Blue Snowball VS Blue Yeti Microphone (Review / Comparison)

Hey guys, today I compare the two common microphones used for commentaries on YouTube, the Blue Snowball and the Blue Yeti. I always get asked what I used to record and which of the two microphone is better so I thought I’d make a video on it considering I’ve used both of them. 🙂

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Ponchi says:

2 blue snowball mics + 1 blue yeti mic = dildo made my blue mics

Ponchi says:

dildo vs testicle ball

Splash o says:

Does it come with wire in back of blue snowball?

Fluffy Bunny1721 says:

ldshadowlady uses blue yeti microphone

loco boyz says:


SinglePhoenix says:

lol snowball is way better sound comparison

Kiano Johnson says:

Very informative and useful. Thank you for taking the time to record this.

Dragoon Z says:

i hate that i live in a busy street corner near auto/tire/tuning/smog shops and the street roads is popular among outer city commuters i can only get quiet time mostly in weekends usually Sundays and usually nights after 10 PM unless my stupid neighbor’s dogs decided start barking like a mad dog one night as usual but such as life :/

The Spit Dragon says:

My Snowball does not have a 3 settings switch ><

E Thug says:

stop smacking your lips

Taliouce says:

its 100 us dollars not 170 anymore
and 50 for the snowball

Someone On the Internet says:

I’m getting the Yeti just because it looks better

Josh The Raptor Productions - JTRP says:

chu is a lemon

SpicyLemon says:

You’re… another lemon?

TheFeziboy says:

Blue Yeti sounds way better. I’m wearing a decent pair of headphones.


no on amazon the snowball is only $50

Ash-kash says:

what mic did you use in the vid

Gıda Abla says:

Çok yardımcı oldu ♥


what the feck. the blue snowball is black

Matias Sliskovic says:

Euh do u neef a audio interface for the yeti ?

Gaming Alex says:

Yeah… yeti is good.. but it cost like $100+ dollars!!!’

Supreme Icecreme says:

It’s microphone not mikerphone. And also just stop smacking your lips it’s really not nice to listen to! I don’t know how you have this many subs if you smack your lips like that and have a dodgy looking intro like that to be brutally honest.

Xzarations says:


Light Burn says:

This is really useful I was going to get the blue snowball but I think now I’m going to get the yeti because I really want the quick mute button.

HuskyBro says:

My first mic was my ipad XD

RyIsOnYT says:

The blue yeti isn’t that much money in the u.s

GlitzHQ says:

everyone prefers snowball by the price so op

c1bradleee says:

I have a blue yeti not a snowball

siemniak says:

I had them both hey are both great but when you have moore money go with blue yeti. More functions and a little better sound.

Playstation Playz says:

I like the blue yeti better

Dragoon Z says:

i have no storage room or basement room i can use and my house is wide as fuck and my PC is near my window the struggle is real -__-

Reactionary Expat says:

It’s not just “micafone”. Why are so many young English people unable to pronounce the two “th” sounds? Diction seems to be going out the window in that country.

Kolob Bob says:

My blue snowball doesn’t have the settings on the back of the microphone. What gives

Lintun Wellas says:

Does that USB cable come with the snowball?

Mubarak Gamer says:

I wish I had neither of them the yeti or a snowball

Genocide Lv says:

You do cocaine? That pinkie nail tho

Caleb Naquin says:

All these people with nearly certain dialectic accents talking shit about someone else’s accent ¯_(ツ)_/¯

DanTheMan says:

the actual test is at 9:31

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