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This is a game-changing mic that has been around for a few years. You may have already used it, but if you haven’t, you’ve definitely heard about it.

In this review we record some acoustic guitars and I sing badly into it (you know me!) The point is, this was a game changing mic. It was the first affordable large diaphragm, good sounding, microphone out there!

Although this is such a popular mic, I’ve never actually used one! Watch the video below to see my real-life first-time thoughts on this mic!

The manual says incredibly quiet cardioid condenser microphone and it’s pretty darn quiet, I’ll give you that! I’m not hearing any hiss or any noise or anything.

I love a lot of different microphones, but I can understand why this particular one has sold in bucket loads and why so many people talk about it! Many people have made great independent records using it! What a great mic! Bravo! Thank you RØDE!

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Ian says:

You said this about the Lewitt LCT 240 so I bought one. Also returned the first one due to loud ground noise from the cage. 2nd one is ok so far. Here is what it sounds like. I do everything by myself on protools 6.7 with the original Mbox and I write it while I’m recording it. Now that’s original.

Thunder Bolt says:

I would like to have one

Meep says:

Hiya warran, Did you have any affetcs on your mixer when recording with that mic please? And iv noted your mic placement, it’s just that mine doesn’t sound as clear as your road nt1 set up with guitar mic setup ( my guitar is a John lennon /Epiphone Ej 160E)

To record guitar and vocals i use an old tascam 2488 24 track MRK 1 with zero compression added,(i do use some compression on vocals) though it dooes record my vocals crystal clear, my mic is silver in colour and about 5 years old, maybe 4? err lol..

I did get a really clear guitar sound when i recorded a live song called the children of edan though, Road NT1 mic was placed head height,(im about 5/11) i was standing with my guitar strap on, and was using a soft bendy pic to strum, and i also had the guitar DI’d in and i placed that di’s guitar track on i think the left channel with some eq work added to it in sonar 8.1,

im not sure why it came out so well wih those specs? err? what imn trying t say is when i place my Road mic in a simalar mic placement that what you did here on ya lovely video, it just dont sound as clear as yours, it sounds washy..maybe its cause your using a really good mixer? Anyway, thank you warran, and if ya cant answer this, then that’s fine, i do realise there are many varables, but i thought id put it out there anyway, thank you, and you still tock, especialy that voice, gosh..its alive>>> lol kudos 🙂 ps, still working on creativity 🙂

FLOP Camaloupe says:

Literally just put the NT-1 on my “to buy when my paycheck comes in” list! How perfect of a review! Thanks Warren

Meep says:

Thats the 1st time i ever heard ya sing warran, oh my gosh, thats so nice (ya voice) clapppppppppppppppppppppps

Sergio Adrián Cormio says:

I’ve been used this microphone for years. Very useful on vocals, rooms, guitar cabs, acoustic guitars and bass cabs. Thanks Warren and cheers from Argentina.

Max Tenison says:

i have guitar rig player from native instruments. its good but i have a no good vst electric instrumet to make it sound good what you recommend for good electric guitar vst?????? and brother you are doing this marvelously well

Tim Flagstad says:

Have one. Awesome mic. Sold my TLM-103. Could not tell a difference between the two.

Robizthewizz1 says:

Thanks for this review, Warren. I’m trading my little Oktavas for another mic at the moment and I am seriously looking at the Rode NT1-A for recording my acoustics which I used a stereo pair of in ORTF configuration on a Takamine nylon string a few years ago and they were really, really great – so quiet and really detailed. Just out of interest what model is your Yamaha guitar? I use a Yamaha steel too for recording. I’ve entered your competition for the NT1. If I win the mic you’ll do me a great favour, lol, if not thanks for the review and I’ll likely buy the NT1 anyway after this review. Great video as usual 🙂 Rob

1900stratoliner says:

Ok, that’s it I’m getting a couple of them. Sounds good. Something about recording the air off a source makes it sound smoother.

Uri Gelman says:

Awesome guitar playing as usual Warren, thanx for the demo and giveaway

2550marshall says:

My prediction: another game-changing mic….the Telefunken M81 for guitar cabs.

Bani Grisson says:

That sounded amazing Warren! Anyone knows if the giveaway is only for the US? I guess it is, but is worth asking…

Shane H says:

This is a great vocal microphone. A note for those intending to buy. Rode make an NT1 and an NT1A. The difference is one comes with shock mounting bracket and popper stopper. So you get the same great microphone
I have used it on acoustic guitars with good results so if you had to buy just one for an affordable studio, this is a good get. As Warren has mentioned in previous videos though, a small condenser mic (with option for a low cut) is more useful for acoustics. Rode make an M3 small condenser microphone with low cut switch. I have compared the 2 together when recording acoustics and the M3 records better for acoustics but if you need an all rounder, get the NT1.

