RODE Broadcaster Microphone Review ‎ Click Here to download sample audio from this microphone.

If you have been listening to RAWtalk over the last few months you would have heard and seen that we are using the RØDE Broadcaster Microphones. This video review is to try and provide you both the viewpoint from an audio expert, Stephen and an audio novice me.

All I know is that these microphones have given me the ability to sound fantastic on RAWtalk. They are boomy, crisp and clear which is really all I can ask for in a microphone.

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Broken says:

you need a pop filter… LIke baaaad

CJS Games says:

the arm is the rode psa1

Hugh Sweeney says:

Hi Guys, love your vids but why do you alway’s have your heads ‘welded’ to the mic? I know it’s a bit deliberate here as it’s a mic review and you’re demo-ing. But you guys always seem so stuck to the mic when you’re sitting at that table. I work in radio and only go that close when I’m doing a ‘deep voice’ impression or something. Sorry for the rant but if you loosened up around the mic it might be less distracting.

Mitchell Shelby says:

Question! How many cameras do you use, how do you guys switch between cameras for your show? I would love to see a video on that and all the software and hardware you guys use to produce your show….

qoaa says:

I wonder if Jared has a website…

har har

MikePrattPhotography MPP says:

You and Stephen are a great team. Both knowledgeable and passionate about what you’re doing. Excellent review.

JESS games says:

U got The mic there but where was IT pluged in? (Sorry for al Those cap locks i am dutch so my keyboard doesnt agree fucking english)

MPTCE says:

Why don’t you get a Canon T3i ? it’s great, i have it, and it is not expensive. it will help you in both photography, and film making, it comes with a kit lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 🙂

Jean-Pierre La Forest says:

I’m not too convinced about these mics not needing pop filters, especially when Steven is talking, and especially when he’s talking about PoP filTers and other such words 🙂

Bob Shrader says:

Sorry, guys. You’re both working too close to the microphone. Listen closely with a good audio system and you hear plosives and other mouth noise. Otherwise, this mic produces very good sound.

ADU Aquascaping says:

Pretty nice, but expensive. Might as well spend your money on some nice preamps and then get a classic SURE SM series mic.

RØDE Microphones says:

Great review with some very useful sound advice from Steven

Sereno Mirado says:

Reason why they still pop is more due to the mic technique these guys are using and not the microphone’s fault itself because as they said the grill is lined with internal foam which shields breath pops.

Ideally one should maintain at least a hands breath distance from speaker’s mouth to the microphone’s grill PLUS maintain a steady vocal gain.

The speaking style here is energetic and as such causes strong breaths.

They can fix that by adjusting their mic technique or just get one of them external small pop filters to avoid that.

I’ve have one of these in my home studio for ten years now and it is a solid piece of gear.

The Linthicums says:

Pop pop pop

vinny142 says:

0:45 I love how they explain that they used to have a big pop filter, and in they description they demonstrate that they really still need pop filters because *damn* do you guys not *listen* to what you record?

But hey, Fro knows photo, not audio…. or video…. or photo, really… he does know “fro” though, got to give him that… does fro know frodo? That would be cool, I’d watch that…

Dennis Mathias says:

I’m hearing pops.

Aaron Satyanarayana says:

I like its appearance. Its beautiful in my opinion. Ah.. The attractiveness of consumer electronics..

fuckJuly says:

Actually, this is a condenser. As I mentioned before, I was’nt talking about the look, more about the microphone as a whole product. Maybe I used the wrong words, sorry. I meant that you can get a more decent mic for less money.

# Преступники на Диете says:

guys, for you too….use the pop screen… a metal one and a sock on top of the mic… metal removes that sharp base and the sock removes the pop and you get clear sound.

Miika Venäläinen says:

Of course aesthetics matter if it is stuffed right in front of a dude’s face while being shot on video.

dan says:

so don’t talk across it from above but, talk across it from the side?

RezQ says:

4:33 i am pretty much in the hospital laughing to death

Nicolas Gascon says:

Holy shit that intro is annoying as fuck



Jose Urdaneta says:

Well you guys certainly proved the reason why pop filters exist and that you guys need one each

Ken Sparkes says:

May assist to check what I did many moons ago covering pumps and the so called “pops”. I use Rode mics every day/night for clients worldwide. Ken Sparkes
Check “high filter ( pump) pass plus other audio. Broadcaster left of screen too close to the mic. Many times do not review other voice blokes work but could not help on this post. Bloke camera right interesting, sounds like a hippie dippy jock put on. Have fun “see ya!” Ha!!!

Waifu Trump says:

The one thing that could make these look better that I can think of… stickers;

Look at that big empty surface – it’s just asking for some custom Fro stickers to be slapped on there! And like all the news stations that brand their mics know, it’s good marketing – right next to the face, you might not always notice it… but that logo burns through your retina & into your subconscious mind forever… lol.

Stone & Nutz says:

The guy with the afro sounds like joe rogan…………..

David Cuellar says:

Stephen is one of those rare multimedia people who know their stuff on many different dimensions. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and his knowledge in audio! Most people neglect good audio

Joshua Davies says:

I studied music technology and I can name a huge amount of far uglier microphones, but why does it’s aesthetics matter when it’s purpose is to transform fluctuations in air pressure into electrical energy?

pokkitmonzturr says:

Orange is not your color, bruv.

Grumpy Frog Productions says:

These mikes have a built in pop filter no external filter is needed – this is discussed in the video

enta says:

Hey Jared, can you test the Procaster? I use one and there is no comparison against a Broadcaster.
That would be cool 🙂

N. Malone says:

My personal opinion…keep speaking over the mic, your pops are still to much! or… keep using the pop filters with the built in filter. Keep up the good reviews boys! Steven…..small tip, try to slow down your speech just a touch you make me out of breath watching you/ listening to you lol 🙂 otherwise keep up the good work.!!

noshow says:

You guys should still be using a windscreen – them plosives are real and present.

Jarryd M says:

My names Jarryd, Jared¡

trever pitts says:

what do you think of BLUE mics

Neil Mason says:

What mixing board are you using?

Robert Goodman says:

Awesome. Thanks Jared. I’m just getting into the Voice Over world and want something to practice at home, so I am glad to see this video to see an alternative mic type to consider, especially by Rode, a great mic company.

Ponder Quietly says:

If you live in Australia they are heaps cheaper 😉

fetzinger10 says:

Annoying question:
Bystander looking at the photographer´s camera-display from behind: “why doesn´t it have that extremly blurry stuff, what´s it called again?”
Photographer: “Bokeh?”
Bystander: “Yes! Why doesn´t it have it?”
Photographer: “It´s a landscape!!”

# Преступники на Диете says:

this is HORRIBLE……SIMPLY HORRIBLE….YOU GUYS ARE RAPING THAT RODE….soundwise….. i have to say this is mediocre…

Witapro says:

Jared Polin looks like kwebbelkop.

trever pitts says:

what you guys think of blue yeti or blue snow ball mics?

David Roy Godden says:

Great review guys

Waifu Trump says:

I like how minimalist they are… you can hardly call them ugly- is a cylinder ugly?!

I don’t want to be distracted by some glitzy overly stylised crap either!

When it comes to gear I prefer function over form, it’s something to use, not something to look at.

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