Rode NT-USB Desktop Mic – Inexpensive, Awesome, Plug-and-play Solution?

The Rode NT-USB is the last desktop mic we’re going to be taking a look at for a while… Is it the best one yet? We’ll have to see…

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HI THERE says:

Actually pop shields aren’t needed as long as the mic is pointing towards you but you aren’t pointing towards the mic. Basic microphone technique.

Flarey-A9 says:

$200 inexpensive damn y’all motherfuckers are made of money i bet

Max Meulensteen says:

Hey Linus media group and community,

Im having a problem with this mic. when i record and stuff the mic gives perfect sound ect, butt when i skype with it, it just sounds sht any idea how to fix this??

Spectre _B.K.C says:

2 years and incresed over $200

AFK says:

170$ *inexpensive*!?

Damn… I unsubbed for that tho

HeavilyGamer says:

This one or Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+?

Victor Poulsen says:

I love that he cant say ø

That one says:

Is there a mute button on this?

samuel boman says:

Have had this mic for over 2 years. Never had to worry about mic problems since.

Raven Thes says:

The pop filter at 3:50 looks like his dong.

SL Content says:

inexpensive ??? who are you kidding ????

VexoVFX says:

It’s not bad but u have a better one. For only 80 bucks the mics called : Auna 900b usb

the troubled one says:

inexpensive cough £150 cough

Carlos Riojas says:

What are you using to get camera motion moving up, down and side to side?

MultiMangaGuy says:

i got that one and dint like it at all <.<

JG124 says:

To everyone complaining that this mic is not “inexpensive” what you have to realize is that there’s a big difference between “inexpensive” and “budget.” Compared to some of the other mics you can get this mic is actually priced decently. There are lots of mics out there that cost upwards of 300$, and that’s not including the Audio Interface that you’d have to buy to be able to use the mic. Which would cost you around another 100 bucks if you wanted to get one that was not a piece of shit. What Linus is saying here is that this mic while on the higher end in terms of pricing as far as plug and play mics go, is competitively priced for someone who is just getting into doing podcasts ect. and are passionate enough that they wanna get a decent mic, but aren’t ready to spend upwards of 400$ for just one mic. This is amplified by the fact that the mic comes with a free stand and free pop-filter that fits in with its sleek design. Allowing you to start recording as soon as you get the mic. If you’re looking for a cheaper, more introductory level mic that will still deliver good audio quality I suggest the Blue Snowball Ice (make sure it’s Ice because the Blue Snowball will charge you extra money for basically nothing of use) or if you’re willing to pay about 20$ more there’s the Samson Meteor.

Drius Brunnen says:

Rode nt1a or nt usb ?

Walla says:

so what mic was used to record this video when you talk to camera?

Freex Core says:

it isnt rode it is røde

shammishafi09 says:

How to record youtube video and audio together in windows using rode nt usb

Matthew Anthrax says:

Inexpensive?Fuck you,its $200 bucks.Not all people have money like you

ZCG says:

Really Linus…Inexpensive….Dear Lord….

TechRapt says:

wow, after seeing the keyword “inexpensive” I thought I found my 50$ mic finally :/

SidTheGeek says:

i came here after searching “what mic does linus use? ” it may not be available in my country Pakistan but thanks brother.

Collin Cabige says:

i want this debate!

Exiled Entity says:

I love this Mic got one the other day highly suggest it considering it comes with a stand and a pop filter which would cost you around $40 separately, I personally think it’s a better mic then the Blue Yeti plus it comes with a 20 foot USB cord 🙂

Rusa slayer says:

What’s the keyboard on your desk? We have the blue and brown version where I live, I haven’t seen the red one before. I’m assuming it uses red switches?

Lukbacca says:

i got the nt usb microphone and was wondering if i should use the built in microphone jack or the computers one? im doing live gaming videos

Steps of Christ dot Church says:

How many bits of bit depth is the usb capture?

CherryCrunch says:

if yall are saying the yeti and the blue snowball are good there not they break easy go for the audio technica at2020 100$ and you dont have to buy anymore mics after that

calencor says:

wow your desk linus lol

The Asexual Jelly Bean says:

Guys, 180 bucks isn’t even that much. If you want something even a little better than this you’ll have to pay almost 3 times as much. This is a very affordable /quality/ mic.

Yes, in a sole money standpoint, it’s not exactly “cheap”, but the “inexpensive” in the title isn’t referring to just the price, but the bank for the buck.

ternitamas says:

what if you wanna use it with your daw, you plug it directly to the computer? what about latency?

Franki says:

wtf i looked it up on amazon… IT WAS 170 BUCKS

PepitoStyleMC says:

spam the number 9 and look close to his eyes.

Creaky C. says:

Inexpensive my a55. 169$ is not “inexpensive”.

Eric Lin says:

Holy fuck, why do you guys care how to pronounce Rode? You understand what he was trying to communicate. And great, you are broke and you think $200 is a lot. Empty wallet jokes got old after about the second time out of the million times it has been used. SHUT UP.

I am surprised that Linus is getting less background noise with Yeti Pro vs Yeti. I think it would be unfair to say Yeti Pro is just Yeti with XLR (and the higher frequency recording which doesn’t matter for home use). I am still curious about Yeti Pro vs AT2020/2035 for background noise. I believe 2035 has a bass rolloff, so very low end rumbling would just be cut out. As often as I trash Linus, I think this is a pretty good video, and his look at off axis testing is a very good idea, which others should do more of.

xAceRPG says:

does this have a mute button?

Lesvinx says:

Just get a modmic they are good too

Jack van der Brug says:

when was debate was it on channel i want to see it ?????

itz ritz says:

nigga 100 is not inexpensive dumbass

joyce janik says:

Does the rode have zero latency monitoring? or is there a few milliseconds delay?

Samolf Luger says:

Hi, could you give me an advice about mic. I ll using it for youtube gaming.
Shure PG27
Rode Nt Usb
Marantz Professional Pod Pack
Razer Seiren Pro Digital
I ve little trouble about chose..

harith nurion says:

Can u plz make the atr 2500 mic review pls

xXRamiroGCXx says:


ThaGaMer Hd says:


ParkTeam says:


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