Razer Seiren X Condenser Streaming Microphone Review

Condenser microphone for desktop use from Razer, the Seiren X is a relatively small mic designed for streamers.

I’d recommend putting it on a boom arm so you can get it close to your mouth and far enough away from your keyboard. I don’t like putting mics on desktop stands due to proximity and vibration.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA: http://amzn.to/2BjTZov

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2DuJDbo

If you’re from Australia, you can buy at MWAVE here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/razer-seiren-x-cardioid-condenser-desktop-microphone-ac10665


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Vishal Kumar says:

Ya but I Disagree. I like the Awesome Dynamic range of the ATH mic you use. I subbed because of How Good Quality Voiced were ur Videos.

Fragged says:

Great video! Unrelated question, do you still play Q3?


the high frequencies are a bit shill and the sibilance is pronounced in my opinion but a pop filter might help. sounds pretty good in all for the purpose it was designed.

DrBreezeAir says:

Which 2020 do you use? USB or XLR?

Saint Guardian says:

Razer must be doing a good job nowadays cause its has its own group of haters in the comment section, big successful companies always have haters.

Sinci ;D says:

Ur the best

MrAdeio says:

So first Razer makes a Yeti clone, and now they make a 2020 clone.

Sound Advice says:

I live in India and wanted to buy a mouse for fps as I play lots of rainbow six siege. I wanted to get the g403 but the prices here are reduculously expensive, g403 costs about 90$ in Amazon India , I finally decided to get the g102 for 20$ seeing your reviews. My hands measure 19 cm by 9.8 cm, hope I won’t regret, I just need a good mouse with a good sensor.

T W E R K B O N E R says:


maniatic0 says:

Razer = Garbage

Cezary R says:

May u know but… there will be a new ninox mouse : Astrum 😉 Very close to finish.

Sussle Remons says:

A dynamic microphone is so much better when it comes to dealing with background noise. Kind of silly that a condenser microphone(which is notorious at picking up background noise) is aimed at streamers. A simple Shure sm58 would do a much better job than this one.

Pedro Simões says:

wow sir.zye you sing ? we would like to her that 😀

LittleW00d says:

I’m disappointed that it sounds so bad for such an expensive microphone, I expected it to have a better range and be less noisey!
For that price you can buy a studio quality XLR mic with a DAC amplifier or buy a good quiality USB mic like the Apogee, Blue Yeti and countless other microphones.

MonsterTeegs says:

Zy! I saw your review video on the Razer site for their new FPS mouse. I’m glad to see how much the channel has grown since I first subbed! Cheers man.

AlexTheSniper19 says:

Just get a yeti or at 2035

timeisbutawindow says:

If I wanted to upgrade beyond the at2020 what would you say is the next step up?

Ryolutix says:

thanks for the professional review

Waz says:

has razer made an xlr mic?

Arcadian says:

That actually sounds pretty great.

Max1m - Review and Gameplay says:

Nice vid u are my favorite youtuber

Luis Guillermo says:

wait ninja you rap and sing ??

UnJustiC says:

Very amazing video Zy! I knew you for 3 weeks now and you’re my favourite YouTuber ever! You’re just too good at what you’re doing. But I want to ask you a question: on what DPI do you play your FPS games?

Aviad Leibovich says:

I wouldn’t recommend USB mics at all. These are ok


Any microphone sounds good with your voice

MegpoidNebri says:

Very concise but helpful review as always. Never get tired of that chill voice + music combo, enjoyable to watch. Mic seems great for it’s price/target demographic, looks like a great affordable upgrade for someone doing a ton of streaming.

Nothingness says:

razer logo = certified shit

Șerban says:

oh look, a snowball 3 times more expensive because it’s razer!

nnd appa says:

if you smash glass/cup/hand on desk,how does it pick up sound,please include those tests in future, it really helps me personally a lot

Harry Cross says:

what sort of diatnce can it be from you and still be decent quality? isit better in that regard than other mics? using a rode NT-USB at the moment

beshj says:

streaming microphone… really man. what the fuck is wrong with a normal mic jesus Christ this gamer gear shit is get out of hand

StingGaming says:

really wish u’d play that rap sound test there :3 who else wanna here Zy raps ?

Lord_Doz says:

IMO the blue yeti sounds way better.

Domantas Bronušas says:

Should I buy audiotechnika 2020 for reviews, short movies narration? Is it still worth it ? Or there are better choices now ?

Nodrog says:

Sensei 310 vs Zowie fk2 Please

CommonCents says:

Nice video, are you going to review the new ModMic 5 by Antlion? I’ve noticed that most headsets have (pardon my french) shitty microphones. I wish companies like SteelSeries and Razer would pay more attention to microphone quality because I could find a better usb microphone from china for 5 bucks.

Kqog says:

Just spent $30 on my Blue Snowball. Best $30 ill ever spend.

Jack of Blades says:

let this videos for podcastage, the god of mics, you re the god of mouses. <3

Andy says:

please do a review on the leopold fc750r. love your vids, keep up the good work.

Sleeper Devilwalker says:

I don’t know why, but I recorded vocal sounds for Sleeper (a character) for a Quake 1 mod with my own voice with a Studio Blue Yeti. Just works better for a deeper dragon-like voice. Still working on it though.

teamHello! equiNox^ says:

Pls sing rap

Kostis K says:

You should check out the new hyperx alloy rgb keyboard 😉

JamiAlsoLags says:

sounds pretty good, but is it worth it?

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