money. But hey it will be worth the struggle.

Vishal Adhikary says:

Can you please review Sennheiser XS1 dynamic microphone ?

Donny putra says:

Still better than rode podcaster xd..

Mike Page says:

I got another Real World test for you: phone chatter pickup.

The worst thing about cheap junk like this is when your friends / parents / church buy one then expect you to fix the problems with it.

South Coast Detecting says:

Yep this is awful, buy it for the kids to play with.

coatrack says:

that sounds really good for 20 dollars

dejaviewmaster says:

But Bandrew, it’s so cheap! How can you be so mean and oh so overly critical of this microphone?!?!

Al's Gaming says:


TheTicskitShow says:

I was never a fan of dynamic mics… I just don’t feel comfortable with them

dimllc says:

Who u call’n a microphone snowflake?? I’m an abominable microphone Yeti!

Nathan Brewer says:

How about a review of the Marantz Pro Turret setup….

Tim Olson says:

microphone snowflakes…

ATM 3105 says:

Lol the behringer XM8500 is ~1 dollar more than this and the xm8500 is made of solid metal, and its very durable and sounds way better

Peelo Plaza says:

The Q7 sounds better

Beluga Studios says:

Soo overly critical!!!!

czdaniel1 says:

Oh, God! That’s a Samson?!?! Can’t believe it! They usually sound so good! At $20, the Boya By-M1 Lav mic sounded better through the Scarlett Solo in that review you did posted here

Yadiel Mercedes says:

Hey, I need a mic that that would be good for recording Trumpet, Sax, Drums, and a 16 year old male voice, I have a budget of around $40+ dollars, Use GarageBand and/or my synthesizer and prefer XLR, whats my best option?

Guy Serle says:

I want to replace my PR40 for this Mic! I also want grape jelly put into lamb stew for no reason other than that’s a crazy decision!

Heather says:

The dang box!

The comparison to a similar priced mic was Great! Thank you!

Dhanul says:

Hi Bandrew. Can you please review the RODE PSA1?

Tobbelobben says:

Going to start streaming, and I wanted to get your opinion on whether the razer seiren x is better than the blue snowball?

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