Best value gaming microphone under $25 review

Best value gaming microphone under $25 review, sound test Logitech g930, Logitech c110 webcam, Tonor microphone hear for yourself.
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Abeley says:


Taylor youngreen says:

When I click on it it brings me to an error page and says

403. That’s an error.

We’re sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know.

Blazeathan - Gaming says:

Does it work for Mac?

Dyeless says:

Terribly wasted ~ $20

Jason Uzak says:

Windows 10 video you posted did not come without issues my Nero failed to work was forced to buy new burning Rom software Ashampoo studio 15 my iTunes failed to see my Apple iPod classic was forced to sell my iPod classic my next computer no Windows

Please post a video on how a computer user can solve every day problems software hardware I have a new iPhone 6 S Plus how to place music on my phone


Jacob Shields says:

Great microphone for its price but if you are looking for a more serious youtube career its not for you. 🙁


were did you get the microphone holder

Rectigro says:

I have the 3.5 mm jack version. I want to get the mount aswell cuz just putting the mic on my desk is horrible and it’s hard to speak into it

Mars Prime says:

where did you get the mic
stand ?

Randy Jimenez says:

that is so cool

Eduardo Fernandes says:

ECM cs3

Jackson Pruitt says:

does this work on mac laptops?

DaveyDaGamer says:

I see Alienware, ughhhhh, in saying that though, I’m typing on an Alienware keyboard

TJ REX says:

could i use a headset made for Xbox?!

Bleh says:

ya you should just the zelmon mic that’s on amazon its directional

BeastsrockGaming Csgo and more says:

this mic sounds like crap

free2eating says:

the Logitech g230 headset is about 20 dollars on amazon and the mic is awesome it can cancel out background sound as well

fireside007 says:

You ~ Rock ! !

Jason Uzak says:

Thank you from having this channel old TV set looks great… Windows 10 my hp 5740 printer has been a headache it depends on what’s happening Application error The program is keeping Windows from shutting down hp

Taylor youngreen says:

The link in the description isn’t working

ImagineAbi says:

I must have bought a dodgy one because I have this and was hoping to use it for gaming videos, it has done nothing but let me down…

ItsArthur says:

where do you get the arm? what’s the name of it?

Manny Vazquez says:

is there a way to use it for gaming preferably ps3

Max Penford says:

This is supposed to be good?! For Vocals?!

YaBoyJack says:

we all know that the cannon mic is the best

Tampatec says:

get mic Tonor here-

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