iPhone Microphone Review — 3 Best Microphones for iPhone

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NOTE: This video is titled iPhone Microphone Review but all of these mics will work with any smartphone.

1. Best Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones

BOYA BY M1 Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones

iRig Mic Lav

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones

2. Best Directional Microphone Smartphones

Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smart Phones

3. Adaptor Cable to Use Microphones You Already Have

Rode SC4 Microphone Cable — Designed to allow microphones with a 3.5mm output to connect to TRRS smartphones and tablets

NOTE: If you want to use smartphone mics with your DSLR camera you can use the Rode SC3 http://amzn.to/2aVhD0C

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———Cameras Used To Shoot This Video ——-

Camera — Canon EOS 70D

Lens — Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

Tripod — Ravelli Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag

Microphone — Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone

Lighting — Prismatic 18″ Halo Ring Light with Stand

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV reviews the best phone microphones for video and live streaming. This video is part of the best smartphone accessories series and it covers reviews of a lav mic for iphone, a shotgun mic for iphone, and the best iphone 6 microphone overall. A good smartphone mic is essential for Facebook Live and using a lav mic for smartphone is perfect.


Zak Tech Reviews says:

Thanks for the video Sean. I ended up purchasing the Rode VideoMic Me and Rode SC4, thank to your review here.
However, I had to order from the Amazon.ca store…as I’m in Canada and get the free shipping/same-day shipping.

May I suggest that you include international/Canadian links for future videos…so we can use your links for the affiliate program? I do want to see you get compensated appropriately.

I’m excited about getting these and trying them out this weekend while I’m batch filming!


syr.james says:

youre so helpful

Jutka Farkas says:

Thank you so much best video ever I watched so many and most missed a lot of critical information thank you again you are awesome

Noa Ahir says:

This video was SO helpful. I film my videos on my smartphone and I might actually buy the boya

Nicolas Alexandre Rutz says:


Could you recommend me an app that allowed me to monitor audio while I’m filming ?
I just bought to rode videomic me for my iPhone SE.
And I’m thinking about Movie Pro.

Thank you

thomas katraouras says:

i own and use a nokia lumia 985xl and use the rode videomicro with the rode sc7 and planing to buy a Lavalier mic to

Prince Cole says:

even if you don’t plan on meeting dslrs and iPhones you still might want to pick those adapters up

Makayla Lynn says:

In doing a film project so this really would be useful !

Javian Brown says:

what’s that thing on his phone’s camera?

Jazmin Boyas says:

This has helped me so much! I am starting to expand my channel and this is amazing! Thank you SEAN!

Ken Kraetzer says:

Use an IRigg microphone connecting to a Galaxy S7 Edge to do hundreds of interviews.  Have the phone usually held in a stand.  Use this to interview college coaches after games and practices and business execs after trade show events.  Normally add a microphone Flag to brand who I am reporting for.

Jayne Russell says:

So pleased I stumbled on your site. Have a v good quality Rode shotgun mic which is now my iphone mic for the price of a convertor! That saved me $US99.

Grant Smith says:

Show us new Mics for the iphone 7 even with the adapter most of those mics don’t work

Chris GTN Fitness says:

you are the best! I like how you explain everything in an easy way. I understand better how my mic works now. Thanks 😉

Nope Nope says:

Are the rode mics on eBay from china legit? They have them for a good bit cheaper,

Brenian Goodrum says:

Would these pics work on a iPad Air 2?

Cruise Addiction / Tech says:

Saramonic i-Mic  just for apple or can I use it for Android

Jane Rosemont says:

I just got a Rode VideoMic Pro. I use the Filmic app for shooting videos, and in the Filmic audio settings, the Rode does not show up. Is it supposed to? Thanks –

DG Entertainment says:

Is there a setting you need to enable or change on the iPhone to use an external lapel mic? I picked up 2 lapel mic’s, the Boya mic recommended in the video and some other brand and neither my iPhone 5 or iPhone 7 plus can pic up any audio.

Robert Arens says:

Thank you! Your videos and content are top notch!

Whatsupp says:

Has anyone used the “Rode VideoMic Me” with an iPhone and had problems with the mic in the video from the mic protruding to far..?

middlepath11 says:

I’ve heard the iPhone mic before…. It shouldn’t sound as bad as it does in your video.

sandra coleman says:

Hi what is the best mic for me? Recording my voice on iphone6 while singing with chorus. Dir needs to hear my voice predominant while hearing whole chorus sing for review of songs we learn. I have a lav mic now that I plug into phone but you must hold it close to face instead of on label so that my voice is heard seperately as it is a multi or omni directional mic. It does have better sound than i phone itself or with white mic on ear buds plugged in.

guy davidovich says:

The irig work whit iPhone 7???

Bertha Cadenas says:

what is a the best laptops on a budget

Affordable Tech And Gadgets says:

this was very helpful thank you!!

Randy Castillo says:

Thank you! Very informative!

mhewski says:

Helped a lot!! Couldn’t figure out what i was doing wrong to get my new shotgun mic to work with my galaxy s7. Buying the adapter through your link and some other stuff, hope you’re an amazon affiliate and get paid through it! You deserve it!

Keila Martins says:

I Don’t know why the Boya By M1 doesn’t work with my iphone 6S. Anyone knows hoe to fix ix?

805coach says:

Nice video, 1 question, could i get a extension cable for the adaptor and what would it be called ( series number name ) .

Raphael Reimann says:

thanks for the advice on the SC4/3 adapter. I have a Røde Shotgun mic and was wondering why it doesn’t produce any input to the iphone… I’ll get this adapter and use it for my fb-live/streaming setup – THX!

It Is TRX says:

Man You’ve helped me alot and I hope you make full phone tripods review P.S You’ve Become My Favourite Tech Youtuber

NorthEast_Angler . says:

you actually have me wanting to use my phone to vlog, which i would have never thought!

iRavenHD says:

1 Subscribers: Food For A Poor Person
10 Subscribers: Goodluck for 10 years
1000 Subscribers: Gain mass popularity

Chris D says:

Awesome options, please continue updating with more microphone options please.

1mollymom says:

Please do a similar review of options for the iPhone 7. It’s not a simple matter of using the iPhone adapter as other reviewers have found. What are your three best solutions for mics for the new iPhone? Thanks so much; your reviews are solid.

Eugene K says:

Great video!

revorocks123 says:

You had a lens covering iPhone mic, they dont sound THAT bad… not really an accurate comparison :/

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