Pyle PDMIC58 Dynamic Microphone Review / Test

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Ball Pop Filter:

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Richard Tuck says:

I think the Pyle is missing a transformer. That probably explains the lesser weight.

Jacob Stone says:

Are you jonah hills brother?

Madev RSP says:

Hii bro I planning to buy this mic. Wich stand is soots for this?

Luiza Marques says:

You don’t suck

McNasty says:

okay, idk if this is just me or not. but i bought the xm8500 and have been using it for a couple months, then i bought the pdmic58 to record my amp with, and this mic actually sounds BETTER than the renowned xm8500. It’s less muddy, there’s less of a noise gate so i can actually use compression without there being a noticeable hissing, and its cheaper. Maybe i just got a bad xm8500? Cause the one i have sounds kinda muddy and bland when its flat and when i try to use compression on it, i can hear hissing loudly. I thought it was from my pre-amp but now that i have this pyle mic, there’s much less hissing.

Tech Mundane says:

I compared it to the EV 635

Coda says:

Can you just plug the quarter inch into the audio interface if it has a quarter-inch and xlr combo jack???

Duncan Lindsey says:

I use this mic in my podcast. My vocal technique is extremely prone to sibilance, using the Shure A58WS pop filter with this mic eliminates that. I also run it through the behringer 802 mixer and lower the highs in the eq.

Chris Coul says:

The biggest difference was when you mic’d the cabinet. For $13 its a heck of a mic.

Sam Moreland says:

thank you for helping me choose a decent mic

PowerBoar385618 Rustum Salem says:

can you use this mic for music?

SnowdriftBoy says:

Thanks mate! Interesting review.

JaredM says:

so if this is not ideal for gaming i am looking for a mic that would not pick up keyboard strokes, i watched A LOT of your reviews and im thinking i might buy the behringer xm8500 and pair it with a umc22 or um2 (what interface will sound better?). what mic do you recommend? i also plan on doing live streams and youtube videos. I also really love watching your videos!

Cédric Simon says:

Hi +Podcastage 🙂 I bought this PDMIC58 with a Goliton USB to XLR cable on Amazon. But the volume in Windows 10 and OS X is very very low even if I set the level to 100%. Do you know why ? I thought XLR to USB cables were ok with this kind of mic. Thank you.

Neil Cruz says:

Is there a difference between PDMIC58 and PDMIC59?

FishermensEnemy says:

So, at the moment I have the Neewer NW-1500, but I wanted to try a cheap dynamic microphone too for a little podcast I’m planning on doing. The thing is, I have a 48V phatompower adapter from Neewer and the Behringer XENYX 302 USB and I don’t know if I should get the Pyle PDMIC58 or the Behringer XM8500 or the Pyle-Pro PDMIC 78, and if the 15V pp from the interface will be enough for those. Which would you recommend? Or can you recommend a dynamic USB mic for about 20 bucks?

Aburamushi-kun says:

1/4 is 6.3mm my dude, not 5.5

junNohara says:

such a good video

Sachin Raj says:

do you recommend it for singing ?

Karan says:

Thank You u really helped me make a choice

jfgt27sculpt says:

wow… pyle sounds better than shure

Rarrlow says:

Great comparison video. Thank you. It definitely seems worth it for the price.

Keith Hart says:

Excellent concise overall review. Covers Vocal, instrument (electric / acoustic) well done.

Random The Guy says:

Hey Pod,

Sorry for asking too many question about this mic. However, I just wanted to do research before I actually buy them..

So, I am planning to buy this mic and accessary for the mic.

For the cable, I decided that to buy xlr-usb cable that you reviewed on your recent ‘How To Connect an XLR Mic to Computer for Beginners’ Video.. However, I don’t know what I have to get for stand, adapter, and even shock mount.

Can you recommend the model that you know well that is inexpensive?

Thanks a lot for your video and your help 😀

localTeen says:

Thanks a lot for the review, man. Really helpful. Love the feel of your channel.

