Samson Meteorite USB Microphone Review / Test

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MasterOfBlades says:

I like the other lens better sorry

SquishGaming04 says:

Yes Beautiful!!!

Nik Aizad says:

i like this lens for videos

Wille Starå says:

What is the best condenser microphone under 300$


Quality of this microphone is terrible. So uncormfotable for recording videos & streaming.

Leo Guzmán says:

this or neewer -700?

MrZiffos says:

Did I see that you had the Mic connected to a USB Hub?

LordJabaJaba says:

Too bad the meteor is almost double the price, and not even close to being $10 more.

Aerialogy says:

the whole video sounds captured from the samson?

epicstacker413 says:

You should review the Blue Nessie next!

Perry Pelican says:

I do not get why made of metal means better build quality. I have dropped my meteorite many times and it never even cracked. If it was metal, it would be dented like crazy. Some plastics are strong like crazy. Kevlar, for example. Also the meterite picks up sound from everywhere because it is supposed to be sensitive. What about clarity? It’s meant to be on a table. That’s the way it was designed. You shouldn’t evaluate it for what it was not designed for. Would you test a table cloth as a parachute? Sorry that was ridiculous analogy, but I couldn’t think of a quick witty example. I think it’s an excellent mic for what it is. It’s really solid and clear. I suggest to try it with an iphone or ipad and for recording voice, spoken or singing. Thanks for your evaluation. I appreciate it, whether I agree or not. It woukd be boring if everyone agreed with everyone else.

adam Ricecracker says:

Samson Meteorite 28€
Samson Meteor 58€
hmmm what should i take 😀 i only use it for skype and Teamspeak. At the Moment im using my Headphone Mic but its not that good it makes noises like wind.
would oyu still recommend the Meteorite or the Meteor for me ? considering the prices that i wrote down.

prashanth mittapelli says:

I brought this one it taking much noise around. Is there any way to settle it??

Anne Raz says:

If you guys are wondering what does Samson Meteorite sounds like in a recording, you can check this link: that’s my latest cover, I’m the girl singing their and I am using Samson Meteorite. If you still want to hear more sounds from that microphone, you can check these covers:

I’m not doing this to promote my covers, I just want to share to you guys what does it sounds like while singing or in a recording.

Ps: Thank you for that great review! Been looking for this review two years from now because, I really don’t have any idea what does it sounds like.

Perry Pelican says:

It works amazingly well with an iPad.

Jay_117 says:

Can this work well with a PS4?

ポコ &とっぷ says:

Can this be used with ps4?

PaladinPL says:

Samson go mic vs Samson meteorite Whic one is better

Fatman - Daily Fortnite Videos says:

I bought it but it picks up too much sound from laptop fan? helps

Ahmed Alshamy says:

What software did you record with? and did you edit anything?

Kaan Akman says:

Hi my friend i want to 1 mic review pls can you look razer seiren pls ?

IZZ says:

I like it

PaladinPL says:

This microphone nice for youtube?

Riffs N Rush says:

New lence is good…..and yes keep posting such useful content for us ….it’s always useful for me….thanks bendrew

PokéJordan says:

Sweet cure cover

Nightl00ky says:

nice man

SquishGaming04 says:

can you review the eBerry home studio USB mic?

BuryMeHere says:

So a tiny ass snowball?

Joseph V. says:

Can you mount it

Hellotoabrandnewstart says:

samson go mic vs meteorite pls!

imhip510 says:

How long is usb cable?

33miils says:

Can u plug it in pc?

MasterOfBlades says:

Haha lol worst mic ever

ghxsty1 says:

Uh actually, ur name is Ed Helms

mlecznik says:

27$ worth ?

Earthy Vitawin says:

My country this meteorite is cheaper than go mic about 12$ and they give me discount too. Should i buy this?

Stuart Black says:

Nice review. I agree that people should just bypass this one and go for either the Meteor or Yeti, which are both gradual step ups. The Yeti is probably the best USB mic on the market at the moment, although I really was surprised at how good the sound is coming from the Meteor.

JayTeeGameZ says:

The lenz is alright btw your my favorite youtuber

RadicalAppleSauce says:

i have a metorite and it works great

Woendi says:

can you do a review of one of the Røde Microphones? preferebly the Røde Procaster

Dowon says:

I’m looking around for a microphone just for gaming and to not sound like trash in other people’s videos via skype or the like. I’m deciding on the Meteor or the snowball Ice. Do you have any advice for me? Also thank you for the videos, they are very insightful.

ZJoe says:

Samson Meteorite OR NOVOX NC-1 ?? If price will be same

BeastMode says:

i spent 25 on it is that a good deal?

The Transplant Helper says:

I like it this video looked really good

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