Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone & NW-35 suspension arm kit review

Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone & NW-35 Kit review, teardown and circuit diagram.

Neewer Nw-700 & NW-35 kit product links:
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Neweer 48V Phantom supply:
Amazon US
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Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 – USB interface with 48V phantom
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Behringer Xenyx 302USB – USB interface with 12V phantom
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Behringer PS400 12v/48v Phantom supply:
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Review of the Neewer® NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Condenser Microphone & NW-35 Adjustable Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm Stand with Shock Mount and Mounting Clamp Kit with teardown and circuit diagram.


Tan Lip Seong says:

Hi, i have just purchase this Microphone, the condenser mic capsule is not the same as yours, the circuitry also differs. mine is more like BM800 which the mic capsule is 16mm and there is a center tap, there is also a FET on the PCB.

Gamerx_ 4000 says:

Techdiy reviews can you sub to me I subbed to you

Steve Seguin says:

This was a fantastic review; I particularly enjoyed your dissection of the internals and voltage measurements — extremely helpful.

Asuna says:

Would this set (mic, shock mount, arm, pop filter, cable) + a phantom power supply be good for livestreaming and recording for Youtube / Twitch (for livestreaming games)??

BKc AshyCold says:

Ive tried connecting it to my computer it doesnt work, what am i doing wrong?…

Dsf Hhv says:

hi. can’t it be used directly to an amplifier?


Can I just connect it to my computer and would if work if i do

Lando says:

I have this mic and I want to record music, I’m gonna purchase the phantom power but do I still need a USB cord so I can use my headphones

blake the miner says:

Would this mic work on a iMac if I use a phantom power on it

Jacob Cook says:

I plugged mine into my computer and I get a buzzing/distorted effect when I speak into it. I’m also using Adobe Audition. Any Help?

Whale Studios says:

no one cares about the inside

_GamingMonkey_ says:

hi, by sound card, will my laptop work or my computer’s motherboard, thank you in advance. (i have just set it up and it does not work (with phantom power))

De Perez says:

Hello, is this a large diaphram microphone?

Dredd tK says:

How do you take out the cable

Fge Vonski says:

I have thus exact microphone with everything in the video I also just ordered a phantom power will I need a sound card in order to use the mic or can it work without ?

My k says:

hello! please give me a link

Ted Kordas says:

It actually does work without the Phantom power. I just plugged it into my PC microphone auxiliary and it works when I’m in online games.

Liam Hennessy says:

Great review. Could you tell me would this mic work on an iMac? Or what would I need to make it work?

The Frank Gamer / MTNV says:

Kinda silly question, but can you rotate the stand while it’s screwed on the clamp? Also, can you bend it all the way back (like, say it’s clamped on the edge of a small table, can I push it outwards to lower the arm without it being right in front of my face)?

Sorry if my wording is confusing lol.

Lord Kanagin says:

Can you plug it straight to a pc with a AUX to USB Adapter and will it still work?

monyTUBE - موني تيوب says:

Can I fit the floureon BMO 800 in it or not plaes answer cause I want to buy it tomorrow

Tomas Hollis says:

will this work in fl studio? im looking for a microphone that will be good for singing. and what is phantom power? and will i need it to record voice? thanks!

Arcadio 238 says:

could you use this for a ps4

Cheesefreak says:

What did u used to voice over the review?

Eliza Burton says:

can you use this with a phone as I need a mic like this that I can connect to my phone

Jake Fletcher says:

Thanks for the thorough review, Techdiy. I’m still struggling with what piece I’m missing…new to recording so please bear with me.

I have this exact kit as well as an InnoGear 48v phantom power supply; my goal is to start doing voice over work. I have the XLR male to female running from the microphone into the phantom power supply, then the XLR to 3.5mm running from the phantom power into my computer. I have tried this on both a Macbook Air and a Dell Windows PC and neither has recognized the microphone as an input device (I have made sure the phantom power was on in both cases as well).

I’m assuming I need to get some sort of an adapter or an interface, but this is where I’m stuck and am struggling with all the different terminology. Do I need to buy something like this: or do I need something like this:

Whichever it is (or if it’s something entirely different), is there any other equipment I will need to buy too? Thank you in advance for your help!

Happys Fude Review says:

Thank you so much for making this, i wish you where my teacher lol

Octopus On Fire says:

Came here for a simple review to decide whether I’d buy this or not, and I got much more than I expected. Great channel.
Thanks, subbed!

Dr Bizarre says:

does it have to have phantom power to operate or can i just plug the XLR to 3.5mm cable into my pc

Kaleb Ben Israel says:

Very informative and easy to follow! Thanks mate & cheers!

Thomas Slater says:

so i have this and the neewer phantom power supply all connected up together, and when i speak through it on my computer, the volume is very low, even when it is turned up to the maximum. can someone help?

Ivan Khitsenko says:

how did you get an xlr cable out of a stand?

Glyn Whiting says:

Absolutely top job. I’m off to get one.

Emmanuel Peraza Rodríguez says:

Is it necessary to buy the power supply?

This is my computer, I’d really appreciate your answer.
* EVGA 500W 80+
* i3-6100
* GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB
* Disco duro Western Digital 1TB
* Disco duro Seagate 250GB

JustJedi says:

For anyone buying it right now, it will cost you around 42.99 USD, just so everyone knows 😉

HeyItsSky says:

does it work for iphones and ipads

Matt Harris says:

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I cant get it to work with my computer. Do I need an adapter or anything additional? I have the power supply for it too.

FL Mikey says:

I bought this and I’m using the stuff it all comes with but when I hook it up and plug it into my laptop, it would not show up on my recording devices or sound devices. when I go into flstudio to record it just uses my build in mic..

Caine Lloyd says:

Amazing video, very in depth and answered all of my questions! keep doing what you are doing.

Laurence Clements says:

I’ve just connected my NW-700 via a phantom power source into my Pioneer mixer and am getting massive feedback and distortion, any ideas what’s wrong ?

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