Rode NT1a Microphone Review –

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Sandun Athulathmudali says:
Best microphone ever…!

Jon Neville says:

I always thought that Rode mics were made in Norway or Sweden, because of the line thru the ‘o’. I was very surprised to find out that the company is based in Sydney, about 7 kms from where I used to live!
Just proves that you don’t have to make everything in China to pull a profit.

Jump on Yaya says:

it might be kinda old one but for the first mic even in 2017 seems like a good choice

Netak Rap 2018 says:

I would start rap what do you think about the Shure pga27

evenios says:

IF and thats a BIG if i can convince this young woman at my church to let me record her redoing the vocals of a creative commons song mix stem set. i def think ill get this mic as i have the zoom h5 recorder but this would be a nice little set up 🙂 we shall see!

Harold Palmer says:

Where can I get my NT1A repaired. Used it yesterday, now no song?

Bhavya Records says:

I don’t have acoustic treatment or sound proofing. Should I buy this mic??

John McDaid says:

Dude, respect on the gospel and keep your faith strong in this noisy world! Thanks for your awesome videos and may God bless you!

Tim Solly says:

Would you say I made a mistake in buying the Samson CO1U? Planning to use it for my animation. Thanks man.

MrHamit64 says:

Yeah I totally agree. Pare this with even the $800 Sound Devices USB Pre2 and dam this mike sounds so epic. I’ve heard it and mind you in MP3 on a 744-T which is their $4000 recorder and I loved it. So I said to my self that when I can get the Olympus LS-100 which is Olympus’s pro recorder that has XLRs and stuff that is totally accessible because it talks. I said I’ll get a stereo matched pare of these things. Now I know you like most people do music recording with them, but do you think these would be good for outdoors ambience? I get the feeling they would be epic.

SaberSongs says:

I’m thinking about getting this mic for recording vocals. Would you recommend it?

snoopy nasosu says:

Hy, that xlr cable is good ?

MikePrime Beats says:

If your an artist looking for some honest feedback or any kind of advice post a Link to your music in the comment section on one of My Videos helps me and also helps you to 😉 peace

Janette Slack says:

Agreed. I’ve had my NT1a for about 10 years and it’s still my best mic.

christopher R says:

Need some help please I just brought the NT1-a and the Focusrite 18i/8 (second gen) is that a good setup? And what else do I need to get good vocals

Sanad Khalid says:

Hey I have a behringer studio monitors and focusrite 2i2 audio interface so do you think NT1-A is good to go with? Cuz I have MXL 990 and it sound so muffled and I have to scream to record my vocals so again do you think Rode is good to go with? I’ll be very thankful for your help and time.

djflipso says:

quick and somewhat random question where did you purchase your desk from?

Jonathan Damien says:

hello, could you tell me the title of the song that you sing in the demo please

Cindy Tjoa says:

Need to ask , if u shake ur mic nt1-a , do u hear some noise when u shake ur mic like a sound of couplers ??

Indie Music Minute says:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have recorded this video with the very microphone you were reviewing?

chris donnelly says:

Hi. Random question, but I’ll ask it anyway… about the Rode NT1a microphone. Can I ask, how do you power this? I have just purchased one, and have also bought a scarlett 2i2 focusrite pre amplifier, tried to connect it to my laptop, installed pro tools and ableton software and I can hear myself on the mic through my earphones but cannot seem to get it ready for recording (I want to beable to make audio Youtube recordings / video’s if possible. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong or need to do differently by any chance?Thanks, Chris

Louis Redford says:

Hey Graham. Love the video. Going to buy mine now. Enjoyed the worship at the end. Much peace and love in Christ

NoName says:

>going to review a microphone
>doesn’t use the microphone in the review

I just want ONE review where it isn’t someone isn’t singing or banging on a guitar.

Braulio Goncalves says:

Graham, I have the following question.

I have the M-Audio M-Track Quad, the NT1-A Rode with Shock Mount and Popshield which comes with the Rode XLR cable.

However the M-Track Quad only receives Balanced 1/4″ TRS Male to 3-Pin XLR Male Cable that connects to the NT1-A Rode mic.

So I bought an Female TRS adapter to connect the Standard Rode XLR cable, yet I am not able to record any sound using the mic.

Furthermore am using the FL Studio 12 do the recording.

Can you help out.

Best Regards

Salwa Music says:

Hello, can you please give us your opinion on the Rode NT-USB? And if there is any difference with the Rode NT1-a…
Thank you

Phil Martel says:

Love this mic!

marios ps says:

Hey, im a big fan! One question.. Do i need proper over ear headphones to record vocals or i can do my job with regular in ear? Im not planning to mix or something with headphones, just the singing part! thanks in advance

Trioptic3D says:

wow sounds good. frets and all. like you said very balanced

Troopa says:

Dude that song tho

Best Condenser Mics says:

Great review Graham! I bought the NT1A and now use it in my YouTube videos!

Espen Valestrand says:

I switch between nt1-a and nt1 kit. They are both good for different beats. They both are good and if you have the one you gotta have the other one.

ThinkBlue says:

You just made it abundantly clear which mic i am gonna get 😀

L'Quik Shrtz says:

Oh man i just accidentally ordered a matched pair of these mics on Amazon 🙁 hope they are great at least

Sabrina Sheriff says:

I bought this today and it’s amazing

T.I.N Mateus says:

The Rode NT1000 is the one to choose .a vit more expensive but the clarity and warmth are all there.Itsounds almot like a tube condenser.

Adam Gordon says:

I’ve been using EV RE320 but I think I’ll buy this one for my next recordings.

Norman Woods says:

Listened to “We Draw Near,” in order to hear a sample. Amazing quality recording, and a great tune. Thanks for the mic recommendation, as well as all of the useful recording knowledge. I’ve learned most of what I know about home recording from your channel.

GerKelly says:

What guitar was in the demo?

Salah Free says:

What do you think about focusrite 2i2 and tlm 103 mic ?

Undercover Rat Music says:

Hey, I use this mic in my recordings. Check them out – what do you think of them ?

henri crousteau says:

should i get this or the mxl 990?

doublemm06 says:

He said it best. It does what it does well. I have this mic and I have no issues with it. It does its job and for the price I can’t fault anything about it. Its simple and effective. Hook it up to a nice valve preamp and you have something that will push well above its weight.

David Williams says:

As some of you have picked up on already, the NT1 and NT1A are indeed different microphones. Rode’s nomenclature is confusing, as the NT1A came before the NT1, and because there have been several iterations of the series. The older ones sound more brittle and are significantly noisier, though no Rode mic could ever be described as “noisy” when compared to the rest of the market. In terms of the newest NT1 and NT1A, the NT1 is 0.5 dB quieter in its self-noise and a few mV/Pascal more sensitive. The NT1A is still quiet and sensitive enough for any decent-quality preamp (I’ve gotten useful results from the NT1A out of class B preamps, which is saying something). Though response curves are often smoothed for product literature, the NT1A has a slight presence boost, a bit of extra warmth, and what feels like a sloppier transient response to it. Think of it as flattering (vocals!), whereas the newer NT1 is more analytical (instruments!).

TLDR: Stick with the newest version of each microphone when you shop for them used.

August Knight says:

Just bought mine! Thanks!

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