Floureon BM-100FX Studio Condenser Microphone Review / Test

Buy the BM-100FX:
US: http://amzn.to/1Mu2Ods
UK: http://amzn.to/2etFb18
CA: http://amzn.to/2etFoBo
DE: http://amzn.to/2etFfOq

WARNING: I no longer recommend using a USB soundcard to connect a microphone to your computer. It has become too unreliable due to manufacturers altering the components used in their products as well as alterations to operating systems causing additional problems. The only method of connecting a microphone to your computer that I recommend is with a USB AUDIO INTERFACE that is designed specifically for that use case.

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Crazy Clasher says:

Plz review mk f100 microphone. Plz for me !

Mhm. says:

Do you need this for a desktop Pc?


can it be used with smartphone

Shayan Nadeem says:

Hey! I have this exact same microphone and im facing noise issues. please help!!! 🙁

Beefy Tech says:

Does it need phantom power?

LeagueForFun says:

i need help when i use this mic it soundds like im in an aeroplane any help?

fluke phisit sriwilas ฟลุ๊ก พิสิฏฐ์ ศรีวิลาศ says:


Delheart says:

super clear review. straight to the point. enjoyed it, ty!

Brick says:

my input volume is so low and the settings are at max. I’m also using a syba usb adapter, but the volume is still very low, compared to background noise. Any help please?

Luke Salonga says:

Can this mic go on mic stand?

Jemma Pizzanelli says:

Okay, so I’ve been using this mic for awhile and it seems to have a very staticky rinning back noise which is a bummer because I can hear it and it’s becoming to known to me I hear it when my headphones aren’t on. Any ideas on how to stop the noise. It’s not the computer it’s picking up and I don’t have any background sound and I’ve been told something is wrong with the mic. I can’t rly buy a new one or something as “fancy” as this one because I’m 14 and I don’t have a job so any quick fixes anyone can recommend?

Jackson D says:

Alright so if I use the same sound card that you use (the black one) and then plug the USB into a wall adapter will it have enough power to make it good quality?

ZenoDiac says:

The echo is for singing, you dummy.

Wolf says:

I have a problem.. I wanna do video covers but I can’t seem to get the mic to be projected via the speakers (like you in the video). Hopefully this gets answered ASAP, thx

shubham gupta says:

so sir plss tell me.. should i buy this mic.?? it is good or not… i am sings song.. for recording i want a good microphone
plsss help me..

Kendall Davis says:

What do you use for your recording app?

SOLO Tree says:

can u try with phantom power

iHoussem says:

what is the audio adapter that you uses ?

MacedoniaGamingNetwork - MGN says:

Can you put this microphone in a shock mount because of the knobs?

ColGaming says:

i bought this mic plugged it into a phantom power supply and plugged the xlr to usb and 3.5mm mic jack into it and all i get is a strange buzzing sound it isnt the mic since i tested it seperately

DSLR Video Shooter says:

The quality of your videos and content out to have you sporting many many more subs. Keep up the great work Bandrew!

George Ou says:

Maybe this mic has enough gain to work with the line in? Line in requires around 100x the voltage of a mic input but it’s super clean because it doesn’t do any preamp. The preamp on most mic inputs are garbage even when it’s a $3000 laptop.

TheSpoodleArmy YT says:

Great video but..I don’t understand is it plug n play?

Love jeet says:

hello I’m from india and i have a question please tell which microphone is better for song and acoustic guitar recording?

AbdelhadiGamer says:

i have this microphone but he dosnt work like this ?? why ?? i have big noise

Dre BBX says:

Hi Bandrew. I’ve had this microphone for a while now and up till now i’ve been hooking it up to my macbook using a usb soundcard with no problems. Recently however i’ve gotten a usb mixer which i use for a dynamic microphone but can’t seem to use it with the bm100fx’s weird usb/3.5 cable. After some quick browsing on the web i’ve found that my particular mixer is able to provide 15V of phantom power through the female xlr mic input. Could you possibly upload a test video to the Podcastage 2 channel seeing if this mic will work using an xlr to xlr cable hooked up to a usb mixer which provides power? It would be much appreciated.

I’m using a Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB mixer btw. Thanks 😀

Juanjo AE says:

you asking for too much for a 25€ mic

Dean Nguyen says:

Sound good for karaoke online 🙂 thank you sir !

Mahilo Simplicio says:

Hi!, i need only the cable!!!, Does anyone know where I can get it?

Tre Goodman says:

My sabrent usb soundcard came in yesterday,I was wondering when I order this,will it sound great

SpringWolf302 says:

USB power is the only reason I bought this

J says:

Are the screw holes (the one that connects the mic holder to the stand) standard with every mic? Because I am thinking of buying a boom arm and replace the mic holder with the one that comes with the BM-100FX. Sorry for my english

SpringWolf302 says:

Make sure you get another stand as mine broke when I tried to take the screw off the Stand and snapped in half!!!

Blood Snare says:

can this mic be used with an audio interface ?

Delheart says:

got it for 17$

Tyffeni says:

why is mine so quiet

Synthematix says:

Can it be used with a LINE IN? or does it have to be a mic input?

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