Neewer NW-8 XLR Condenser Mic Review / Test

Today I review a $30 microphone, the Neewer NW-8, also known as the “Neewer Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount, Foam Cap and 3.5mm Male to XLR Female Cable, 3.5mm Male to Dual Female Microphone Headphones Splitter, Black(NW-8).” This lacks in the low end and high end, and is mid forward. If you’re just recording demos, I think it’s fine, but for any professional applications, I think you should look elsewhere.

Buy the Neewer NW-8

Buy the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:36 – Setup / Disclaimers
01:06 – What’s in the Box
01:29 – Build Quality
01:51 – Specifications
02:06 – Polar Pattern Test
02:29 – Windscreen Test
02:46 – Background Noise Test
02:56 – Distance Test / Proximity Effect Test
03:09 – Windows 10 Direct 3.5mm Test
03:30 – Music Test
03:53 – Pros & Cons
04:31 – Overall thoughts
05:09 – Conclusion / Recommendation
05:52 – Outro

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Score Moore says:

Honestly for looks, it look Great, and the built quality seem very good, my reason question I need to know is can you please make a video showing how to sound dampening a room, Can’t say sound proof cause people have a problem with that.

Jacob Talamantes says:

Your honesty is much appreciated here. Keep up the good work.

Mike Williams says:

Dear god that shockmount is terrible. When doing the typing test on the Cherry MX-Blue keyboard, it’s picking up a punch of desk rumble too

John Jackson says:

They’ve put out yet another mic called the NW-980. This time it’s in a $100~ kit. They’ve changed the mic body to a tube style mic. I really dislike that because those elongated bodies and round grills are used by tube mics and the kit has a phantom power supply, so some people who don’t know any better might be duped into thinking they’re getting a tube mic or a decent LDC instead of a tiny electret capsule like you’d find in a headset.

Video Tempest says:

WHAT!? A $30 XLR MIC!? This thing is supposed to be crap– why does it sound half-decent!? I’m so upset!

But really, despite the terrible build quality, this might be a good option for folks just getting into the podcasting game who need a SUPER CHEAP XLR mic (and yet somehow already have an interface?) …Screw it, buy an AT2020.

JMGamerHD says:

Is there any windscreen compatible with the Razer Seiren microphone?

reggiep75 says:

0:58 – I think I’d have settled on using the phrase ‘raw unprocessed signal’ unless people can’t grasp the concept and still need to know that you’ve done NOTHING to the audio except a volume increase.

Jason Kirk says:

Loved this one. You had me cracking up!

Akusticostacos says:

Which would you pick the nw-800 or this?

satvick Verma says:

Hey everyone ! can any one of u suggest me the best usb microphone for vocals/cover/singing

JokerFun says:

Rockville RCM01 ???????

Stargate Pioneer says:

I heart you man. I loved the review and the commentary!!!

Z Alves says:

0:13 it comes in a plain cardboard box like most sex toys. That’s what I’ve heard…

Loko Official says:

Great, I hope you can try the new Sony C-100

Johnhitbox says:

My panties are bunched.

Wavy Captain says:

Awesome !!

Anonymous says:

Love me some Bandrew! It’s been a while

DylTek says:

Quick Question. I have a rode procaster with a normal mixer. I love the sound of the microphone yet i get a lot of hiss because i am quiet and have to put the gain high. The mixer is also not usb. (I can not afford a cloud lifter) should i sell my whole setup and get a condenser setup or sell my mixer and get a focusrite/Steinberg, Thanks in advance

AurochsReborn says:


Cali Drummer says:

Thank you! I know someone would eventually get to this… I was looking for a basic but, decent mic for Podcasting and The BM-700/800 wasn’t cutting it. This mic is the same body as the Yanmai Q8 which I thought looked cool but, couldn’t find a demo on it. You just basically covered it. It’s all China OEM

Y.B.M.A says:

“I’ll test it later dont get your panties in a bunch” Lmao bandrew

Sam Hyena says:

Honestly guys, of you want a decent mic and decent interface get a UMC202 interface and an AT-2020 mic, total would be under 200, I use an NW-800 and a UM2 behringer interface, no its not good but Im currently unemployed and even if I had money I probably wouldn’t upgrade until this breaks, ive done discord with it and it works just fine for that

DAVE says:

I have wanted a VOIP microphone for my laptop. What should I buy ? XLR prefered.

Germenatorr YT says:

But masak- wait.. wrong channel

shantanu says:

please review Zabel RC-02 microphone

Sam Kam says:

What cheap microphone would you use in a studio

Clerkie says:

Could You please review Novox NC-1 USB microphone?

deIlluminati says:

I’d personally get a second hand Blue Snowball instead, they’re like 25 bucks. But not bad if you really need an XLR mic

Liowen says:

I will have to listen when I have a headset and not old iPhone earbuds, even though these were free the quality is like listening in a tin can. Also how exactly are you using the microphone that the body or mesh will get damaged? I have had a NW800 for some time and never squeeze the grill…mainly because that would be a silly thing to do. If someone doesn’t use their equipment like a raging silverback gorilla it should hold up, but then again maybe I am overly cautious because I know I could break my stuff without a second thought….name brand or not.

Book Your Imagination says:

I thought it sounded good. Most people don’t have ‘engineer ears’ to hear the subtlety of sound quality. The build quality & being careful with it are important, but I thought it sounded good, and It’s only 30 bucks!!!

Verified Misfit says:

You should do a review of the YouMic microphone! 🙂 thinking about getting it for when I make vlogs

Tester Of Sound says:

now you will have to do a verses with the bm-700

Supreme Icecreme says:

I didn’t think it was that bad


Eh, you should review the bc master 47

Nyx Byte says:

I’m back to watching you bandrew, I missed you jaja, could you answer this question? if you want you can answer it on a podcaste jeje, What are your thoughts on Ghost?

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