Cheap YouTube/Streaming Mic? Tonor USB Condenser Microphone Review

The Tonor USB Condenser microphone promises to provide “professional” audio quality over USB at a low cost. Does it deliver?

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Audio quality tests:

This product was provided as a free review unit from TONOR, as with most products I review. All views and opinions expressed herein are 100% my own.

Product Description:
“Conveniently set with the help of stand and clip, desktop mic stand. Plug and play, start recording–no extra gear needed!

Effective recording distance is 10ft in a quiet room; High performance microphone accurately reproduce.

Portable, simply, driver-free, works with any software, Superior clarity with the simplicity of a single USB connection. Expect the legendary performance and durability.

Scientific mechanics stand design, Mini flexible head for 360 degrees and 90 degree tilt. Conveniently stand with the help of the mini desktop tripod (Included).

Effective recording distance is 10ft in a quiet room; High performance microphone accurately reproduce.

TONOR Brand with Premium Warranty:a. 12 months warranty. b. 2 months hassle-free return policy. C. Seller pays for return if item is DOA or not as described.”

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

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Tadd -Gaming & More! says:

Mine isnt usb its like headphones… why?

hydra says:

this mic is 13 euro on amazon. Also its 10 on AliExpress

Slender Graphics says:

Yo in from freedom

Smasher says:

So would this be good for streaming games?

the existingmonad says:

What do you edit it with?

《Ъωolƒ》 says:

Trust Mico USB is the same

Blades Gamer says:

right now

Hans Jerol Santos says:

what does “with processing” mean?

Bogdan Rutas says:


Lesbian Lolicon says:

Future voice actor. Like seriously, your voice is majestic! Nice review!

X-lit says:

so is it good to the point where I should buy it when Im broke?

RedIsAwsomeVEVO says:

are they in canada

littlevampirelover says:

is this good for doing songs on youtube.

misha popov says:

cool thing I got it and I love it

Godin The Killer says:

The red thing at the base of the cable is not meant to keep the cable in the mic, it’s a stress relief. It puts less tension on the cable, so less damage to the wires inside happen.

Fella Games says:

the 3.5mm jack version doesn’t sound as crap as the USB.

midoribishi says:

I got it for a temp mic, till my new USB Mic. It cost me $15 on amazon.

selvaraj kasthurisamy says:

Did you use it with a pop filter?

ExoticRPGs says:

If you’re on a budget, just get a Blue Snowball or Blue Snowflake. This mic is trash.

LiMeZ PlAyZ says:


Avenged Flipping Panda says:

this mic looks the same as my USB trust microphone anyway good review

Proximity ZEPHYR says:

wast of moneyy

RHINO says:

Should I use this as a new channel starting to grow


today I got mine for 12.19

bella west says:

You have a really good voice

RiverSiege says:

How are you processing your sound?
Great review by the way 🙂

DirtBikeRay says:

Will it work for ps4?

Robert brown says:

sounds muffled. thanks for reviewing this you saved me some money.

smasher 94 says:

I got it in Black for $13:00

chandan maurya says:

Buddy can you suggest the mic which is under 10 $ to 50 $. I have no idea about the mics, so just want to record some voice on my android smartphone device directly. please reply.

Jari Heiska says:

I wonder if that rubber band is placeholder for a rubberband-held wind-noise-lessener…. Those big, bearskin hat looking things. 🙂

Jaidyn Brown says:

If y’all want it to sound better get the pop filter

Razor Falcon says:

lol i got mine on amazon for $8.56

Antonio Gil says:

Nice looking mike that sounds like shit.

Any $1 mike from the chinese shop would perform better.

Blades Gamer says:

I check it on Amazon now it’s 12:00

smasher 94 says:

but mine has a headphone plugin

Snježana Sliško says:

I bought it for 7$ xD.But 3.5mm one.

Dude Knows says:

how do u have youtube verified badge at 50k subs?

CT-BILL 555 says:

you can have it on wish LMAO it’s cheaper!

Ismail Unal says:

is that Danny D ??

Blades Gamer says:


Boxie says:

It sounds like you’re in a box with that mic… o.o

The Space_Council says:

it’s $13 right now

Nick Vetter says:

I always get yelled at on csgo for not having a mic is this good enough

MisbeDAVE says:

what did you use to process the audio?

K8GamingYT says:

this may be my best mic ever as a kid

Disident evil says:

Hello, how do you edit your voice? With audacity and increasing the voice??

Colton Owens says:

I found the exact same thing but for 15 dollars I glad that I found a very cheap mic I hope soon that I can get a mic stand and get a pop filter

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