Marantz Professional MPM-2000 Microphone Review / Test

Today I review the Marantz Professional MPM-2000. This is a perfectly decent sounding mic, but honestly you can get an equivalent or better sounding microphone for cheaper. Additionally, I point out some SHADY information I discovered about Marantz Professional’s specification sheets that makes me not want to recommend their microphones. If you want to ignore all this though, I’ll still add the links below.

Buy the Marantz Professional MPM-2000

Buy the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)

00:00 – Intro / Price
00:25 – Setup / Disclaimers
00:38 – What’s in the Box
00:59 – Build Quality
01:24 – Specifications
01:46 – Polar Pattern Test
01:58 – Shock Mount Test
02:03 – Background Noise Test
02:11 – Distance Test
02:20 – Music Test
02:54 – Pros & Cons
03:18 – Conclusion
03:29 – Recommendation
03:38 – Why I Don’t Trust Marantz Professional Microphones
04:49 – Outro

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Yuazee says:

Nice vid, can you review more dynamic Mics?

iAM Idrys says:

whats a good mic for cheaper?

Yrackaz says:

why did not you put the name of the microphone in the thumbnail?

BellyBro says:

If anyone is reading this the MPM-1000u is what I use it and it’s amazing, no plosives whether I use a filter or not. Marantz Pro isn’t bad but this one is not something I’d recommend. (1000u is about 50-70 usd)

ATM 3105 says:

Wow. Another amazing video. See, the thing I don’t understand is how you only have 57k subs. Your videos are amazing. You put so much effort into them. They are so informative, funny and reasonably short. You’re not like most youtubers that make a 10+ minute video when it only needs to be like 2-4 mins. I always learn about new mic and new things in general in every video you post. Keep it up Bandrew and I hope your channel grows very fast 😉

PS: How many votes does the Beta 58A have? I’m dying to see a review on it 🙂

Krez_FPV says:

Would you buy this mic, or the MXL 770. For the same price. I am doing voice-over’s with keyboard background noise. Thx

Revert-YT says:

Hey! Can someone tell me. I’m planning on getting a microphone, I would prefer a USB microphone so I can plug it in and it won’t need anything extra. I have a $75 AUD Budget. Suggestions?

Up All Night says:

It would be interesting to see the insides of the MPM-1000 and MPM-2000 compared.

A Z says:

I bought the MPM-2000 condenser mic along with a InnoGear 1 Channel 48V Phantom Power Condenser Mic, and a xrl-usb cable that I connected directly to my Windows 10 PC. But I hear no sound. The company replied that in order to hear sound, it will have to be connected to the audio input of another device that has a gain fader or knob which can amplify the microphone’s signal. I need your help please. I noticed you didn’t really recommend this mic (I saw your review after purchasing). What all do I need to buy, with a $150-200 budget, to get the best sound possible in recording audiobooks.

Capt'n Joe says:

Ever since I smashed my floreon it’s been acting up. This looks like a great replacement.

king johnny says:

This mic is on sale for 59.99 at B & H photo, thanks for the review, very thorough. I like your poster – I want to Believe – X-files.

Fortune090 says:

Hey Podcastage, I have an AT2020 and was able to pick one of these up for $50. Which would you recommend holding onto?

John Jackson says:

$180 USD for that is ridiculous. You could get a used AT4033a for just a bit more @$200~ (and there are a lot of other mics in that sime price range, used and new). I think the NW-700, and similar mics have that exact same frequency response graph as well. This is terribly misleading because it makes the microphones look a lot more balanced than they actually are. Makes me think that it’s just the same rebranded stuff you see for $30.

The AT4040 can sometimes be found for about the same as the 4033a as well.

GamelutioN says:

I was kinda surprised when I realized that Marantz is a Japanese company. That kinda inaccurate shit usually comes from Chinese mics.

Tsu Nagi says:

Can you do the native instrument komplete audio 6 or the audient id14?

Jay Gaur says:


StringStorm ‌ says:

Oh snap! I was waiting for you to review this but seemed to pass me by.

Its a shame that you didn’t like this mic. I use it for professional work and has done me wonders!

Though I do plan on upgrading in the near future.. maybe on the following month when budget permits. If not, then I’ll stick with this. The MPM2K has done its job for me and I can vouch for it if no one else would.

Hoyse Nuth says:

Marantz mpm-2000 or Rode nt1-A ?? Thanks

Marius Video says:

Can you test a Tannoy TM1?

iiZlatanHD says:

U can get the same sound quality or a little better for 68$ , Yes the Mxl 770

Red Megaman says:


Socolin gamer says:

Make review of Samson MTR 101 please

Sound Speeds says:

Funny you post this now. My next video in 3 days covers something related to this. Well done!

robj144 says:

Who bought if for $180? I just got it for $80. 😉

Sapele Steve says:

Well, I guess that you told them a thing or two. Great job……………… 🙂


I’d like to see the Rode Broadcaster on your show. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Rocky Balboa says:


Doodahwoo says:

Can you do a comparing between MXL 990 and at2020 because I’m stuck between the two

Arynthesizer says:

I got this mic for $75 on Amazon no more than a year ago and use it all the time. I like it a lot. Very strange

Danielsworlds says:

I definitely like the USB versions of the mirantz mics but I agree for some reason the XLR versions have felt to be a downgrade for some reason

Humbug Show says:

Great vid.

Jack Hasselblad says:

Samson c03 condenser mic. PLEASE

Johnhitbox says:

This mic hurts my ears

Alex Alencar says:

Awesome video, make review on Samson MTR 101

Randy AB9GO says:

Could it be that inMusic has just licensed the Marantz name to a no name ‘One hung low” manufacturer and really has nothing to do with the products other than collecting license fees? There are so many Old Line names that have gone that route. RCA, GE, Emerson, Crosley and others.

MathieuFerron says:


alan2021233 says:

lol i got it for $50

Alex Alencar says:

Great Video, Dude Make review of Samson MTR 101

ian says:

The microphone looks like a cross between the Blue Bird and the AT2020 xD

Robaxtom says:

I remember when you had only 16k Subs. I just wanna say good job you are doing great! Continue your videos <3

J Call says:

Thanks for clearing this up i was on the fence about buying the mpm 2k

Th3 Drizzl3 says:

Use a small little pick tool to gently pull out the dent. Works great that what I do if I get one in a screen. Walmart sells a little Stanley kit for like 5$ if u don’t have one

Z Alves says:

“If a company doesn’t feel like they can be bothered to offer accurate specifications for their microphones, then we as consumers shouldn’t feel bothered to trust them in offering reliable or consistant microphones.” – Bandrew, 9th February 2018

darkmew64 says:

Quite the discovery at the end… What’s the point of making a mic with the same capsule (Yes, I did hear the same tone of it) with a relatively better housing (except that easy to bend mesh grill) for more money? That is so shady from Marantz. Shame on you!

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