Samson Q2u USB/XLR Microphone Review / Test

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Ghastxm says:

Is this mic better than the Samson meteor for singing?

Final Beta says:

Hey man, can you please recommend the best budget dynamic mic for acoustic guitar recording?

أُذُني تقرأُ says:

Hi I am recording audio books .. which one is best .. this one or ATR2100 ?
notice / I will use usb first and in the future i will buy interface . please advice me beacouse I will decide after your advice

shashemption says:

ATR 2100 vs AT2005

VoodooFPS says:

Would you recommend this microphone for streaming over the samson meteor mic? I’ve got kids in the house that can be loud at times and a busy street just 50meteres away from me.

Jordan Rage says:

This kind of makes my ears uncomfortable, don’t know why.

Neo Knight says:

Is there a mic that has come out by this time that has become a better/ just as economic option?

Son of Tamriel says:

The one on Amazon in Canada doesn’t come with the headphones in case anyone was wondering.

Aleos Oricos says:

What is a great shock mount I can pair with this microphone?

Ghoulifyed says:

Hey Podcastage, I just got a Samson Q2U mic and I’m having issues with it picking up my voice when I try speaking. Although when I go on OBS to check the mic it picks it up but very low, I clap my hands right on it and it’ll barely pick it up. Apparently this is a bug that windows 10 has on usb mics. Can anyone in here be kind enough to help me? 🙁

Nicole Farquharson says:

Gonna buy this mic. Thanks podcastage.

SamuraiBeaver says:

Hey, Bandrew or anyone who has this mic if you could help that’d be great. I got this mic recently and so far i like it a lot. However, one small problem, everytime i Restart my PC. The mic will not detect my voice and have awful static feedback playing through instead, unless i unplug and replug the cable. (using USB BTW) I will end up getting an interface of some sort soon, after doing some research and finding the budget to do so. But, does anyone have any idea why this static issue is happening and how i can solve it?

brotpilot says:

Do I need an adaptor for my microphone arm?

czdaniel1 says:

@ 4:23 — Assassin’s Creed: a Love Song

19ACE93 says:

This video sealed the deal and my Q2u is on its way! I can’t thank you enough for making such comprehensive videos, they’ve helped a ton.

Tester Of Sound says:

50-15 which number is the high the first?

Vong Yang says:

I just bought this mic. But I have a quick question: does the light turn on when the xlr cable is connected?

Albert Qvicklund says:

does it work as a mic to a ps4?

sum moner says:

Would you buy the Q2U or the BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UM2 + Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 for just gaming/VOIP?

Jan baghdisar says:

Who best to singing q2u vs atr2100???

Unimagi Studio says:

is it possible to connect to iphone?

Mavi Games says:

Hello guys, I bought the Samson c03 microphone, studio, NOT usb, will this cable work for me to connect it to a notebook? :(regards

Robert W Livings says:

Great mic for the price. Very poppy so a pop filter over a windsock helps there, but otherwise, no complaints! Dual recording so you have a safety back-up is niiiice.

.::Wonder::. says:

this mic is pretty much pointless it costs about 75€ in Eu… on win10 if you use it with usb(that’s the main point of this mic being worth compared to other xlr counterpart) u have to unplug and replug it every time u restart your pc. At this point just need an audio interface for use it… like a umc22 making it not worth the money.. Just get a sennheiser e835 or a shure sm58 at 100€ and add an interface like the umc404hd that’s arround 80€ and u have a 24bit setup instead… by far better .

RealKiddProductions says:

One of the best mics I’ve ever had is the Q2U

damandbass says:

Love this mic.

Zoster says:

hey, thanks for the review! would you recommend it for music vocals as well? Is there a difference between this one and the 2017 version?

Stanley T says:

i just bought this microphone after watching many of your reviews! thanks for the great work! for that price, the mic is amazing!

TheScottSpot says:

For podcasting/Lets Play purposes, would it work to to have two or more people using the same mic, or is it really only meant for one? If not, could you please recommend a mic that would work well for both one person and multiple people? Thank you!

UNITED says:


So for only $50

It comes with a mic, an XLR cable, and headphones?

When I got the AT2020 (XLR version) It didn’t even come with a cable lmao

Karrie Porter Bond says:

@podcastage – Need your help! I have two Q2U’s plugged into a brand new Audio2000s USB mixer.

When I record in Garage Band with the mics plugged into the USB, there is no issue. I record, I play back, it sounds great.

But when I plug the mics in with their XLR cables and try to record again, the audio is so low I can’t hardly hear it.

Gain on both was about 75% of the dial turned to the right. (So about 2 o’clock).

Levels in both was about the same

Slider was over the “unity rectangles”?

The mics are turned on, the mixer is on, the USB is plugged in, the System Preferences are set to the input and output as the USB Mixer.

Someone asked if I have Phantom Power on, but I thought dynamic mics didn’t need it? Should I try that?

Frank Felker says:

Great, thorough review. Thanks for that! One question: What about the plosives? In your review and another one I watched for this mic, the amount of p-popping was significant. Considering the cardioid pattern, could you place it to the side of your mouth, get the same sound but with fewer plosive issues?

gojiraforbreakfast says:

I started with a snowball ice I picked up for $15 used. I’m now using this mic. It is great for streaming video games. I didn’t get headphones with my kit but that’s ok. Still worth the $30 I invested.

I really enjoy your YouTube page. My 1st two mics were all because of you. Thanks buddy! Been telling my friends about your channel too.

SeTh lYonS says:

does it need a good sound card?

polodev says:

Bro You are the best

Slaizen I Nezials - Vlog says:

Not seam to cancel backgrounds sound enough… 🙁

MeTuLHeD says:

We use Samson Q7x mics in our band. They are honestly the best dynamic vocal mics I’ve ever worked with for live use. Very flat unhyped response…even close up. And incredible gain before feedback.

Friendly Zhark says:

4 *FEET*

MAX Well says:

Do I need to buy anything extra to use this with the newwer boom arm?

Javier Fernandez says:

Would this one work for miking an Amp? I want to know if I can use it for miking my Fender Hotrod Deluxe iii amp into a USB Novation Audiohub 4×2

CaliforniaLuv84 says:

i just got this mic and for the life of me i can’t figure out how to get rid of the annoying white noise or whatever it’s called. any tips? i would really appreciate it as i am starting a podcast this coming thursday. :/

latem777 says:

Hands down the best mic reviewer on youtube! bought one from your amazon link to say thanks 🙂

Michael says:

Is it just me or does it sound worse when going through your interface? I hope that’s not the case because I bought one to go through mines.

Mods U says:

I thought it sounded great on electric guitar, try using a cell phone to record audio from electric guitar, lol

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