Budget $25 Microphone – Is it Good?!

My Review of an Ultra Budget Mic – Is it good?
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Power thingy – http://amzn.to/1Mq5R62

The Mic Arm we used – http://amzn.to/1QTaLyR

Here is a cable – http://amzn.to/1O2dHbD

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Music Licensed from Monstercat – https://www.youtube.com/user/MonstercatMedia

Song used – Rezonate – Rebirth (feat. Ashley Apollodor)

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One Beat says:

is it best in singing

sAXXO- says:

That microfone sounds terrible WTF is wrong with u??

Kimberly Hillard says:

This is bullshit I bought two microphone stands from two different YouTube videos regarding this mic and it’s not even compatible. This is a waste of money and you should at least tell others it’s the wrong stand instead of having us waste money.

Cmoney2423 says:

That mic is ass I use to rap with it

Zohonde Kids says:

Hey NPL. I want you to read this comment to tell you a few things you missed.
1. You should use a USB soundcard for better sound quality, the on-motherboard input jacks are terrible for cheaper condensers/mics.
2. You might’ve recorded with the wrong mic in audacity. You said a person you skyped couldn’t tell a difference between your better mic and the cheaper one, though that could also be cause skype sucks with audio fidelity in general.
3. Why don’t you get an audio interface for the studio mic you use?

TheMiniGeek says:

He’s probably speaking into the back, I made that mistake.

One Beat says:

is it good in singing

Chanz says:

I have that mic and i use that on my channel check out if you want to know how it sounds in my opinion it’s perfect….

Kinga Matyja says:

Your ”Cousint”???

Vlad the Gamer Impaler says:

next time could you not put music on the background of mic test

Track says:

He was testing it with skype. And skype produces really f**king sh*t quality. I don’t know why he do that, bullsh*t lol

Microphone says:

i find this video offensive.

TheMiniGeek says:

that’s not what the bm-800 sounds like did you select the right input in audacity?

Dqme says:

I have that mic and it sounds waaaaaaay better than this shit here

Walterplier says:

‘Is It Good?!’No

FatalZ4 says:

im getting everything u mentioned ty for the review!

FNRL Music says:

You just forgot to turn off the noiserejection on the windowssettings or what you use the mic actually sound better than you showed!

TheMiniGeek says:

I have exactly this setup, check my newest vids for the mic quality, it’s so good.

Adv. M says:

what counts the diameter of your mic?

JagsB Online says:

you must have some sort of secondary recording device or something running in the back . This mic doesn’t sound robotic like in your video.

ironmatic 1 says:

Lol you can afford all that shit, but can’t afford an Audio Technica AT2020 and Scarlett 2i2.

SibaNL says:

I’m pretty sure you fucked up my dude

Walterplier says:

Rly?My 15$ Mic Is Much Better

Michal Flikier says:

You recorded the wrong mic. You probably forgot to switch your device and it stayed at you inbuilt mic.

Reizenvouz says:

and i use bm 700

Fatiha Bakary says:

There’s no fucking way that audio was the bm-800. It sounded like a damn web cam audio. Maybe the interface or xlr cable you used was shit or the fact that you used Skype too. Just bad. And why would you play music during a SOUND TEST?? -sigh-

Jake Morrison says:

You’re a piece of shit for misrepresenting this mic with your ignorance.

Arjun Bhatt says:

for $45 that sounds like faking sheet.

Lil Mopey says:

that mic sounds like shit lmao

20101tom says:

wow its sounds like crap even razer kraken pro mic is better

or doron says:

wheres the mic holder link

Hasz 8 says:

Literally the mic I use


a venom vibration headset has an awsome mic and its like £30

Monkey Bubbles says:

Dude! Why the music??? I wanted to HEAR THE MIC! Smdh…

Totally_Not_Bill says:

haha the shipping on this mic cost mroe then the mic (norway)

Meow Cow says:

I have this microphone you tested and it sounds WAAAAAAAYYY better

Astrid McMahanus says:

Why would you keep the music playing while showing how the mic sounds? That’s fucking stupid.

DJDG2236 says:

The sound would be wayyyyyy better if you plug it into an audio interface directly with an xlr cable

Meow Cow says:

Boi. I use this mic and it’s much better than the test you showed us.

Mindy Bubbles says:

LOL when i first heard it i was tempted to dislike but looked at comment first and I wasnt the only one that noticed it sounds like he is in a damn cave.

InsomniaGaming says:

What’s your background?

Silas Hannesarson says:

NOT the real sound.

deleteaman says:

You can’t make a comparison with that music going on in the background.

Ruzee says:

You didn’t set it up correctly that’s why it sounded so horrible plus even with the bad quality of not setting it up properly you can equalise it

Ŵãłiđ Ĥaňĭņę says:

Can i have one

Pįrañhą says:

Sounds like shit… chink shit! Delivers the quality you get when calling for a Domino’s pizza in Honduras with those cheap call centers with lo-fi web based communications…

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