BLUE Raspberry Microphone Review – Small but Mighty!

The Blue Raspberry is a tiny USB microphone from the makers of the Yeti. Small enough to fit in your hand this premium & ultra compact mic is ideal for youtubers, vloggers and podcasters on the go.
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Alan Song says:

size does matters.

Roberto Martínez says:

I would like to know if this mic works on smule sing app?
I want to be sure before buy it.

Stevie V says:

I have the large one. it’s great

Burak Eren says:

I was intrigued until I heard the price.

Still, pretty good product and nice review.

Godin The Killer says:

Ah, I see Blue doesn’t disappoint with its shit sound. Tragic.

Bad Max says:

omg the price !

chuckles de clown says:

well you can put a pop filter on it its just i has to be one of those foam ones

Retronix says:

Yes but it’s way more expensive not worth it Yeti is better if u ask me

H. Kashyap says:

Blue raspberry or Blue spark digital if portability isn’t a concern?

Justin Loving says:

The Yeti sounded significantly better. Most people won’t hear that big of a difference. Both are great

alex B. says:

i liked the raspberry more than the yeti lol

Anirudh Srinivasan says:

Thanks for this review, i am looking for a good microphone suggestion for a friend who does karaoke recording. Would you suggest this for that ?

Oxnard says:

How is the performance compaired to a Samson GO? I’m looking for something decent for teamspeak.

A F Live says:


Andres says:


Basscornbread says:

can you hear youtube vidoes threw it if you use a pc

Charles Telerant says:

I just bought this and returned it for an Apogee mic96k. Trust me, there’s a difference

TechLineHD says:

Awesome video. I saw you were at IFA. I was there too but I didn’t want to bring my Blue Yeti due to its size. This one seems like a great mic to buy!

LookBackTime says:

Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality Microphone for iPad, iPhone, and Mac

pufferfishplayz says:

its so expensive do you think that it will drop in price as it gets older?

Ta Bi says:

How can get in egypt

Alfred Zianini says:

I want it blue!!

Athren Glory says:

I enjoyed your video, the format of switching back and forth while talking really helped compare the two. The quality was great for both, which is impressive they did such a great job in that tiny form factor. I think my only question I have left is you touched on the Internal Acoustic Diffuser, and having some background noise in your recording and switching back and forth from the Yeti and the Raspberry would of been great to add in this product review/comparison.

ianatc says:

You should have held up the raspberry to the level of Yeti. If that’s still the difference id be disappointed cause yeti sounds much better

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