OdaKa says:

Ahhh man… I just noticed the mic placement on the SM58 guitar cabinet test is a bit off. You had it moved a bit closer to the center of the cone compared to the PDMIC58, drastically affecting the tone. Oops

Xin Liu says:

Pyle need pop filter

Miguel Arvizu says:

how much is a really long cable?

Jackson Brown says:

What kind of telecaster is that?

ShanthiPushnan Mohandass says:

Quick question…not sure what i am doing wrong. I am connecting PDMIC58 with XLR to TRS cable to my Scarlett 2i2…with 48v turned on…..i don’t hear any sound from the microphone. either i am doing the connections wrong or microphone is not working.
Please help.

kingcharlie4 says:


friendlywhiteguy says:

It seems like this one is better at vocals and the pyle pdmic78 is better for acoustic guitar.

Ajay Pratap Singh says:

please do a review on pd mic58 vs neewer nw 700 which will be better for vocals

Ajay Pratap Singh says:

did you use any mixer or directly plugged it into your computer using 1/4 to 1/8 adapter

Orange says:

Next week please make a preview on “Natec Adder Microphone”

William Gabbert says:

Ok, for speaking (With a Pop Filter) But would be somewhat thin, crass , trebely if used for singing.

antschilt says:

I’m getting a lot of background noise, how can I remove that without messing with my voice? I want it to sound clear but there so much white noise.

Cuentos de la Cripta says:

you don’t need phantom power for that Mic?

Hamit Campos says:

Yeah I like the Pyle sound lots more. I don’t mind the SM58 though. But never bothered with it cause I prefer condencers. They are more ear like to me. Love how they hear everything. Only thing I’ve notised now is condencer mikes hear more of something then your ears may. Also they don’t hear in context.

FishFish1995 says:

I’d like to buy one or two dynamic mics (propably the Behringer XM8500) but I want to keep it cheap (no mixer for the time being). One way is to buy an XLR to USB cable as stated to one other of the Podcastage videos. As it is dynamic, it shouldn’t have any issue. The real problem is that they don’t sell it cheap in my country… they sell XLR to 6,3mm jack cables or adapters in a good price instead. By seeing the included cable in this Pyle mic, I wanted to ask what kind of XLR to Jack cable I should buy. I can see that they are selling XLR to Mono (like the one shown in this video) Jack and XLR to Stereo Jack cables and adapters. I did my research and I ended up more confused than ever…(balanced and unbalanced cables and stuff o_O). I’m just trying to find out if I need a cable that has a stereo or a mono jack on the one end if i want to connect a microphone with it… (could the Behringer XM8500 be stereo or something? O_O) I’d be greatful if someone could help me out. Thanks in advance 🙂

QueeferSutherland says:

That pop filter is worthless. Other than that, sounds pretty good, though a bit too bright.

BeigeBoy says:

wot mic wud you say is better
Pyle PDMIC58 or Behringer XM8500


I enjoyed your video. You do not suck.

ICE Multimedia says:

Today I’ve buy a pyle pdmic58 from amazone. i still did’t got it on my hand. i hope this would be good with pop filter. i am a photographer and make video about photography and camera reviews, i sing for hobby, so i have buy it. was is wrong decision? anyway, i love this channel, i’ve watched lot of video of this channel. you make good video bro. thanks

FourSwissRolls&NothingMore says:

Can you give a link to a 5.5mm adaptor?
I’m getting a Aukey usb audio adapter that’s 3.5mm. And also, what’s that thing you connected to the microphone? Will I need that?

Rocknmetalultima says:

I got the Pyle PDMIC58 a while back due to this vid. And I do like it, and use it for podcast at and I must say the audio is clean, but it seems to flatten out some of the emotional tones in the voice, but for the price it is fucking killer.

Joeink100 says:

i recommended your channel to a friend that recently started a band and now he has started playing locally more (no website or Facebook or i would have linked it here) and your videos have really helped him with him trying to save money and still have good equiptment

Random The Guy says:

So.. what stand should I get if I buy this mic?

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