Blue Spark Microphone Review!

The Blue Spark is the newest edition to the MKBHD Audio Setup. And let me tell you: This is a QUALITY mic. Thumbs up!

Blue Spark Microphone:

Blue Icicle:

XLR Cable:


Hardware provided by Blue Microphones:


Al Osama Hadid Destroyer of evil says:

are the cheerio boxes and microwave part of your audio set up

Robin Vangberg says:

Hhhhhhhhoney cheerios!

Pineapple YT says:

cheerios 😀

computerwurld says:

icicle usb is connected to ?

V3MD says:

Samson is way better

Elisha Jewell says:

Will the microphone work if I DO NOT have the icicle? Because I am having some trouble with that. I’ve plugged the microphone XLR cable directly into my Scarlett 2i4 and the Scarlett USB into my computer & Logic Pro is not detecting the mic at all. Help!

Ulysse Guerrier says:

Hi Marques, can you do and update on a microphones reviews. Like the Rode Micro and others Thanks!

Matthew Abuseh says:

You are soooooooo advertising for Cheerios … :>

Electronics For Fun says:

do you like cheerios?

MemeKing says:

Why the microwave in the background doin’ some matrix shit

Dopeman says:

Just get a XLR to 3.5MM cable.

Skivi Hd says:

it’s so expensive though!!!

alfredo lopez says:

I’m not trying to be racist but I thought he was white

PogueSquadron says:

Would this be a good choice for my fiance and I to record commentary while we do couch gaming?

Dragon lover Dragon says:

I don’t think that the microwave liked the sound

M4RC_TV says:

+Marques Brownlee I have a Blue Spark Mic and was wondering how do I change to the XLR cable if my mic had a Min USB port on the bottom? Thanks 🙂

YAY MILI says:

Cheaper in for 120!

John Howe says:

will be ok for electric guitar or will it explode lol 🙂

GruesomeBoxGaming says:

Does that stand you’re using have a name or place to get it?

Melchor Viviano says:

So I wasn’t the one breathing hard.

UltimateEx says:

The microwave in the background doing some matrix shit

TheTechAudiophile says:

Listen in 1080p??

A.Krishna Akhil says:

Who’s watching in 2016?

Nujubex says:

Hi! 🙂 What is the name of that stand that connects to the shockmount that youre placing on your desk? Link would be appreciated!

Chris Latham says:

Great review!

Christopher Cabello says:

Dude, I didn’t know you were in How to get away with murder! That’s so cool. Wes!

Marcin Adamowicz says:

you look so young here 🙂

RyanMGuitar says:

You sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios?

MotoKoko says:


Mirandu Kan says:

So this or the Blue Yeti Pro? They’re the same price.

Feloxy says:

The icicle is fucking 60

Sweet. says:

I use the Blue Snowball. Was the cheapest mic and has good quality. I am happy I found you.

Luis Flores says:

Would this be good for gaming ?

Sokrates Mos DJ SIGM4 says:

can someone tell me the stand he used on this video please???


How did you get the whites guys voice to sync up so well?!?  You did one hell of a job you lips are moving exactly in sync with the voice over.

Xeleranth says:

Do you have to use the icicle or can you buy a xlr to USB adapter cord?

Carlton Wagner says:

MKBHD – the college years.

3 Hundred says:

where can i get that stand?

Ashwin murali says:

How about a background microwave review?

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