Fifine K668 USB Microphone Review / Test

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Torality RBLX says:

Hope this guy realizes 90% of people watching are new channels with default mics and don’t have the money for fancy mics.

MeisDOG says:

What is clipping

Trent Messer says:

Does it work on ps4?

Neon Thunder says:

Is that ted in the background?

Rick Ryker says:

sounded good, nice demo work here, thanks

Kevin Frost says:

It sounded bad in your review because you’re not supposed to talk directly into it, it works better picking up sound from the sides of the mic.

MessiCraft10 says:

what stand did you use in this video?

Piccy Plays says:

nothing wrong with it to me not everyone has the money to put in loads of money for a mic. Bit snobbish if you ask me to say its nothing but a piece of junk.

182duhkj1hwif8y98y2h3ed says:

That song was sick

Sierra Evans says:

Yeah…ur delusional. This is hands down the best mic for 20 bucks. Won’t be subscribing. First impressions are everything and you kinda blew it. No one decent likes an asshole.

Lt. Gobblez says:

1:55 **clicking intensifies**

Studio 38 says:

This mic sounded amazing for a $20 mic – this guy is crazy.

Tyraient says:

K667 or k668 ?? I wana order it tomorrow please tell me

Lewis Beasley says:

I recently got the 670 that just came out and I think a lot of people are going to be surprised at how good it sounds for the price. Good review by the way!

Vitor Santos says:

It works on windows 10?

DegreeFrost says:

I got thsi microphone but it didnt have a usb port, it was a headphone jack. IT SUCKED

TheSaltydog46 says:

it was $20 wtf is wrong with you and its not bad

CB says:

I bought this mic. It’s complete trash. Waste of money, it constantly clips and has an insane amount of hiss constantly. Don’t waste your money on a fucking $20 mic like I did.

Juliaminer828 _YT says:

I like it seems pretty good to me nothing wrong with it does it work for gaming and commentery though?

Mr Sour says:

What are u talking about this is a very good mike for 21 dollars so shut up and stop hating on the product

Useralreadyexistyeah says:

Is this the cad u1?

panduhh says:

how’d you make it sound so good i need those filters

xTefta _ says:

Should i buy it?

obliviion says:

i not junk i use this mic only watch my newest vid for the mic

Cyclone says:

What mic stand

CreatorOfMemes says:

Of course it would be bad for a studio mic, because it isn’t one, also regardless of me having crappy speakers
the microphone didn’t sound to bad really, it’s certainly not a blue yeti, but still.

BlackDuckWizardYT says:

I have this and it doesn’t clip

panameadeplm says:

a cheap mic being 3 or 4 feet away sounds like a pretty good average use case for someone on a budget that is probably never going to buy a mic stand in their entire life
just saying


2:35 cool bro

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