Razer Seiren Microphone Review | Is it any good?

Pricing and Availability:
NCIX (CA) – http://bit.ly/RazerSeiren_CAD
NCIX (US) – http://bit.ly/RazerSeiren_US

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The8BitSlug says:

I shelled out for this mic and I genuinely enjoy it (don’t reference my videos — they were done with a Snowball and absolutely zero editing), but I’m quickly learning I could have gotten more dollar for dollar. The Pro Elite, which is what I have, isn’t worlds better until I really go in and play around with equalizing. My personal opinion as someone who isn’t an editing genius but has very basic abilities is that you should check out some ATs or Shures before getting the RSPE, but I am happy with it and you probably would be as well.

Joey Mantka says:

The Razer Sounds fuller with or without the post processing added. I am using a monitor speakers.

Grekus Burekus says:

To me it sounds the same.. but razer looks cooler so i’d go with that

edit: unless the price is much lower on the audio technica

Graphical says:

I love the sound quality on this mic, but I think something like a Blue Yeti or the Rode NT-USB sounds better, especially on price to-performance. (In my opinion)

henrik Sverresvold says:

the razer seiren was better than the audiotechnica

China says:

no RGB?

Ghaleb Gaming says:

razer seiren

Dr Axton says:

Cool, but it’s not chroma…

NathanBrutal says:

I liked the review, I am getting a Seiren because Razer’s 25 percent off to people who have Razer support their channel no matter how many subs!

Christian A.F.F. says:

razor products are very overpriced

O5CIE says:

2:02 that’s what she said

DaRainbowCrafter says:

And for just a few small payments of $10,000 you can get the chroma version!

Birk Playz says:

razer Siren!!!!

StringStorm ‌ says:

The Seiren Pro isn’t even have a large diaphragm capsule and they’re charging how much for it?!

You can get a really good condenser microphone from a pro-audio manufacturing company for 50 bucks.

kam hagh says:

Jesus christ why are microphones so expensive 😀

Amadax says:

for that pricetag you can buy an interface with much better preamps and a better condenser as well. you could even get a dynamic mic so you don’t capture as much background noise.

Thewickedjon says:

bruh,,,, razer sounds better…..

fertolito says:

Is there a way that you can record with the razer logo light off because a friend of mine records like that…

EmBa says:

whats your settings on the razer mic?

Jwish32 says:

whats a shock mount? what does it do?

Coolpick says:

You know, I might consider razer stuff SOMETIMES, (I don’t really like their products anyway) if they didn’t smack their branding all over their products, especially when you don’t have a black and green setup.

chris210racer says:

As a both a Razer fanboy and a Voice Actor, I feel like this would do the job just fine and fit my Razer setup

Gaming King says:

Can I use this microphone fro PS 4 pro pls answer ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghost Pants says:

Lol a Samson go mic is better than this

jelle1611 says:

I like the sound of the Razer better then the audio-technica.

Boris Cresnov says:

They both sound great

EstaisTheBesta says:

for someone recording singing for a song track do you recommend this?

x dumb says:

Aylo comraydes am Dimitri vhere is ze vodke?

epiNoesis says:

Can you explain how you enhance the lower frequencies?

Good Game Niko says:

I am having some problems with CPU while streaming using multi-channel (multi track) recording.

What Audio Interface can I use to capture Razer Seiren + Default + Song + Comms software?

(My doubt is specially because of the double XLR wire)

Freakify says:

They razer sounds better then your normal mic

TeukuRasya 88 says:

guys razer seiren is good but not the best … i have the seiren for about 3 – 2 years and it works properly

Arvid Docka says:


wat the fak says:

I mean, at least it has a headphone jack?

RnKProductionsCo says:

Hey man, after watching your video I emulated your audio setup with a Scarlet 2i2 and AT2035 Mic. What presets are you using for the extra body?

MoozeX says:

razer seiren!

Luke M says:

HardwareCanucks, could you please link a screenshot of your voiceover preset, or a template link for us to download it

HexDan says:

snake orgi LOL

BuildingTheEmpire says:

Farout man!

Miss Spark says:

That’s why smart people will test it and do sample recordings

Mr Ferret says:

Audio Technica hence down.

Aidan McDonald says:

“Glowing snake orgies” I’m dead.

M4h4One says:

Свояк ? Или мне просто кажется :3

ProMcMemes says:

one day razer will make a microphone that costs 500 dollars…

Andrews says:

+HarwareCanucks are you russian?

Cormaster says:

I say Razer

Teal says:

I love my microphone (the Razer Seiren). It’s perfect, but not for my standards. The microphone picks up much of my background noise, so I must use a low volume. I want to buy the pop filter, shock mount, and a boom that I can mount to my desk, but they’re quite expensive to say the least. I currently have a $7-8 pop filter made by Neewer, but it will eventually scrape the stand of my microphone, in which I have it mounted to, because of the peculiar grip grooves Neewer decided to put on the pop filter’s mount. The Razer pop filter would work better and may even provide more of a shield than my current pop filter, and I am looking to buy it with the $100 I have on hand, and also purchase the shock mount and boom with it, but I am unsure if I should right now. Please give me a suggestion, because I have three options. My first option is to buy a 1080p monitor in which my setup is lacking with a 19″ 1600×900 resolution monitor and an Elgato feeding into my Mac running at a low 720p. My second option is the pop filter and shock mount by Razer, and a boom to go with the combination. And my third option is to buy a good $100 graphics card to replace the cheap $45 graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 6450) my pre-built Dell XPS-8300 Desktop came with. Please do reply with a suggestion or two. Thank you.

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