Blue Snowball USB Microphone Review / Test

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ayyboss says:

nw 700 with phathom power vs this?

char680 says:

its really bad for recording instruments. volume is too low for a start.

Scotty719 says:

Excellent review, the distance is what I was worried about but this helped immensely, much appreciated and solid video thanks!!

Michael Crowe says:

Tip: Isolate the microphone from near your computer while recording…otherwise you get a boom sound on your recording. Alternatively place a fold up towel under the microphone.

Matrosity says:

is the omni setting number 2 or 3

Gregory Somavia II says:

the snowball switches polar power…same though XD

UltrosHD says:

Really enjoyed this test video! I was looking for some test videos with this mic and I think I found the perfect one 🙂

LukeMotions says:

Got it for 30 on amazon.

Iron16head says:

Wish you could mute the mic for online gaming

FruityMan says:

hey is the blue snowball ice a usb as well?

Bourbon Wales says:

youre the best


What better the ice or this one? I want to hear good with backround sounds

friendly doggo says:


Something Original says:

I’m getting one on Thursday and I’m doing an unboxing on my channel

Arvrx says:

+Podcastage nice review man !!!!!!

Lucas Féres says:

Graet review! I need one of those, i think the AT2020 is the best but this one is cheap and gets the job done for me.

Samuel Ruiz says:

bro great vid. could u review a tonor mic plzz thanks

Playstation Presents says:

Do you edit your voice on audacity or something or is the normal mic

Kelons says:

i have the blue snowball ice i got for christmas before christmas i got a new mouse and keyboard they are super loud now i have the blue snowball mic so i haft to buy new mouse and keyboard

Pani Napo says:

Thanks for the review! Really useful 🙂

Yung Kirk says:

I’m replacing this with a Rhode NT USB. Can’t wait.

Isabel De Leon says:

Pls do a review on the bm800

Nicolas Olivares says:

whats the difference between the blue snowball ice and the blue snowball


great review! love it. Just bought one.

Gryffindor44 says:

I use this for my commentary

Jallis370 says:

Doesn’t the 10db pad make any difference? Would it be useful to remove background noice when using it for voice capture while streaming games on twitch for example?

PatrickPlayz Games says:

what would you do if the cable breaks

Something Original says:

this guy is so great I subbed

Clarkinator says:

whats better omni or the cordi thingy

Ryanko Redstone says:

hi andrew, I was wondering if you can test the samson q7 mic. Thx

Christopher Lestander says:

Been looking for a great reviewer for quite some time now.. Thank you!

Tien Tech Reviews says:

I’m look for a cheap mic, is the ice version good enough for Youtube?

Driz says:

Hey Bandrew,
I’m a small YouTuber that’s just starting out making let’s plays. Would this be a good mic to start YouTube?

Blue Torch Mobile says:

Nice job appreciate it. I may take this back and get the ice. I won’t be using it for more than voiceover on video.

D.M. GAMERS says:

yes i made this fid get 500 likes i feal special now
yesss xD

Oliwier EB says:

Great information.

Mathias Dam says:

What microphonearm are you using

HarmoniK says:

Do i need a pop filter with it?

Elektrium says:

my snowball has much worse quality than yours.. it is so annoying.

Joel Mota says:


oKrispySlayah says:

if u had junk razer you would hear it

Gorillq says:

i love ow many mics are behind him

Whistle Gamer says:

its really not worthy at that price u can buy samson meteor that have the same quality as the blue yeti

Gert Larsen says:

what are the best and cheapest arm stand for blue snowball

David Kagerer says:

This Pop sounds are aweful dude, but great review

TawqzHD says:

Im going to start youtube again after a long ass break from it all. Im probably going to do “discuss” videos for example “why u shouldnt get a macbook” etc etc…. which mic is best for that? Blue yeti or blue snowball???

Bass Brotha says:

What are those things in the back of he video on the walls the decorations that’s gray and maroon

TheRockstar569 says:

very informative and helpful as I started a Youtube channel for fun to do impressions but as I am sure You know computers,tablets and cell phone mics leave allot to be desired.So because I got more views than expected I would like to up the quality and a decent mic is a great place to start(and Me to stop doing first takes and 🙂 thanks!

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