BM700 Condenser Microphone Unboxing and Test Review | 8-Bit Eric

8-Bit Eric unboxes and test reviews a BM700 Condenser Microphone.

Check out the Microphone:

*Product was provided for review, NO monetary payment for review*

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Anthony Lachus says:

Get a Kopul XLR cable and a Zoom h4n. You’ll sound like a pro. You can also use it as a USB audio interface with your mac. If the hiss is still there then it’s the mic and you’ll have to get a good affordable mic like a Bluebird or a Berhinger B-2 Pro.

muslimin karben says:

bad mic

Mr Wiizard says:

banggood is the shit. If your interested in handheld systems to play emulators on, check out the JXD s7800b. I got mine from Banggood, it’s an android device and emulates everything from Atari to most PSP games. If ya want ur retro games on the go, the 7″ screen is the tits.

RISK says:

@8-bit Eric    I have the same mic and just wanted to know if the mic needs a audio interface and if it does which one should I get, but if not can you please tell me the settings of this mic?
could you please reply thank you

Mikkel A. G. Nielsen says:

This isn’t a top adressed microphone… Speak into the front, not the top.

daiatlus79 says:

i got one, and i have it with a nice desk mounted mic stand. it works awesomely for podcasting, and does not require a phantom power input. mine was $20 on ebay. Nice grab, Eric!

MeinGrein says:

Is this a good option for Skype and maybe and recording (I don’t record, it’s just an interesting idea). I want to use a usb sound card on my PC and the microphone with a pop filter that I might buy?

mora503 says:

Sounding SWOLE bud

Maximiliano Quispe says:

a el microfono no se le habla de ese lado , la calidad de sonido empeora y se disipa

MrSlagovich says:

The static is pretty bad

Mr.Vizo. says:

ahhh don’t talk in the top talk on the front

Mike Bruschke says:

Don’t throw that mic around like that! It’s not meant to be holded with your hand. Even if condenser mics feel solid, the technology inside – specifically the capsule – is actually quite nimble (other than dynamic mics, which you can basically use as hammers). Also, you have to talk straight into the front of it, not the top.

2-bit Jesus says:

shure mics are the best I’m suprised most youtubers Don’t use them they are the standard in the music industry.

Ronin says:

Is that the IHE song?

gabeeee323 says:

haha its like I’m watching a dubbed kung-fu movie

JillpooThree says:

You do need an interface to provide phantom power and a real XLR cable then you should be very low on the noise floor (Static). Cheers Eric!!

Barry Villacarillo says:

hehe “mic condom”.

LordOfTheFries says:


Jazzy J says:

Sound quality is good,apart from the white noise. my condenser microphone doesn’t have this kind of white noise in the background and I have the same microphone,just in blue.

Nega-Man says:

You need to have a phantom power supply to get it to sound properly………

it works at about %10 quality without a phantom power power supply….

I use the same mic for my YouTube videos. lol

BenevolentDick says:

sounds good for the price for sure. TIP though! you’re speaking into the top of the mic! talk in to the front of it.. its a directional condenser but your talking into it like its a directional dynamic mic like a sm58 or something.. its not. so its probably rejecting your voice a little up there. it maybe should have came with a pop filter instead of the condom so thats prob what steered you that way but you should get a better sound if you talk into it, not on top of the thing.. lol.

Lourd Hundreds says:

does this needs phantom power

Edgar Price says:

how do you eliminate the hum sound if you’re using a mixer to run these mics? i have 2 of them i want to use for a podcast

Code Junkes says:

This is a fake bm700 I also got one and when I opened it I found the hardware is of bm800. It is a bm800 clone hardware in bm700 case. It even does not mention the model number in it’s body, which clearly make me doubt and open it. DM800 and DM700 differ in internal circuit only, both have same condenser assembly.

AbyssalAura says:

That’s a side address mic. You lose volume and bass if you talk into the top like that.

zenigel says:

Lol.The camera microphone sounds better than that mic.Once you start talking the that mic you can hear a hiss for the rest of the video.

TheManCave says:

your first mic sounded better

Tipster Gaming says:

The other mic sounded better.

Diseno Bc says:

He is not holding it in the right way! Kill him! D:

gillythekid says:

you weren’t speaking into the capsule so the sound wasn’t being picked up correctly. there was a LOT of noise from the mic but im not quite sure if it was the mic, or the shoddy XRL to 1/8 input cable. i’ve never seen anything like that. typically XRL condenser microphones like this need an audio interface to provide phantom power, as the diaphragm in condenser mics need external power….and i’m sure your camera doesn’t provide sufficient power for it. i’d like to hear how a mic as cheap as this actually sounds through either a USB interface or a blue icicle….

Spectre says:

great video. super useful 🙂

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