Neewer NW-700 Microphone Kit Review and Audio Test!

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This is my review and audio test of the Neewer NW-700 Mic Kit. For $40 this is a really good deal. Keep in mind you will need to provide it with phantom power. The music was produced in FL studio and will be released on a Soundcloud account I will be creating soon. I hope you guys enjoy the video!
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SleeveOfCaitlin says:

Great review ! What do you use to edit your music?

Youngstune says:

I love the song holy shit

Damien Ostler says:

was this raw mic or backgroudn reduction

TIGER says:

you sing very good ! wtf ? 🙂 be a singer 🙂

Ann Heron says:

if you plan on moving your boom arm about don’t clamp your pop filter like this guy has and thats some cringey singing

Nick Gainz says:

When you sang the song what was the track in the back?!?!

YamahaDerek says:

Nice song!

starDestroyer171 says:

dont take it the wrong way

EVERESTboy says:

at 0:45 he is talking into the mic but it is not plugged in

J Dreyer says:

my question is how do I set up the mic so it sounds like that. I use it I’m my room and I sound far away and sort of echoy. I’d appreciate some video link to a full set up

Noel Sevilla says:

dude just want to know could please help me. can I use that microphone on my iPhone? if yes do you know how?

thank you

Corinne Elizondo says:

Who else is here from Amazon?

youarereallybadatlife says:

my mic shows up on the pc and is clear enough etc. in programs such as skype and discord, it is shown so quiet that others cannot hear me even at full settings. anyone with ideas would be much appreciated.

zAquah says:

work on mac?

SWIFT clan says:

The audio interface goes to the Pc right ?
Is it USB ?

PyrosKoat says:

Does this work on windows 10?

davisky says:

So I guess when you plug it into your computer you record with something like audacity right???


do i need a sound card for this mic

Brett Flight says:

you sound like the guy who sings what does the fox say.



MrToxic says:

Excuse me when did Ed use a newer mic he has a scarlet audio interface and mic

starDestroyer171 says:

no dude im just kidding the song was amazing i loved the lyrics your voice is a masterpiece

Emre Kuzal says:

lmao in 01:50 he is pretending to be talking but it isnt plugged in

KrayzieBankz K says:

U sounded like LayzieBone When u were singing

starDestroyer171 says:

your voice is horific

Sam Mckie says:

can you use this for csgo?

Xavier Prime says:

to…really hear this in action on raps….i used it..on my music…for 20 dollars not to bad…but…hey…you always want clean..all around sound…

Sgt Flounder says:

do you need the phantom power or no. is it required or can you just use the voltage from your computer or laptop?

Johnathon Montoya says:

wow best review ive ever seen you sure know what your doing

Simxplex says:

I did the same Setup like you did but my Soundquality is not so good als yours! Can someone help me…? Thank you

Wade Vandoorne says:

realy but i have one recomendation just a little bit loader vocals and a TINY bit of reverb would make it perfect

Sky Blue Necktie // MCPE and more! says:

That song is great!

James Ciannello says:


Yogkhast X Vlogg'z says:

Finally i found a video With Techsource in it

comptv says:

That song is dope.

Jinny Moon says:

Is the sound supposed to be coming outside of the mic? I bought the same mic with a phantom power but when I link it to my macbook, the sound does not come out at all.

Poison Fish says:

the song doe

AnarchySinful says:


JSB says:

Pretty alright song is it on spottify?

PANDA says:

You don’t need the wind cover when you’re using the pop filter

Ass Pill says:

Hi! Great Video! I just have a quick question. Were you using a USB soundcard along with the phantom power supply? If not, would a USB soundcard improve the quality? Thanks in advance!

Madball says:

My buddy bought the same exact set up and have the same issue I have, my mic either has white noise or is too quiet, he fixed it by buying a mixer, and said that’s the only way for it to work. Is this correct?
If I would’ve known this, I would not have bought this whole entire set up

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