Great $40 Camera Microphone for Vlogging/Youtube – Movo VXR10 Review

Need a budget microphone for shooting vlogs or really anything? Check out this tiny killer $40 microphone! Works great with cameras, phones and even computers.
You can find the microphone here on Amazon:

The Movo VXR10 may look very similar to the Rode VideoMicro, but I actually found it to be superior in several ways. This cheap microphone is much louder/more sensitive which is VERY important for avoiding that nasty hiss you can get on a lot of cameras. It also comes with a cable for use with your smart phone or tablet.
Finally, the microphone also includes a coldshoe mount and a very effective wind muff.

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Tom Bigley says:

Would you perform side noise rejection comparison? The Rhode is sold as a directional microphone, not a cardioid. Thanks for the many informative videos.

Christian B. Schmidt says:

Great comparison, would love to test it for my Canon vlogging setup, too, but unfortunately it’s not available in Germany right now and international shipping by the manufacturer costs the same amount like the product it self. 🙁

Luisa Brimble says:

What an awesome review! Thank you so much for sharing that. Off to buy one.

Mind Palace Filmmaking says:

Really like your new intro and outro style!


Thanks for the video. Wind noise is always an issue for me shooting cars at the track & outdoor interviews.

Marcelo Moyano says:

Great video man! Speaking about microphones, which one is the one you use for your videos? (I assume the one mounted in a stand on top of your head) if that’s the position please confirm! Thank you!

Marc Schreiber says:

Great review and I am going to try the Movo. I own the Rode and not a big fan. Replaced 2x by Rode. Problem is that the mic picks up handling noise (a lot) when mounted on my A7SII. The shock mount is total junk. No isolation.

Maybe make a review and test dealing with Mic: handling noise issues 🙂

Matt Rodriguez says:

You should call the company to fine out how to pronounce their name

Kevin Barraco says:

thanks for the mic tip, I have bought one!

manguman says:

Here we go again.   me buying stuff  because you say it’s great and show it’s great  and affordable.

The Film Look says:

I wonder if this would work for an in-car microphone. Maybe attach it to the sun visor? Be interesting to see the pick up pattern difference to an NTG-3/4. Awesome video. How do you find these quirky bits of kit CP? Enlightening the DIY filmmaking world one purchase at time.

Pawel&Marly says:

I would like to see how this performs compared to also really nice budget (although a bit bigger) microphone TAKSTAR SGC-598 🙂

Tokyo in Pics says:

You wouldn’t believe how much this costs from Amazon in Japan!!! Nearly ¥14000 which is about $140 I think.

MomentsOfRamy says:

This actually looks like it’s worth having in your production arsenal along with the video micro, definitely an amazing volume bump!

Robert Ostman says:

lol, in mexico they are more expensive… gg

Cameron Reynolds Photography & Video says:

Great find! Great video! Wondering if you have considered a comparison of budget teleprompters?

The Dead Immortal says:

Really great video but it’s obviously pronounced moh-vo my dude. Like unless you see a U or two OOs in there it’s not MUVO

Bae Con says:

Can you do a review of the Sony PCM-D100 and compare it to Zoom H4n/H5/H6 and other TASCAM? 😀

itsRadioBiz says:

Can you PLEASE do a comparison Takstar 598 vs. Movo VXR10???

cyvidal10 says:

hi can you please comare the Movo VXR10 to BOYA BY-MM1, are the just the SAME Mic? i really need to know because BOYA’s the only one available here. Thank you so much

Dave Muñoz says:

I got the rode for 40

Jeffrey Norris says:

Looks identical to the Boya BY-MM1

Jim Samuel says:

Appears to be out of stock everywhere. There aren’t even any on eBay.

craigavonvideo says:

Hi Caleb, what’s the low frequency response like on the Movo? The Rode VideoMicro rolls off below 150Hz (its like having a permanent wind cut filter in circuit) which is a shame as the top end is wonderful. So I was wondering if the Movo gives better bass response than the Rode?

VideosProva says:

How would it compare to the Takstar SGC-598? Both cheap, but which one does sound better?

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