BEST VOICEOVER MIC? | Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone Review

The Electro Voice RE20 broadcast announcer microphone with Variable-D is potentially the BEST voice over microphone you can get… ever.
It’s heavy duty, features a bass roll-off switch, and comes with a built-in pop filter.

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The RE20 is perfect for radio, live shows, live streaming, podcasts, and making awesome YouTube videos.




EV RE320 Review:
Rode Procaster Review:
Mic Showdown 3-Way:

Product Features:
“The RE20 dynamic cardioid microphone is truly an industry standard, a firm favorite among broadcasters and sound engineers worldwide. Its popularity also extends into music production as a premium grade instrument microphone. Its Variable-D™ design and heavy-duty internal pop filter excel for close-in voice work, while an internal element shock-mount reduces vibration-induced noise.”

“Variable-D™ for minimal proximity effect
True cardioid with no coloration at 180-degrees off-axis
Voice tailored frequency response
Studio condenser-like performance
Large diaphragm
Humbucking coil
Bass roll-off switch”

“Case Material: Steel
Connector Type: 3-pin XLR
Diameter (Max): 54 mm (2.13″)
Element: Dynamic
Finish: Fawn Beige
Frequency Response: 45 – 18,000 Hz
Impedance, Low-Z balanced: 150 Ω
Mic Type: Vocal/Instrument
Open Circuit Voltage: 1.5 mV/Pascal
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Power Requirement: Passive
Height: 217 mm (8.54″)
Weight Net: 26 oz (737 g)”

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

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Trevers phone reviews says:

would you say its nice quality then the shur sn7b

AffordableTech says:

No homo.. You have a great voice to do voiceovers and commercials!

Gary Cruz says:

Great review. Not many folks show the waveforms. You gotta get a de esser though.;-)

joshigh says:

Awesome review! What camera and audio are you using throughout the monologue portion?

Riley Rego says:

does it pick up backround noise?

Hem kanalen says:

it’d be a bad idea to use this for voice overs. It is a REALLY good mic but it’s better for podcasts than voice over/acting work. I would recommend the rode NT1A if you want a good voice over/acting mic (can also be used for singing). The Rode NT1A sounds more real while this mic has a more broadcast sound to it

LastAlive says:

Great video epox!
I kinda have the budget to buy either the re20, and the re320. The mic I will buy will run trough my Mackie mix8 and THAT’S IT. I heard the re20 requires Alot of gain, and I wanted to ask if you needed to push the gain on the re20 more than the procaster, since that’s what I currently have and going to replace. If it did require more gain than I’d buy the re320. Thanks!

A Single Tear says:

whats the soft ware you used for processing, and do you have any processing tutorials?

Willie Edwards says:

Out of the box, the RE20 sounds kind of blah naked (the Heil PR40 is much more substantial). But it handles processing fantastically . That’s why it’s in so many broadcast facilities. Great test. Thanks for that.

Brown Korea says:

i think it’s best. and i’ll buy it. and can i know your detail vocal chain process? plz.

drrobotnikmeanbeanma says:

what’s the best condenser mic’s that takes 5v to power on with a mic adjust volume that i can plug my headphones into ? And that can eliminate voice vibration even if i rap too loud ?

Puella Sapiens ASMR says:

Hello there, awesome review.
I need a microphone that will record two people talking while standing sort of against each other. It is not your usual interview or anything, more like a debating video. Would this mic in your opinion be suitable for recording two people like this? The setup we want to have is to have a mic coming from above to get that special kind of radio station feel 🙂 I am afraid that the two will need to stand too close for the mic to actually pick up the sounds and it will be uncomfortable for them.

LevimanMúsica says:

agrega un deesser al audio del video,… saludos

Jeffery Wright says:

I was curious if you could tell me what you used to “process” the audio? I wanta deeper bass response on mine. I do twitch streaming and I’m looking to change the response.

Rick Hunter says:

Save the money.  This mic is worth the money for radio use.  They are tanks and known for radio DJ abuse.  But if you are a someone looking for a great sound….buy the BLUE Bottle Baby for $229

Larry Hinze says:

Love the pewky dj test!

Marcus John says:

This has to be the best review ever!!! Thanks man.

Larco says:

I suggest you review the Heil PR40 and Shure SM7B Next 😀

Jawn says:

am I the only one who can hear like… a metallic noise when he speaks using the base drop function? it’s very subtle but it’s like a metallic “ping” right before he speaks and right after he stops speaking

M Espinosa says:

I own one!!! It is Great!!! i sound like a regular radio broadcaster

Black Desert says:

is there better mic for 1000,- that beat the EV RE20?

8BitSloth says:

I admit, that thing sounds great and natural, even when processed. I really like more warm sounding mics, but this one would give someone the ability to make their audio sound however they want.

Filming In Portland says:

Some of the specs you give don’t really matter, and the internal shock mount doesn’t have the effect you seem to think it does, but this is a great mic and the video should help people decide on things.
I didn’t realize the output level was so low on the RE20. I use the same Focusrite USB interface with a tube condenser mic and it has plenty of low-noise gain in my case; didn’t realize it was so noisy when cranked up.

For DIY’ers out there, they can build their own very high quality preamp a hell of a lot cheaper than buying one if they can solder. Less than $100 gets you enough parts for a preamp rivaling those costing many hundreds of dollars. I can give pointers if anyone is interested.

Liangshi Xu says:

i am noob when it comes to sound. i am think buying scarlet 2i2, what is a good mic to go with?
you might laugh at my purpose is just skype and Voip. but sometimes i do product videos include voices.

it is even better if you can explain the mic+amp thing to me in a photographic terms… right now i feel like mic is like a lens. amp is like a cambody. you get more when you invest into lens, than bodys.

The Isolated Gamerz says:

I’ve just ordered the RE20 today. I already have the Focusrite iTrack Solo Audio Interface. I would be using Audicity in post to increase the gain. Do you think this would be ok? Or would you recommend cloud lifter?

Kung Fu San Soo CV says:

For rich, smooth, artifact free natural sound, this mic cannot be beat and is worth every penny.

Hjj Aht says:

I came here because of thom yorke

That One Dude says:

hey man one question if I have an adaptor for my phone to usb and I connect a mic to the usb and the usb to my phone will it work ???

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