[Microphone REVIEWS] The Best Mic for Your Videos (Audio Tutorial)

[Microphone REVIEWS] The Best Mic for Your Videos (Audio Tutorial): http://www.jameswedmore.com/ytmktgm01/

In this microphone reviews edition, (http://www.jameswedmore.com/choose-best-microphone-videos/), we will take a closer look at FOUR of the most common microphone options you can use to record the audio in your videos. You’ll hear the pro’s and con’s and my personal recommendations!

Having high-quality, CRYSTAL CLEAR audio is absolutely essential of you want BETTER videos.

If you use the onboard mic that comes with your camera, chances are you’ll have pretty low-quality audio.

In this video, we’ll show you how to use a wired lavalier, shotgun mic, and wireless lavalier.

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In this video, I discuss the difference between the word “Persistence” and “Patience” on your journey to success.

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Audio Microphone Options for Shooting Video


Alex Smirnov says:

https://soundcloud.com/djwoznesenskiy/guitar-star-004 Test Instrumental mic МЭК-9 СССР

Ian Linton says:

total arsehole who would want want to watch this??

Adi TZ says:

5:00 Sound from an old CASIO little piano 🙂 80-90`s

6ixbound says:

Do you do crack while editing chill with the edits for god sake

connor sellers says:

un sub for the intro

Sam Gupta says:

Which editing software do u use ? It’s amazing!

K.O.D. says:

That intro though…

يوميات ولد بغداد says:


Stu Ducklow says:

For those who don’t want to watch this guy’s comedy routine, I made a summary of what he’s talking about:

lavalier mics
-audiio technica pro 70 wired lavalier amazon
-audio technica atr 3350 cheapest, about $$20 on amazon.
-sony audio wireleess system $500 amazon

-rode condenser shotgun mic $300

Mads Sdam says:

Loved this vid!! Lol thank you

iperpitual locomotionz says:

last part is hilarious

Manny Lopez says:

It’s ironic because there’s so much white noise in this Vid.

DirabreemGaming says:

Nice and informative video Sir; a little strange at first for me, but I understand the silliness there. I’ve been poking around for my first ‘real’ mic to purchase for my video game recording setup (no need for camera’s though) and some of these were intriguing to me. Can you suggest some goo mic’s to use with a Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand – I’m buying one off of Amazon and need some good suggestions for that. Looking at the Floureon BM-800 condenser studio recording microphone and shock mount holder (coupled with a microphone mic wind pop filter mask shield); what do you think?

AnnaLynn N Ethan says:

Ok I was reading the comments and people can be so rude. Ignore the haters and keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working great and if they don’t like it they can go somewhere else.

SSR Gamer says:

He kinda looks like Zlatan in his profile picture XD

Technical World says:

plz subscribe me

livesimplifiedlife says:

Thank you James. I appreciate you making these informative and excellent videos. Subscribed. 🙂

The Xancast says:

This was very helpful. 🙂

Thrashermetaldude says:

Not everybody is a vlogger. What mic should we use to record a video at a concert?

Website Design says:

This video really brightened up my boring day. Thanks for all the hard work put into it.

Joe Cushing says:

What if you want to record 6 people around a table?

Kevin Nelson says:

Thought I was gonna have a stroke watching this.

Shermta F says:

Thx for the video but why did u have to sing

YSGaming says:

your intro gived me cancer

Down A Hill Productions Official says:

the intro is so cringy

Karlkj23 says:

Dont try watching this with your earphones.
Maybe he’s best in his videos and audio.

But he doesn’t know how to balance it with other clips..

Freaking noob at 4:40..

Learn how to balance your audio.

Engramme says:

fun and informative. made my day 🙂

vagabond says:

informative but the humor is forced…a little too much

Libby Hall says:

You are frickin’ HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Ahmad Jan says:

cheap acting very very very cheap acting

k balaji says:

Keep doing what you are doing, buddy. Your videos are very enjoyable. AND INFORMATIVE !! Thanks.

Nathan Friedman says:

I have a channel with my 4 friends. we use a webcam, not a camera.I use a audiotechnica at2020. I often find that it does not pick everyone up evenly. what do I do?

Aizen Z says:

Get to the point as quickly as possible bro. Just if your comedy skills are crap don’t try to be. :/ your irritating screams in intro made me to mute the audio.

that guy says:

Annoying but helpful again annoying but helpful 🙂 thanks

Rock Paper Crafts says:

I am using a Canon Vixia 200 to shoot my video’s and I have found it almost impossible to find an external mic for it. Does anyone have any suggestions for me. I am on a budget.

NatterMax Education says:

Is there any cheaper alternative? I only have to record some tutorials sitting on my desk. I speak very softly and in low voice in my real life and so I find it hard to speak loud and clear in videos. So I need a microphone with which I can sound loud and clear even if I don’t speak in a loud and clear voice.

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