Review-Amazon Condenser Studio Mic(BM-800/Innogear/Floureon/Tonor/Excelvan)

Hey guys, Conner here with a review of a cheap studio microphone you can find on Amazon for $30 in the U.S. There are many types and variations of this same mic, and I’m pretty sure they all will preform the same, with the only variation being name branding, and some aesthetic variances among the others.

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vV Nuked Vv says:

Hey Ubercrit! I’m a little new into mics. could you help me by explaining what phatom power is and send a link to what you used in this video cause it sounds nice. Thanks!!

TechnoLogical15 says:

Dang… That sounds perfect…

Ender Bullet Force says:

is it for mobile?

Thilina Maduwantha says:

Ebay link? Floureon BM-800

Khalod says:

cost 20$ on ebay

Marionette says:

I like the smell of them when they are new

Chaoticmicah91 says:

Would you get this and the power supply and stuff over the blue-yeti snowball?

FreshKickz says:

What software do u use to use the microphone

Dank Steam says:

audio is amazing

HetIsJan says:

Is he better than the blue snowball?

xargos says:

Thanks for making this video. Too many of the people reviewing / testing this mic are setting gain levels too high and clipping, so your video is more useful to me than many of them.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon it when watching other videos, but I would like to mention that it probably would have shown up quicker if the title included BM-800. It does seem to be the same number regardless of branding. Perhaps a title edit could be considered so others can find it more easily?

Paul Phillips says:

are u paying for the cardboard?

Keyboard Jedi Yoda says:

whats the best way to remove the background noise from the mic?

TerrorPlayero says:


Beastboy says:

what about the pop filter and the stand?

Keyser Reveal says:

Definitely a good mic when connected to an interface. Nice. Review

The Ladz says:

thanks man I have the exact same mic and I was wondering if it was broken because of the humming sound thanks a lot 🙂

TURL says:

Question: is this the phantom power supply i need?

Question 2: Are all outputs of the phantom power supply then USB or 3,5 mm audio plug? (the input for in the pc of course..)

OH and also: the 2 microphones in your description: one of them is like a ball with 2 this more for like talking to another person? so 2 peopel can talk in it? because i only need one that records from one direction

Thunder says:

i have the BM-800 and i have erally bad static when i record with anything, Shadowplay, Fraps, OBS, help?

ishika haldia says:

will it work making vocal covers?

dhaliwal lambi says:

hi ..i m having issue with my aeoss condener microphone..
it has xlr to 3.5mm jack cable
when i plug it directly in my pc with 3.5mm jack…. and start recording… recording is too low to be heard .. i don t what to use….if i use a sound card will it work for me ???

SketchPC says:

Ubercrit I have a quick question. I’ve been streaming with this mic for a little now and messed with all sorts of configs, but I can’t seem to get rid of the buzzing noise while keeping the mic’s quality. If you have any tips please notify me 🙂

Sarah Naj says:

Super Helpful! Thanks

J says:

when you removed the phantom power, where is it connected to? sorry, i’m just starting to know more about these stuff

GEATproductions says:

Can I use this with an iPhone 7? I want to add commentary to my drawing videos and other content I make. Awesome vid btw!

MIhail Pavlovski says:

is it good without editing

So Fly Official says:

I had to turn down my volume because the mic is so good omg

The Melon Bros says:

Will it work into a iPad

MouthyKid says:

What sort of cables and adapters will I need if I want to use phantom power with it and then use it to record things on my laptop?

Chay Jay says:

Now.. Ubercrit… Is that like rolling a 21 on a d20? XD Also awesome and very helpful vid, I’m trying to find out what I need to be able to use this mic (For youtube and a Garage band I’m in) So if I were to buy this, would I be able to plug it in and use it right away or is anything else actually necessary? I’m on a very tight budget and I’m thinking about picking up a Scissor arm stand and possibly pop filter. I just want to make sure the mic itself will work fine without me actually NEEDING to buy anything for it.

Chalkey Gaming says:

I got this mic. The best purchase for $30 ever!!!

Syoval says:

Would you recommend this mic for basically just cut comms or streaming?

Abner Jimenez says:


Sarra Khr says:

Am actually gonna buy the NEEWER NW 700 mic ,did you heard of it or tried it and if you did do you recommend it for me ? i hope that it’s as good as this mic .
And sorry for all these questions :3

Akbar Gherbal says:

Your voice sounds absolutely terrific to me, I intend to start recording audio-books, would you please tell me what you’re using besides the microphone? Do you used an audio-mixer/Card etc … I mean what else do you use, besides the computer and the mic?

Perov Lisa says:

Is this mic good for art tutorials and commentary?

Eryk Nowak says:

So I plan on getting this mic. There are people that say to get a USB external sound adapter. So do I need that if I’m using phantom power? For example: Mic>XLR>Phantom Power>3.5mmXLR>Computer mic input, or do i need a USB Adapter ie: Mic>XLR>Phantom Power>3.5mmXLR>USB Sound Adapter>USB Port on computer?

Engineer Cat says:

Phantom power going through a pre amp is the only way to make it sounds clean and give you some sort of control of a shitty microphone. CONDENSER MIC + PHANTOM POWER = PRE AMP

FYI it sounds like a tube pre.

K34nu says:

Bought this mic and it sounds like absolute garbage, any tips?

Mightgold12 says:

What phantom power do you use, i think my phantom power isnt woring properly since it sounds as staticy as the without pantom power sound part

Meat Leaf says:

what phantom should I get/

Assassin5953 says:

did you edit the audio so it doesnt sound so static like or is this raw unedited audio?

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