Neewer NW-800 Condenser Microphone Review / Test

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Tntosion says:

Will this work on a laptop/ Does that cable work if you plug it into a laptop?

tum sabka baap says:

sir please tell me what should i do
sir please help me????

DonutBoiii says:

0:13 on the mic on the case it says ‘nw-700’ xd get scammed xdxd

CyprusGamer07 says:

help me pls. whith mic i need phontom power or usb audio interface? pls anyone

seb paq says:

When you say 4 feet away it looks more like 6 feet

SlimeboyRaffle says:

I have bought this microphone along with a phantom power supply, I use it on a desktop which has a pink microphone jack. Yet the volume is extremely low (barely detects my voice) and very noisy as if there’s a vent in the background. What am I doing wrong?

Michael S. Deutsch says:

Which microphones are best, and most compatible with a laptop?

Gav Fitzgerald says:

why is “how long it lasts” important? wont it just be sitting on your desk?


can i out of the box use this on a macbook air?

Bloodis says:

Sorry i’m French i don’t understand all you say in the video, so if i buy this mic and i want to sing with, i have to buy usb card?

Take 3 Productions says:

Is this mic compatible with a mac book? More specifically with GarageBand?

Rasmus Schultz says:

I wish you would consistently do the directional test you do on most of your mic tests – that was missing both on this and the NW-700 test.

ChicagoSneakerHead says:

Can you plug it into the computer?

tum sabka baap says:

OK sir thanks you are the only one who helped me

sculin says:

where can i find a driver for nw? i tried everything, but my laptop doesn’t read it… tested on my friends laptop (lower end) and it worked just fine… taliknig about direct usb connest – no audio interface

A.J. Naz says:

Im assuming you dont add any other processing to these reviews, that bm800 sounded better with voice and instruments. Thanks for the review

camerontheDJ says:

I got my BM800 for $14 on amazon!

hayden fowle says:

Says nw-800 and shows the nw-700 box ? explain

blitzcloud says:

I’m having trouble setting it up. I have a phantom from neewer but I just realized the cable that came with the nw-800 has noise without even being plugged to the microphone. Like just having the cable connected is what creates the noise. Bad cable maybe?

Neq says:

Hey i got this mic and its super super quiet. any suggestions?

ZachWGTV says:

what is the secret to the crystal clear audio

julian hernandez says:

Which soundcard I should buy?

Mandrix XD says:

So, should I buy a phantom power or no?

Rob ツ says:

How do i know how many volts does my sound card provides?

Helix says:

how do i connect the microphone cable to the usb adapter? Di i just plug it into one side or what?

Sageroy says:

GUYS! I’m starting a gaming channel, so I don’t want to go all out and spend over $500-$1000 on a mic when there’s a chance that my channel won’t be popular. So I want to take baby steps, would it be good to buy the gold mic if I’m just talking?

FalconMPF says:

ok, I sorta understand.
if I bought this mic I would have to worry about a few things.
I just want to make sure.
You’re saying the SYBA isn’t as reliable as most would hope comparison to USB audio interfaces are.
but USB soundcards can do the job.
second of all. if I buy the “Behringer UM2 2×2 USB Audio Interface with XENYX Mic Preamplifier” which is just an interface. would I still need a phantom power? or would the interface do that job?

noahmajerczyk says:

mine still is garbage

Veni Foods says:

Can it connect to canon camera? Will it work?

Levens Jean says:

basically the versus series

Zockerbeere says:

it is plug in a audiointerface?

Beasteskar says:

i lost it when you put the speaker infront of the microphone

sam rit says:

So i bought this mic and its companys phantom power and it had static noise in the background so i got another phantom power from different company and still .. i bought a usb audio card and still .. i plugged it into my pc without any phantom power or usb card and still static noise

Mohamad Hreiche says:

I bought the Neewer 800 not too long ago, i have the phantom power supply along with it’s usb but its still picking up static. It’s driving me insane help would really be appreciated

Fintan O Brien says:

How is it when powered on the full 48 volts ?

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