Razer Seiren Elite Microphone Review! How is it for Streaming?

If you need a new microphone for streaming, this new Razer Seiren Elite mic is absolutely outstanding.
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Product features:
Single Dynamic Capsule – For rich and warm vocal quality
Inbuilt High-Pass Filter – For ultra-clean recording signals
Digital/Analog Vocal Limiter – For zero distortion
16-bit/48kHz Resolution – To optimize your stream
Zero Latency Monitoring – For zero audio lag
Flat Frequency Response Monitoring for accurately reproduced sound
Microphone Specifications
Sample Rate: min 44.1kHz / max 48kHz
Bit Rate: 16bit Capsule: Single Dynamic Capsule
Polar patterns: Cardioid
Frequency response: 50Hz-20kHz
Connectivity: USB only
Max SPL: 120dB
Headphone amplifier
Impedance: ≥ 16Ω Power output (RMS): 85mW (at 16 Ω) Flat Frequency Response: Yes
Zero-Latency Monitoring: Yes


FireFoxy//Gaming says:

Worth getting for YouTube?

Azmi Boucedra says:

Does it have the little hole (idk the name) for putting it on an arm ?

BURGER says:

So you have to be pretty close to the microphone to get the best sound? It’s not like the blue snowball?

Neftized says:

how do we mount it to a boomarm tho ? kinda missed that in the vid

Claaaaaaaaws says:

Can this be mounted?

LifeLongCaboose says:

Your better off spending a little more and getting the Yeti Pro which you can grow into and make the switch to XLR while using it via USD tell then.

Like many people have said you may a well get a Yeti for less than half the price, sure this Mic sounds better than the Yeti but it doesn’t sound twice as good to justify the price tag.

Norry Rampage says:

Sounds decent at best my rode nt usb sounds alot better and $70 cheaper nice review franky boi

Tqng says:

Tbh. Its like a more expensive blue yeti….

lunayconsuela says:

Good review, thank you!
How tall is the new Seiren Elite, much taller than the Seiren X?

Please Have Mercy says:

Hey, can you do review the CAD U37 Condenser Microphone? It’s a USB mic and it’s cheap being 35$ on Amazon. Just a suggestion though.

Danksta says:

Any links to buy this?

Soulshake says:

Hate razer, all cheap plastic shit, discusting brand, just my opinion 😀

Blixed says:

really great reviews! love the razer products!

Thulani says:

Really nice video, could you perhaps do hyperx cloud flight headset next

Leo Quentin says:

This microphone sounds great, but it seems a little overpriced as you could get an SE Electronics X1 S and a cheap XLR audio interface for the same 200 dollars, which would sound waaay better.

Pele The Bass says:

i dont get how this channel isnt bigger like these reviews are so in depth and all. Keep it up man love it

randomfrankp says:

Whoops…..at 8:35 I meant to say “big pro” – not con lol my bad!

Cylore says:

No RGB, Not worth it

[Flawless] says:

Just buy the Rode NT-USB better price

XyntrK says:

This microphone looks cool…

LLIMIT says:

Are there any software controls through their app and can you hear desktop audio when plugged into the monitor jack?

King L.O.L says:

1/10 no rgb

GamerX705 says:

I feel like a lot of his reviews are I love the product, it costs (way too much money), I know that may be steep but look at the completion, I think it’s worth it

Akavire says:

tommorow: unveiling the NEW rgb Razer Seiren elite…

August Celine III says:

So it has all the same features as the Blue Yeti, and is even similar in appearance….. at more than twice the cost. Great job Razer. Well actually to Razer’s credit this mic does have a high pass filter, but the Blue Yeti has 3 additional pick up patterns for a total of 4… I would say either save the little bit of extra money for an XLR set up, or if you don’t want to mess with the hassle save yourself a hundred dollars and get a better priced USB microphone.

Steve K says:

Sounds decent but once again another OVERPRICED Razer product. Also when gaming or streaming you have to hunch over to get your mouth so close to the mic otherwise the sound quality Suffers ALOT

Neo Gamer says:

If a keyboard has ABS keycaps, will the letters on the keycaps fade after a year or so? Or are they ACTUAL good keycaps?

QGinHQ says:

The price point is a little steep. This does the same job as the Yeti in my opinion, and you can grab the yeti for half the price. Thanks for the first look, Great vid frank!

That Horror Show says:

Good review however I would like to compare it to the Yeti Pro.

Leo Quentin says:

Sound test 3:35

IKI BOSS says:

no rgb :C

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