Blue Yeti Nano Microphone Review & Blue Yeti Comparison

This is the Blue Yeti nano Microphone. A newer, smaller sleeker, sibling to the super popular blue yeti microphone that everyone loves to use for YouTube, Twitch, voiceovers and ASMR. Just looking at this thing, it’s tiny compared to its predecessor. But, should you even consider picking it up over its more established bigger brother? Let’s find out with a review.

First when you open the box you’re greeted with the Blue Yeti Nano, a micro usb to usb cable, some manuals that can go straight to the trash, and a silica gel bag that can also go in the trash. Looking at the microphone itself has this metallic look to it and has a nice heft. And the mic itself is like 50% larger than my fist. I know what you’re thinking it literally looks like a miniature blue yeti. And that’s the point. It’s called the blue yeti Nano. It is just a miniature blue yeti, but there are differences other than size. This blue yeti Nano has a volume knob up front that doubles as a button. When it’s green its ready for use, when it’s red, it’s muted. On the regular yeti, these things are separate. The nano, connects to your computer via micro usb, the cable that you’ll find with a lot of different android devices, while the big yeti uses usb mini which isn’t as common. The threaded mount on the bottom is perfect for tripods but the mount adapter in the box does help if you need it the same size as the original yeti. There’s also still a headphone jack. Thank god they had the courage to keep that. On the back of the mic there’s a button to switch the sound mode between cardioid and omnidirectional. The bottom of the stand has some foam padding and the mic can fold down into the stand.

Now talking about how this mic looks and feels is nice. But how does it sound? Does it compare well to the Blue Yeti? Yes. That’s the answer to both. Using my super high tech dj sound boarding skills, I managed to listen to both back to back and at the same time, and well. It sounds exactly like the blue yeti in every single way. Here’s the audio comparison of both mics with me saying some basic Harvard sentences.

Okay so as you can see, they sound pretty much the same, with almost no differences. Both had the same amount of background noise and both were super clear. Making the nano, sound-wise just as good as their Blue Yeti.

Now what’s the downside? There’s got to be some negatives. Well, the blue Yeti Nano, build-wise feels cheaper than the normal Blue Yeti, and it lacks two other sound modes that the bigger one has, stereo, and bi directional. These aren’t deal breakers either considering that the most popular sound modes used on the blue yeti are probably the omnidirectional and cardioid modes anyway.

So, overall what’s the purpose of this microphone? It’s cheaper than the original blue yeti, has a smaller more portable form-factor but lacks some more versatile sound modes that the original yeti has. Overall, I can see this being a hot selling product for upcoming youtubers and streamers who want a nice sounding mic from a popular mic brand without all the extra features. This mic is a good value at $100 for a stationary and somewhat mobile product. I think it’s a good buy from me. It’s everything people love about the blue yeti microphone in a more compact and portable package for a smaller price too.

Anyway, guys, what do you think of this mic? Would you consider this over the Blue Yeti? Does it fit your needs? Leave that down in the comment section below, if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, and well, don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you guys next time.


Andrew Bubienko says:

Very nice shots

Mauricician Games says:

Love you

Henry Liii says:

OG Blue yeti is a tank. The blue yeti OG has 2 solid analog dials, a beefy wafer switch, and button that blinks. The new one has a digital dial, one regular button, and an rgb led that replaces the whole blinking circuit. I wasn’t impressed with the value of the blue yeti OG, but this seriously edges into sellout territory. I fully understand when one doesn’t want to pay more for a little bit more scoocum, but just like how a membrane keyboard cant be compared to individually manufactured spring switches, the NANO is no comparison to the OG

Brian Popp says:

I think it’s a really cool unit. Overpriced, but a cool unit nonetheless. I think it’s great that it comes with the smaller “normal tripod” mount. Love the videos!

Jimmy Tries World says:

I didn’t know this product even existed. I walked into a Best Buy and there it was. New and not yet reviewed on YouTube! What do you guys think of it?

SomeArizonaGuy says:

Just bought my first yeti. Super excited to try it out! Great production quality man. What song did you use in the background?

Conan Carr says:

Not even an affiliate link? What a guy lol

boomtoon43 says:

I’m gonna be straight up honest, I found your channel while searching up this mic, and honestly I thought you were gonna be a much much bigger channel when I got done watching, the cinematography and editing here very much gave me HardwareCanucks vibes, definitely earned a subscribe, and I look forward to you future content!

raesoo says:

i subscribed after i watched at 0:47

Mike Wat says:

Hey Jimmy! It’s crazy I just stumbled on your channel and the style of our tech content is VERY similar. It’s scary. I was looking into getting a voice over mic for my videos, do you think the yeti nano will be OK for voice overs? Or should I get the full sized yeti with the two other profiles? Also, are these the best mics for this kind of use or is there another you’d recommend? Thanks buddy!

Jake Parks says:

nice video. watched it right after i saw it at Best Buy. like the smaller size

krAzz - MC says:

I thing this baby is overpriced

CHI Productions says:

I like I think I wanna pick it up… maybe…

alberto cabrera says:

LOL the price difference is $30. Good Grief.

Brandon Wilkes says:

Good video

Druvian says:

Never seen the blue yeti nano before. I like the size of it. The original yeti is huge

Mauricician Games says:

Please do setup wars

Mixed Footage says:

That production quality and only 5122 subs? Make that 5123!

Alf Williamsen says:


Goaler-ex 11 says:

What size is the blue yeti nano for mic cover foam???…

Sound Speeds says:

Oh goody… Blue is making another USB mic for the clueless gamer. Pretty opening but… I’m about to rage on Blue for even thinking that the world needs another Yeti (or USB mic for that matter). Sorry, I shouldn’t be killing the messenger but… excuse me… headed to Twitter to attack Blue. Great job on scooping the rest of YouTube on this review.

NovaDoll says:

I paid $95 for my yeti with it was smaller.

Foodie ASMR says:

Hey thank you for the review.just a question ,which one is better for asmr videos and can it be connected to android.thanks a lot dear….do reply

Yasin Hasan says:

get the mxl 770.. not usb but great sound quality

Michael Marcano says:

Bro I missed urvideos…you need to do more! I didn’t know about this one…I love the size. If I didn’t pick up the bigger brother in the blackout version yesterday for $70 i would have gotten this one!

1000lifelessons says:

Amazing video and personality and tutorial overall man. Keep it up. You deserve more views!

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