Razer Seiren X USB Mic Review / Test

Today I review the new USB Mic from Razer, the Seiren X. This mic is not designed for music, it’s designed for gaming, and for that it sounds perfectly fine. However, there are better budget options out there, they just won’t look as cool.

Buy the Razer Seiren X
US: http://amzn.to/2Bdv76l
UK: http://amzn.to/2BLkaVE
DE: http://amzn.to/2A0M6Vj

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:25 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:41 – What’s in the Box
00:56 – Build Quality / Features Walkthrough
01:59 – Specifications
02:23 – Polar Pattern Test
02:33 – Background Noise Test
02:44 – Distance / Proximity Effect Test
02:55 – Desktop Stand Test
03:11 – Windows 10 Test
03:23 – Gain / Preamp Noise Test
04:07 – Music Test
04:39 – Pros & Cons
05:43 – Recommendation
06:37 – Outro

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Popcornrat says:

What Mic stand do you have

Crazy Me says:

Hi! At the end of the video, you said that there are microphones out there that are for a lower price and sound just as good if not better than the razer seiren X , could you please give me some examples? As I want to buy a microphone right now… the purpose will be for gaming and good enough for youtube/streaming basically the sound quality of this mic except cheaper.
Thank you so much for considering my request!

Stormchaser Elite says:

I just bought the siren x.
Things wrong in the video.
1 it’s full metal no plastic.
2 the standard stand has a shock absorber that does more than a boom arm.

b0ngalongadingdong says:

how does yours sound so much better than mine? :'(

ShanOnYT says:

What microphone arm did you used?

David Edsall says:

Very thorough review. Thanks for really going into this.

Tom says:

I’m not sure, but I think you used it wrong. The Input volume should be at 100%, and than, to control the volume, only use the gain-knob on the microphone. Otherwise you could have some issues. I might be wrong though.

pampeliska 78 says:

I looked on amazon but I don’t know witch one to get

pampeliska 78 says:

Where can I buy a boom arm for this mic

wBerg says:

This or AT2020 USB

ImJustNic says:

I thought it sounded ok, but I see why he didn’t like it, I have it and I’m fine with it in equalizer apo

Wub x Zero says:

wow it sounds great for guitar too! Sold!!! we saw! lol

Geonito says:

Hey can I ask you what Mirophone Boom Arm you are using for the Seiren X and if you have a amazon.com link thank you for your response? 🙂

Kyusinx MMORPG says:

Shit talking Razer. who are you boi

G G says:

What is the name of the boomarm you are using?

Amir Emad says:

You deserve more Subscribers

Karlo is Here says:

This or the Audio Technica ATR2500?

jacob112083 says:

r u gay m8?

Reele Rellu says:

what’s better? Razer Seiren X USB or Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

AMBBOS says:

I want to buy mic
Razer Seisen X or Audio Technica ATR2500 usb
What’s good?
For streaming on twitch.tv

Abraham Cano says:

what kind of desk arm will be compatible with the microphone?

Monty says:

Can anyone tell me how to either make my blue yeti not pick up back round noises such as my AC. If i can not figure it out I plan on selling it and buying one of these cause from what I see I can not hear any backround noise

Berkant Dogan says:

Razer the BEST

Sunny Money says:

can you do a Razer Seiren X vs AT2020 USB ? por favor

Name change allowed every 30 days says:

Will it work for Xbox one?

TGFY Anthony-Fortnite says:

What mic stand did u use for the razer mic

Hokeypokeyy says:

Yo your singing sounds so good tbh i’ll buy your album when it comes out

Troy Martyr says:

On the fense between this and the Blue Yeti Nano. Dont want to spend more then $100 for a mic. Which do you think i should get?(i had an OG Blue Yeti pre-owned worked out but that fell thru pretty quick, guy got quiet once i ordered but should be getting my refund tomorrow)

Lil Airs says:

Is this good for music making

Yoda Master says:

Which arm pls ?

TheGodOfRuin l Der Allvater says:

does it work for ps4?

Shane Taylor says:

What boom arm did you use for the serien x?

Stormchaser Elite says:

Don’t buy Samsun they charge $40 for audio software for thier mics and it’s shit. Snowball sounds horrid, blue yeti is to big and sounds worse

cupcake says:

guys i need help i have the razer seiren x microphone my voice is not so lauder and i hear myself like im under water please guys help i dont know what to do

Sara Mackay says:

You don’t know anything bro. Ninja use the same bitch

GamingWithWolfy 1223 says:

which is better, the seiren x or the seiren elite?

Kava Java says:

What do you recommend then?

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