Neewer Mini Condenser Mic Review / Test

Today I review one of the smallest condenser microphones on the market, the Neewer Mini Condenser Microphone. You can find this thing under a bunch of names on amazon & eBay.

Buy the Neewer Mini Mic

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:30 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:42 – What’s in the Box
00:58 – Build Quality
01:11 – Specifications
01:27 – Polar Pattern Test
01:35 – Background Noise Test
01:42 – Tablet Test
02:08 – iPhone Mic Comparison
02:18 – Portable Recorder Test
02:32 – $600 Interface Test
02:47 – Windows 10 Test
03:01 – Music Test
03:30 – Pros & Cons
03:53 – Conclusion / Recommendation
04:32 – Outro

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Alexander Grotewohl says:

this or the rode nt1?

CynikalSnail says:

Soon as it was on the clip it had a terrible buzzing sound, other than that it sounds pretty good.

Faded David OFFICIAL says:


LambentBlaze says:

Huh. It could be worse. I’ve heard some worse sounding lav mics than this.

9002 says:

Neewer back at it again.

Ritalie says:

Sounds super good. Sounds a lot more clear and natural than a $20 Behringer XM8500 which weighs about 10 times more and is considered “much better than a Shure SM58” according to many people on Amazon. People should just buy this instead and realize how muddy and thick sounding the XM8500 is. Oh, and the V-Moda universal add on headset mic for headphones is super tiny and it sounds insanely good. I think everyone should have one. Wish someone would have told me that tiny mics could sound so good. This video is proof.


Wow! Something is tinier than my dick.

Galo Fernández says:

Jajaja… Amazing (or amusing) video!!

Kenny Butler says:

Cool review on an odd mic!! Hey, could you review the audio technica 2050 mic? I just got one after watching every one of your videos (and some multiple times). I’m using it for recording my middle school band and chorus. Thanks!

Larco says:

You hook up this 5 dollar mic to your audiofuse yet you won’t do that with the TLM 102. You monster!

South Coast Detecting says:

Please do a review of the Chinese Neumann knockoffs the Alctron TL39 or TL69.

Or the Røde Chinese knock off the Alctron CM3

Pawan Kumar Mehra says:

can you review a lavalier microphone???

Nicholas Ten says:

*typing* = earthquake

Bob Moreno II says:

Perfect for the next time my daughter wants to interview her Barbie dolls.

Andrian Hasky says:

Please review MXL 2006!!

Max slayer says:

Are you able to generate a frequency responce graph or other tecnical specs?

CynicalCarnage says:

I got a 2:30 skippable ad, watched the entire thing because demonetisation!

Adam Weaver says:

Can you get a tiny pop filter?

Electronics For Fun says:

for what it is, the sound isn’t bad. the static is what really kills it for me though.

BeBlaze Man says:

Haha Best mic for its size 2017 xD whos next?!?!? *tbh the only thing i dont like about it is the keyboard sound and the squicky beep sound that probley was annoying of editing the hole video and hearing that all the time* xD but also nice vid

Kadomex says:

Aside from the lack of noise cancellation…that sounds damn good for $5. It’d be good for even $20.

King Boss Gaming says:

how do you connect a usb be mic to windows 10. I do not know how to get audio. Please help.

obvious_humor says:

What is this, a microphone for ants?

Aco says:

crazy it sounds great and is only 5 dollars

Vequv says:

Next mic maybe: behringer b-1 ?

Steve says:

If you didn’t know better, you’d think that was some kind of a Barbie prop.

GuiasMaurelChile says:

The mic has a lot of static sound

Yetimusmaximus says:

Definitely going to order one of these to record a black metal album with.

Ageassia says:

Fro this size, it actually sounds good. But there is a background noise that’s annoying tho, but that’s because of the usb thingy.
Honestly, i would buy this to hack it, and putting in as an headset mic 😀 !

TotalTorsten says:

loved this review! Can you maybe review the: Devine BM-1000

Thomas Wellington says:

Y’all hearing that buzz too?

XRainingGamingX says:

Smallest microphone? Woah I haven’t seen microphones that small.. I guess it’s a neew thing

Get it? neew? new? ok i’ll go

Aziz Hakim Zain says:

What the fuck, that is good

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