Reg Greetham says:

Really enjoyed the review, Warren. I personally think it’s one of the best microphones for the money. I’ve got the NT1A and NT1, plus you’re standard 414, etc. I recently borrowed a friends NT1 in addition to mine and used it for a spaced pair set up on a choir, and boy it did a fantastic job! I got a bit annoyed when everyone started going crazy about the Aston mic, as Rode have had this NT1 out for longer than the Aston and I think it’s equally as good, if not better. It deserves more credit. Would love to see more NT1 videos in the future. Maybe one where you pair it with a nice pre-amp for giggles. Do you think you’ll buy one to add to the collection?

P. M. F. says:

That was fun to watch! I use the Rode K2 & NTK (both Valve mics) and love them. Good job Warren!

Joely Barish says:

Warren, whoever transcribes your review goofed. I can’t imagine that RØDE would be too thrilled to have their name misspelled as “RØAD” after they’ve given you an NT-1 and one to be given away. BTW: I’ll take one for pointing out this gaffe to you 🙂

emmanuel Egbowon says:

i want it really

Talios Lintry says:

Awesome as always, Warren.
Thanks for sharing.

Asbin Tamang says:

awsome one.

Red Button TV1 says:

yup, that is a pristine rode sound, clean, balanced, recognizable.

and the demo ain’t bad either:)

Eric Gonzalez says:

Great sounding Mic! have never actually heard an NT1 before but heard much about them. Would love one!

Keith Lykens says:

El like-a-roonie?

AllAboutTheTruth says:

Hi Warren I dont think about buying more Rode Mics for some reasons I have two of Rode NT1-A’s but I have changed their capsules with RK-12 capsule because of their resonant mid and high frequency peaks specially in 4k to 8k area and I wond mention the 12k boost it was insanely +12db boost crazy! so I changed the capsule and after capsule change now they sound %98 same as my DIY C-12 that cost me $1500 with every highest component possible.But from what I heard new Rode NT1 is far less sibilant than Rode NT1-A

Holger Bleeker says:

The NT1 is awesome and much bettet than the more popular NT1A (which is the one that’s longer on the market… the one everybody talked about 😉

Chris Bishop says:

Glad your ears thought the same as mine. I bought several NT1’s. Very impressive for the price with near zero self noise. Perfect for audiophile recording of acoustic instruments, and pretty good on vocal and percussion too, paired with the M5.

Billy Blaze says:

I love Rode mics, I use one of their NTK mics.
I have had the NT1 before I bought the NTK…it was a great mic but super super sensitive and a touch bright for me, at the time I wasn’t able to get things quiet enough to use it without sound bleed into the mic. But now I have a better studio and may check into one again.

Daniel Albert says:

Greetings from Melbourne Australia! Absolutely amazing microphone!!! I have used it as drum overheads spaced pair with a Rode NTV as a mono in the middle. I wouldn’t use the NT1 in a loud live setting unless it’s a quiet stage of classical music. It’s too sensitive and high risk of feedback and bleeding. I now use two NT2’s as overheads mainly to give me a bit more control over the polarity, bass response and padding. Rode strives to give poorer musos and soundguys like me a shot at producing high quality recording! True game changer.

Jonny Reid says:

“Maybe I’ll sing badly into it, you know me!”

…. also gimme it.

danimal6669 says:

Hello Warren quick question what preamp would you recommend for this mic.. . That is not going to break the bank…. thanks…

Dill Pickle says:

You have never used the nt1 until today… I’m starting to question how professional you are.

Katie Ferrara says:

I have that one!

George Kay says:

I’ve used one of those at audio school despite having a U87 available because this just sounded a lot better for that particular singer. I’ve got one myself (sitting in its box, just out of arms reach at the moment) and absolutely love it. Especially for guitar cabs on the seam, and for drums as a floor room mic. Beautiful microphone and incredibly inexpensive, I got mine used for 70€.

Raymie Wilson says:

I’ve had one for around 8 years now, and used it for recording everything from vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, percs, and even a dog! Best utility mic on the market………and it won’t bankrupt you either. Great channel Warren, keep up the good work.

Gore Melian says:

best bang for the buck…

Chris Spinelli says:

Great review, that mic has a lot of character

Ati Shephard says:

James Ivey would be proud.

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