Samson C01 Condenser Microphone Review / Test

Today I review the Samson C01 XLR Condenser Microphone. This thing costs around $75 so it has quite a bit of competition, and is not the best mic in this price range. It lacks a little bit in the lower frequencies, has an almost nasally tone to it, and is somewhat sibilant. On top of that, it has some self noise issues. I am not the biggest fan of this microphone, and I think you can find a better option in this price range.

Buy the Samson C01

Buy the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:23 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:37 – What’s in the Box
00:54 – Build Quality
01:12 – Specifications
01:28 – Polar Pattern Test
01:46 – Background Noise Test
01:54 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test / Windscreen Test
02:10 – Music Test
02:33 – Pros & Cons
03:13 – Overall thoughts
03:34 – Conclusion / Recommendation
03:56 – Outro

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Semaj Ivy says:

Hey can you do a test video for a alesis io2 USB interface?

Fábio Bertelli says:

Please, which is the best budget microphone for you? (under $100)
I watched almost all your videos, but Im super confused.



my package from nude celebs for free came in the mail!!! Jk, nice review.

PileOfEmptyTapes says:

Now to be fair, the C01 is a veteran at this point – it has been available since 2001, making it one of the earliest Chinese-made condensers to hit the market (and in fact I have difficulty finding any over here, so who knows whether it is even still in production). In its day it would have been dead cheap for a condenser and one of the few options in this price range, while in today’s far more crowded market the electronics are definitely showing their age.

Oso Wallman says:

Is there adapters for usb mics to use an interface to enable several mics at once for interviews using my Mac laptop. I tried using the built in midi in my mac but didn’t work.

Mag. says:

$73? Holy hell, man. It was $40 when I bought it less than a year ago.

David Ploss says:

The only use case for this mic is simply to experiment with hypercardioid capsules… Even then I can’t justify the price for anyone. Especially when a three pack of behringer hypercardioid handheld dynamic mics can be had for 35 dollars. Cheers Bandrew.

Ty Curtis says:

I have that mic. I also have a MikTek CV4. I like to run my mics through an Avalon 737, which is a pricy, little channel strip. And when running the CO1 through an Avalon, it really sounds pretty nice. As you showed in the video, it does have a rather small “sweet spot” for singing. But when you sing at an angle to the diaphragm, and get the distance right … I think it has a very very cool sound. It can be noisy if you just talking, and as you demonstrated, remained silent and tried to hear the noise, but with any instruments playing you would never hear it. I guess what I like most about the mic is its soft presence. It can cut through the mix, and it can be harsh if you have other “weak” links in the signal path. I liked it so much I bought a couple of them. So for the price I think it’s a good buy. Here is tune I recorded using just the CO1, the interface was a MOTU 828 mkII . … did a whole album with it… just sayin…

Jay Tee Gamez says:

sub to podcastage because he has to sync all those mics to the video

Tenferenzu says:

Finally! I’ve been using this mic for about a year now and for the 44€ I paid for it it is hard to beat.
For all the people in europe, check out Thomann, there you can get this exact mic for 44€ instead of 80€ on Amazon..

Gaurav Agrawal says:

Hey bandrew
What’s about a review on Behringer b-2 pro or Akg p420

ilham dwi says:

good review man 🙂

Firmbie says:

I can certainly see you point but for a sub 100$ i didnt think it sounds to bad,for my ears at least.

Danielsworlds says:

Yeah I prefer the mpm 2000u over this

John Jackson says:

This thing sounds pretty bad IMO, it’s really harsh and peaky on your voice and it was painful to listen to when you were reading the specs. It actually sounds better off axis, though I don’t like the proximity effect on axis either. It’s also another small diaphragm in a large diaphragm body like a lot of the MXL mics.

What other mics would you recommend at this price point? I’m not in the market for any more sub $100 mics but I think it could be helpful to people watching.

I do like the MXL V67G still (though I no longer own it), it’s pretty balanced sounding but it’s not completely smooth either, though probably still pretty usable. Something to keep in mind is that when it came out it was $279 or so (and from early reviews I’ve seen was great at that price too), while the C01 seems to have been originally priced at $100. Pointing out the prices because they were both released pretty close to eachother I think.

I know you can find the Behringer C1 in this price range but I don’t know how much better that is. AT2020 can be found at $30 more, or probably the same used but I’m honestly not a fan of anything Audio Technica below the 4040 (4033 doesn’t sound terrible either).

Would you say the C01 is any worse than the MXL 2001? Or is it better? The MCA SP1 mic which is basically just a rebranded 2001 can sometimes be found for $40 on Amazon.

felipebarco says:

I’ve been following your channel for some time. It became a go to place in order to check new mic options…

Searched for Podcastage Samson C01… It was posted 3 hours ago. Awesome!

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

nafnaf2 says:

2lbs = 30kg lol that box must be heavy 🙂

Edgar Price says:

I actually use this microphone for recording my vocals in music… doesn’t have the best quality but it gets the job done

demofactory says:

I’m glad you did this review. Very surprised at the results for this mic. I honestly was expecting a lot better results. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us informed Podcastage!!!

Lazy Mitchell says:

I’m actually pretty blown away by the sound quality of this microphone for $73

the wombat says says:

I love this mic. I use it for live streaming through the Focusrite solo. I picked it up about 6 or 7 years ago used for like $30.00


Please, do a review comparing with Samsom C01U Pro

TheRealJimmy says:

I’ve been using this mic since last year and for some reason this is the best mic I’ve ever heard. (And I bought a loooot and more expensives ones than that one.)

BigBossJones says:

Can u do a versus video if the CAD GXL2400 USB Microphone and blue snowball? I want to buy one but idk which one.

ThekidEdwin says:

what does boosted in post mean ? i always hear you say it and to check the description soo confused lol

Ty Curtis says:

Personally, I find my (way more expensive) AKG 414 to be harsher and more sterile than the C01.

Amashikha Dutta says:

Not good at all…

Satwik Singh says:

Is this better than behringer c1?

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